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  1. Grizzly21

    2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

    Jun Nishikawa... remember that name. 17 years old playmaker who I saw in the AFC U16 and is a very talented player.
  2. Grizzly21

    2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

    Some of the squads are beginning to come together. I'll try to update some of them. New Zealand Colombia Japan Senegal Honduras
  3. Depends on my schedule really. Most of the time it's in the UCL/Europa league, but domestically I do it occasionally to catch young players. I find it much more useful than the Portuguese or Dutch leagues as all clubs seem to have the potential to export to bigger teams rather than just the top 4. I have a very strong opinion that PSG fails in Europe due to tactical incompetence rather than it's squad as well as arrogance. From what I have seen otherwise though, there is plenty of talent in France and it is in no way a "farmers league".
  4. I'm one of the few that doesn't write "Brain". So I think I'm doing a fine job bud.
  5. Also, just retracting something I said - I was being a bit harsh by saying it would be below the Dutch. I'd say more the Portuguese league. You'd have about 3 or 4 teams with a core of the best English players, and the rest with little or championship standard players. It's about on that level, but still way below the French.
  6. Having a pop at a league that's popular to have a pop at... right. You're probably a great fella to go and have a pint with but you know fuck all about football.
  7. Showing how bandwagony and clueless you are when it comes to football again I see. It's popular to poke fun at the French League, yet leagues like the Bundesliga which are nearly as shitty, get praised for being one of "da best leagues in da world". It's really not as far off from Serie A and the German league as people think it is. Only for people who want to poke fun at it, without seeing a second of it, like yourself.
  8. @Smiley Culture is spot on. Sorry to burst your bubble (again) Danny, but the English league would be below the Dutch league if it was only English players. Never mind French.
  9. Grizzly21

    AFA | Superliga Argentina de Fútbol

    Brilliance from Jan Carlos Hurtado.
  10. I heard he said he's hoping he wasn't that bad. I love the British sense of humour so much.
  11. I'm not watching the game but I am so used to seeing Peruvian players with talent but no work rate or a will to play. That translates to the likes of Pogba and Lukaku, whom I've noticed that mentality when I've seen United. They are both very talented, but have a horrible attitude that doesn't warrant being at a club like Manchester United. I always think Carrillo and Christian Cueva, who are the same deal although not quite as good.
  12. I said a while back that the only reason United were doing well was because they had pressured off the control freak that is Mourinho. Ole hadn't really done anything other than just show up. It was a novelty effect that was never going to last.
  13. It's just as I said. A big novelty effect for the United players who have had so much pressured eased off them. it was obvious it wouldn't last.
  14. I called it. Caretaker managers never do well after being signed. I don't know if there is something psicological there, but history speaks for itself I reckon.
  15. Grizzly21

    Brian's Scouting Thread

    Update on this in a "where are they now". Julian is currently doing well for Tigres, scoring a lot so I think he could be a good shout in the end. Gabriele Zappa on the other hand is on Italy's U20 squad and will likely play in the U20 World Cup.