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  1. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Does the first or second image look better?
  2. Blue

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    The Copa Sudamericana which is the Europa League equivalent is held in Lima, which for me is a terrible decision. Not only are lots of people fickle here and the stadium isn't a guaranteed sell out (especially if the 2 teams aren't exactly big) but the police have done a terrible job in the Peruvian league this season, labelling games involving teams with no fans as "high risk" and restricting areas of it. They have been very paranoid and there is no point of having it played here. Chile on the other hand is one of the most developed countries in South America. History aside, a lot of people hate Chile in South America for many reasons (and good ones I might add) but one of them is that we are envious because everything works in their country. They have good education, good security and the power and water doesn't go out every 15 minutes.
  3. Blue

    The Holiday Thread

    I'm getting the needle for Brazil and Bolivia today. I am terrified of them I have to say, but I'll be there in a few weeks. Excited!
  4. Blue

    Copa Libertadores 2019

    The 4 Peruvian sides are Sporting Cristal, Real Garcilaso, Alianza Lima and Melgar. If one Peruvian makes it past their round, whether its first preliminary or group stages, then it's a success. We've been so shit the past few years that we'll take what we can get. Having watched these 4 the majority of the year though a lot of reinforcements are needed. The latter 3 are not good enough, and Cristal while good aren't quite up to par yet, especially with the rumours of Mario Salas and Emanuel Herrera leaving. The surprise of the competition will be a Bolivian again I reckon. They are so tactically disciplined and know how to use the altitude to their advantage, unlike a few of our clubs.
  5. Blue

    Off Topic

    So it looks like I might be heading back to Canada. I've been back 2 years here, but I've been thinking to make the most of my main family while they are still around/young. Also because I might be switching careers. I've actually lost interest in working in the football industry. What I want to do cannot be done here, and I hate to admit it but the minimum wage is pathetic in this country. I'll definitely be going back during every possible break but for now the unfortunate scenario is that I'll probably be back in Canada by June of 2019 due to these reasons.
  6. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Not quite, didn't have that many bushes. Cold
  7. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Hot. Getting there.
  8. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Whoever guesses what I'm designing gets a cookie
  9. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Haha I think the issue is you're all dirty minded, it's a Palm Tree you wankers I don't watch tree porn!!!
  10. Blue

    Brian's 3D Modelling

    Trying some low poly models now.
  11. Blue

    If you could sign anyone from the above?

    Diego Godin Sydney FC
  12. Blue

    Left Midfield Vote!

    I wish Edison Flores was that good this year. He's had a pretty underwhelming year in fairness though, I still think he's a pivotal part of the Peru team but clearly in the World Cup he was overawed by the situation, and that really made us lose our eye for goal, something he's so good with. I haven't seen Hazard for Chelsea this year but he was outstanding in the World Cup as opposed to Neymar who was a bit disappointing so the Belgian gets my vote.
  13. Blue

    Right Midfield Vote!

    Easy. Salah. Mbappe a close second.
  14. Blue

    Left Back Vote!

    I feel like I've crossed a parallel dimension. I could swear he was a right back! It's the Mandela effect. Berenstain Bears all over again. Anyways, the winner for me is Alba. Andy Robertson a close second.
  15. Blue

    Goalkeepers Vote!

    Controversial pick for me, but Franco Armani. The only world class goalkeeper playing at South American club level. Absolutely outstanding year yet again from him. Ter Stegen and Navas fight for my second place.