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  1. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Uruguay vs Ecuador with nearly the same attendance as Peru vs Venezuela, but I guess Uruguay's success also had to do with CONMEBOL - as you put it - being "gash".
  2. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    I think some people are exagerrating their performance though. Very good offensively but their midfield and defence were really poor. I can see Colombia and Argentina putting them back in their place. I'll just enjoy Akram Afif and Ali Almoez for the 2 games left they'll play (most likely)
  3. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    @José said it though - with all the empty seats, the standard is lower and Peru should be ashamed to have qualified for the World Cup
  4. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 2 - Football

    Round 3 1. A Player On Liverpool 2. A Nigerian Footballer (all time) 3. A Peruvian Footballer (Current) 4. A Former Argentine Footballer 5. A Bundesliga Club Besides Bayern 6. An Eredivise Winner Besides Ajax 7. A Famous World Cup Goal (scorer and team they were taking on) 8. A Team In The 2016 Euros 9. A Portuguese Footballer Besides Ronaldo (Current) 10. A Player With The Last Name "Diop" nudge @Stan @Eco @Berserker @Stick With Azeem @Dan @Toinho @CaaC (John) @Pyfish @Dr. Gonzo @Cannabis @Eco @Bluebird Hewitt @Mel81x @Harry @Rucksackfranzose Sorry for the long wait. Been focused on the Copa America
  5. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Very good half from Uruguay. They've been the best team so far. Ecuador on the other hand have looked worse than Bolivia. Non-entity up front and a disaster at the back. What can you expect though when your manager is Bolillo Gomez.
  6. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Called it
  7. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    We have not been great since the World Cup. Last match was the game to prove that and we put in an acceptable performance. If we play like we did in Russia then we do have a shot, but Brazil is an obstacle most likely in semis. I think we’ll get there and bow out at that point.
  8. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    I doubt it mate. Brazil has lost 4 times at home in their history I think. Even when they are shit they are prime candidates to win the Copa at home.
  9. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Flores should of placed it upwards but to be fair credit to Fariñez who is an insane keeper and handled those saves maturely. No idea how he's not in Europe yet. I can actually see him going to Benfica given the link between them and Millonarios!
  10. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    you are a work of art. “Don’t take it personal” then you go on to insult me and my views. I am done here. Bored now.
  11. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Cueva got 1 assist twat and was a class apart at the WC. Do your research. Paolo was great last night and constantly getting involved in the attack. There’s the answer to your daft question. Love how you insist in trying to make me look bad but you haven’t touched me. If anything you look like a tit and are only increasing that status.
  12. Grizzly21

    NBA 2018/19

    The Sports Net. Basically our ESPN.
  13. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    We could win the World Cup and Teso would still find bullshit excuses. How is it Peru’s fault that he got elbowed in the face. No wonder your father put you up for adoption given the abortion failed, that’s what you are. Cretin. Don’t even play that “I want to have a football debate” innocent BS game, cos nobody on here is that stupid.
  14. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Unbelievable the shite arguments you come up with just to fuel your vendetta. Bore off and go back to the hole you came from you fucking cretin. So far this thread you've posted about Firmino, Messi and Peru. All agenda fueled comments. This thread had the potential to be marvellous but you are ruining it. PS: I've been critical of Carrillo for a long time but he's played 2 minutes yesterday and Cueva played a half concussed. Just shows you don't do your research cunt.
  15. Grizzly21

    Copa América 2019

    Poor form based off what? Friendlies? You said the same thing when Leicester won the league. It's not a valid argument because the rest of CONMEBOL still have better players. Its true we are not the same team as in 2017 or the WC, but its difficult to base it off just 1 game (where we were the better team anyways). Friendly form is irrelevant. Look at Chile's form before winning their 2 Copa's. Stop spamming this thread, would do everyone a favour.