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  1. Well as someone who has followed him and seen him be absolutely class for Colombia, I can guarantee he is a top player. However, you are right that he has attitude and work ethic problems, but with the latter sometimes it depends on style. Riquelme didn't have work ethic and he was also a top player. I'm still awaiting his return but he doesn't help himself. As for the second sentence, I'm sure Bayern fans can answer that better than I can. However I am certain that he is a good player.
  2. Yeah, that's it. I will admit he was a lot better in the day, but he was certainly not bad for Real Madrid. If I recall correctly he had his bad spells at the club but most of the time he was on the football pitch he was nothing short of elite. Some of the comparisons to Kleberson and El Hadji Diouf are embarrassing.
  3. I know stats don't mean a lot but since many aren't going to believe me, I'm just going to leave that James got 17 goals and 18 assists in his first season at Real Madrid. I also followed him closely that year and can say it's a huge myth that James was bad at Real Madrid.
  4. He was brilliant at Real Madrid and was benched for the in my opinion inferior Isco. However, what I have gathered is he has become very problematic in the past few years and this has lowered his performances. However, it's a myth that he was bad at Real Madrid. He was great in his first year and then Rafa came in and decided he didn't like him. It was also around that time he was going to nightclubs before games.
  5. And you couldn't help yourself but to reply. Maybe a thicker skin would help
  6. I didn't get to see the game, so I can't comment on Bayern's performance today as a whole, but whenever I've seen them in Europe in the past 2 years they've been extremely unadventerous and often rely on some individual magic to grind them through. They aren't the same unit we've been used to in the Heynckes and even Guardiola days. So based on everything I'm reading, it doesn't surprise me that it's turned out that way.
  7. Sounds like somebody hasn't watched a lot of Bayern in the past 2 years... No surprise it's from you as well, shocker.
  8. Sadly didn't get to watch the game as I'd hoped, was out buying an on-field Cienciano kit from 2004. Priorities. From the sounds of it though, it sounds like I didn't miss a lot. From the conversation though I like away goals because it's harder to score goals away from home. Maybe less-so in Europe than in South America because of the differences in societies but the point stands I think. Bayern may have to win but they will be the favourites to do so now as they could get the job done. However, I'm sure Liverpool will take a different approach to the away leg than what may have been planned originally.
  9. You never said anything about Serie A. Does this mean I'm more insightful?
  10. Serie A has being playing the Supercoppa abroad for god knows how long. It's much better than playing La Liga games outside of Spain. I do like supercups, but at the end of the day they are really just glorified friendlies. With that I can't disagree with.
  11. You need to get Peruvian authorities then if that's the case, as we'd just eat the Guinea Pigs
  12. Kel is absolutely spot on. It's standard practice everywhere else, especially in South America. Embarrassing fine really.
  13. I read that the Confederations Cup would be cancelled. Which is funny if true, it's as if they knew that this tournament would become the actual World Cup after 2022.
  14. Blue

    Trivia Thread

    Is there some sort of relation between Kenya and India? In highschool I knew 2 Indians who had sub-saharan roots as well. 1 of them being Kenya particularly!