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  1. Grizzly21

    2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

    As every other year, I look forward to this. My favourite tournament in football. Last time I picked Venezuela as the team to win it. This time I'm not sure I'll make a proper prediction. The competition is more evened out I reckon. France will probably do well as they usually do in this tournament. I also have faith in Colombia to make a deep run. I wasn't convinced by them in the Sudamericano due to their lack of ability to score, but with Cucho Hernandez to play this time they will be a force to be reckoned with. I'm also looking forward to New Zealand. I'm not sure how far they'll go but with Sarpreet Singh on their side, I'm sure they'll at least make it past the group.
  2. Well that's just flat out wrong. I do agree that nostalgia gets in the way of our judgement at times, but it is mental to think there were never good players in the past, regardless of how the game has evolved. Talent has existed since the beginning of time and talent will continue to exist.
  3. Grizzly21

    Copa America 2019

    Rereading this, I agree and I also don't. Brazil is by far the favourite and I would be shocked if they don't come out of this tournament with a win. Uruguay is the second favourite. Third is a toss up. I would say Argentina but they still don't convince me. Colombia don't either, so it's tough. I would have us as bigger favourites than Chile though as we are simply a better side Paraguay always have a shot as they are a great cup team.
  4. Grizzly21

    Canadian Premier League

    CBC just announced they'll be broadcasting a couple games. Massive news!!!
  5. Grizzly21

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Yordy Reyna looking decent. Go on.
  6. Grizzly21

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Just put it on, although I'm gonna be seeing it with my other eye as I need to catch up on the AFCON U17 before tomorrow's games.
  7. Grizzly21

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    How's Diego Rossi been? Keep meaning to catch one of his games but I just never get around to it
  8. Grizzly21

    2019 Gold Cup Draw

    Probably because some of them aren't even countries. Martinique certainly isn't and I think Bermuda isn't either.
  9. Grizzly21

    Copa America 2019

  10. In terms of Peruvian players... I've already mentioned Cubillas and Chumpitaz, our 2 best ever. Oblitas, Sotil, Velasquez, Chale, Quiroga, Mifflin, Gallardo and Cachito Ramirez (the real one) are all some I would have loved to see. I saw footage of the draw against Argentina in La Bombonera in 1969... our team now doesn't even come close to the one then. I also would have loved to see the 1936 Olympics team. Lolo Fernandez, Jorge Alcalde, Manguera Villanueva and Adelfo Magallanes as a few examples.
  11. I was born in 1998, so just around the very end of Maradona's career. However, occassionally here in Peru they would show old World Cup matches, and I got to see a couple of Diego's games. Like I said, no context or patterns but I at least got to see his football ability... I can echo everyone who says he was on another planet.
  12. Quality quality list that Spike. I came so close to including Platini as the "modern" generation talks about Zidane to no end, but my family always told me Zidane couldn't tie Platini's shoelaces.
  13. 1. Teofilo Cubillas The best Peruvian player of all time and often regarded as one of the 70 best players of all time. 2. Hector Chumpitaz Another one of the best Peruvian players ever and arguably the best South American defender in history. Known as "capitan de America". 3. Bobby Charlton Not only have I heard he was a phenomenal footballer, but his story is also quality. 4. Lev Yashin Love keepers and wanted to see what the supposed "best one ever" was like. 5. Pele As Cicero said, revolutionized the sport. I would also put Maradona in there but I've seen enough of him I think. Just without any context or patterns, so wasn't sure if I should include him.
  14. Grizzly21

    Poll: How do you experience TF365?

    PC always. I only use my phone if I don't have my laptop or PC available.