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  1. Grizzly21

    Canadian Premier League

    My dream comes true: Niagara Falls announced as the next CanPL team, or Buffalo if that really is the extension but the team will be called Niagara Falls FC. @Eco EDIT: The Nutmeg News apparently is a satire website. Buggering shame
  2. I was listing examples to Spike though. I did the same with Belotti.
  3. Grizzly21

    Liga MX - México

    Juan Reynoso apparently close to returning to Puebla as a permanent manager, and not just an assistant this time. I might not rate him very much as a manager but its good to see his serious nature as well as the bridges he kept in Mexico are going to help him out. Hope it concretes.
  4. Well thats the point, thats what this thread is about...
  5. We usually outperform them even if the scores don't always go in our favour. Brazil on the other hand, we don't only lose to them, but it is always comfortable for them because of that touch of class they have. Brazil, France, Germany and Spain I'll add as well can form 3 or 4 potentially World Cup winning squads. Uruguay, Chile and Croatia cannot. Our games with those types of sides tend to be close. However when facing a genuine top squad, it becomes tougher.
  6. Blatantly offside is an expression, not a rule. I don't think it should be used for something like a shoulder being a milimetre offside, but I do think it should be used for standing offside with one foot at the very least. Referee's have eyes and are trained for this, they shouldn't rely on VAR to check every single goal. A hunch of mine is that VAR makes the referee look like a peasant because its the one who obligates him to check errors he could have missed.
  7. It really isn't. Its relevant to this thread. We are able to outperform Croatia, Chile, Uruguay and the likes but not Brazil, France or Germany because of the class they have. The former teams have at most 3 world class players, where as the rest are good. The latter's players range from great to world class, thus making it harder to outperform them.
  8. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    Round 3 - Film 1. A Steven Spielberg film 2. A live action adaptation of a cartoon 3. A Star Wars Character 4. An Oscar best picture winner 5. A Pixar film 6. A Marvel film besides Avengers 7. A Harry Potter character besides Harry 8. A Film director besides Steven Spielberg 9. A Star Wars prequel 10. A classic Disney animated film Deadline will be on Friday. I will issue reminders and send PM's but if you dont get them in we're going without you I'm afraid. Good luck! @Stan @CaaC (John) @nudge @Dr. Gonzo @Berserker @Bluebird Hewitt @Spike @Stick With Azeem @Harry @Pyfish @Eco
  9. Grizzly21

    Your mental image of other members

    All based on TF365's Sheep players. Todays edition: Premier League teams @nudge Always fighting at the top of the table, but never quite wins. @Stan He put the pressure on in Season 1. He'll probably make DVD's about how close he came to overtaking Harry @CaaC (John) Always fighting near the bottom @Harry Had his moment of fame and glory but has struggled to get back to a winning spot afterwards. @Toinho Slipped up in the first season but came back stronger than ever
  10. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    Genuine question: did you have Cartoon Network over there in the UK back in the day? When I first arrived in Canada we didn't have it, but we did have it in Peru. Anyways, the main talking point for me is how @Stan ruined his excellent round by opting for Kenny instead of Cartman
  11. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    10. A Game Of Thrones Season Season 1 - 6 Nudge Eco Stan Harry Spike Pyfish Aces Song of Fire and Ice - Bluebird Hewitt Season 8 - Azeem Season 4 - Berserker Season 3 - Dr Gonzo The Long Night - Caac John
  12. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    9. A South Park Character Cartman - 8 Berserker Dr Gonzo Nudge Bluebird Hewitt Eco Pyfish Harry Spike Aces Kenny - Stan Jessica - Azeem Stan Marsh - Caac John
  13. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    8. A Documentary Series Planet Earth - 3 Dr Gonzo Stan Nudge Blue Planet - 2 Bluebird Hewitt Spike Aces David Attenborough - Harry Animal Planet - Azeem Our Planet - Caac John The Confession Tapes - Pyfish F1 Beyond The Grid - Eco Making a Murderer - Berserker
  14. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    7. A Childrens Programming Network Cartoon Network - 6 Berserker Nudge Eco Stan Pyfish Azeem Nickelodeon - 2 Bluebird Hewitt Spike CBeebies - 2 Harry Dr Gonzo Aces Disney Channel - Caac John
  15. Grizzly21

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    6. A Reality Show Big Brother - 5 Berserker Nudge Bluebird Hewitt Stan Pyfish Love Island - 3 Dr Gonzo Eco Caac Aces Master Chef - Azeem Survivor - Harry British Bake Off - Spike