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  1. Actually, despite the above post I could go ahead and watch this. I was recently hired for a freelance football site to write scout reports, and I need to focus on the teams that have data such as these 2. So less time for Peruvian league and more time for top European sides. I'm betting not everyone on here will like that though haha!
  2. Don't need to watch PL to know you're agenda filled and only rate things based on what you like and hate.
  3. Grizzly21

    Canadian Premier League

    Doing Winnipeg away. Leaving in a bit
  4. Lads, this is what happens when you speak with your heart instead of your brain.
  5. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    2-0 and a deserved win. USA are closer to what Canada were 15 years ago, than Mexico today.
  6. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    USA could genuinely miss out on another World Cup. These are as bad as I can ever remember them. Canada 1-0 and it's been deserved too.
  7. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    The commentator here just said "Bradley probably wasn't expecting the tempo of international football to be like this" even though he's played for Roma and the 2014 World Cup
  8. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    This is a nailed on 0-0.
  9. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    The people here would fill up TFC any day of the week but not Canada. It's a city mentality. They don't care about international football and if they do, they choose to root for a country of their orgin. Vancouver is less of a Hockey city compared to Toronto and Winnipeg has averaged 6K for Valour FC in a big stadium in a league thats rather poorly advertised. They have to be the 2.
  10. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    Canada has to play outside of Ontario. Such a cringy city mentality. They'll fill up TFC every week but not the CanMNT. Move it to Vancouver or Winnipeg ffs.
  11. Grizzly21

    2019 CONCACAF Nations League

    No Hoilett of Cavallini for Canada against USA Do they not realize they need to win today to have any chance at the hex?
  12. Grizzly21

    AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    North America and Asia similar but Asia have better top teams for the most part. I'd have them slightly above North America. Africa has great players but nothing to show for it, so I'd have them below both.
  13. Grizzly21

    Euro 2020 Qualifiers - Group A - Matchdays 6 & 7

    Basically long ball, I thought it was a common term. Maybe just my friend who says it