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  1.  I need you to help me with 5kdollars ,I want to start my career in europe but I'm in Nigeria. The money is for my travelling papers and flight money. I'm a good footballer , you will be my manager . Reply me this please

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      Joke's on you when he wins the Ballon D'or in a few years and thanks TF365 who motivated him even more because we didn't believe in him. 

    2. football forum


      You can always source it from your uncle who is the heir to the Coca Cola dynasty. He's been around the circuit a lot so I am sure you can find him somewhere around Lagos. If you do, tell him he owes me a fiver. Thanks.

    3. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      Did anyone reply to him? I feel a bit left out that I didn't get a PM from him.

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