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  1. That's the reason I haven't started it yet: not enough players. I'd have to downscale so much that it'd be over in two days.
  2. Looking for any additional sign-ups for this Mafia so I've re-tagged people in case you missed it.
  3. I'll be needing another 8 players at least to commence Mafia. I'll be compiling a list of forum members and linking them, so I apologise if you've already signed up and get the notification.
  4. I do recall that it was Batard who used it first. I found it so funny that I had the Mafia do a similar thing to Storts. Also, I’m aiming for around twenty players to fulfil the role criteria I’ve set out. More is a very welcome prospect, but I do need twenty to run it properly.
  5. Seeing as the forum doesn't show these threads on the front page, I'm tagging everyone who played the previous edition of Mafia ran by Batard. @Toinho; @Batard; @Cannabis; @Dickie; @6666; @Berserker; @Storts (I'll have your corpse pinned to a wall); @Cicero; @Rucksackfranzose; @Bluewolf; @Azeem; @DeadLinesman; @Machado; @José; @Viva la FCB; @RandoEFC; @Devil-Dick Willie; @Rick; @Harry; @Harvsky; @IgnisExcubitor; @Happy Blue; @Tommy; @The Palace Fan; @Burning Gold; @Dr. Gonzo. If any of you, or anyone else, would be interested in playing then use the poll at the top of the page. Makes it much easier.
  6. MAFIA - YAKUZA YUBITSUME The age of the Yakuza is here. They live in broad daylight. They live in the shadows. In a final showdown in the suburbs of Tokyo's Nakamura district, a battle will commence. The Yakuza are known for their brutality. The Oyabun-Kobun bonds passed from generation to generation remains strong; the vows of Tekiya stand the same. Yet the Yakuza are weak. Yakuza membership across Japan has declined rapidly, and Nakamura has felt this more than most. With just the Oyabun and his closest advisors remaining in the area, it is your task to eliminate them before they eliminate you. One by one, expect to be torn to the bone by these ruthless masters of organised crime. It's Mafia time. I've drafted in the roles for this edition but they are subject to change as we might have more players. I expect to start this around the 22nd May, but am open to changing this date to sooner or later. Build up the hype, and don't hesitate to ask any questions. THE YAKUZA FACTIONS OYABUN | ONE The Oyabun is the head of the Yakuza faction in Nakamura. In the event of the Oyabun being eliminated from the game, the Yakuza will lose immediately. The Oyabun is responsible for agreeing to all Yakuza decisions during the night period. WAKAGASHIRA | ONE The Oyabun's second-in command. In the event of the elimination of a Yakuza member, the Wakagashira will be able to select one existing Yakuza member of lower rank and promote them to the position of Shategashira. If this scenario is not applicable, the Wakagashira may sacrifice themselves to fulfil this effect. SHATEGASHIRA | ONE The Shategashira, at their own discretion, is able to sacrifice themselves to protect the Oyabun in the event of an elimination by night. Should this condition be exercised, the Shategashira will be eliminated from the game but their Oyabun will survive. KUMI-IN | TWO Enlisted members of the Yakuza. The Kumi-In are able to contribute to all Yakuza activities, but possess no further abilities. THE MARUBO FACTION ITACHI | TWO The Itachi are the police of the citizens. As a pair, the Itachi must decide on a player whom they suspect to be an associate of the Yakuza. The Itachi will learn the role of the individual they are attempting to pursue. Should the Itachi guess the role of the Oyabun, they are able to arrest and disband the Yakuza, thus resulting in a victory for the Marubo and, in a wider respect, the Community faction. THE COMMUNITY FACTIONS MEDIKKU | ONE The Medikku may save one player per night. This power extends to themselves on one occasion if they so wish, after which they are susceptible to attack. KAMIKAZE | ONE The Kamikaze may, at their own discretion, sacrifice themselves during any night period to save three players of their choice from the inevitable occurrence of death or, alternatively, eliminate one player from the game immiedately. These conditions will stand whether the selected players are of Yakuza, Marubo, Community or Non-Affiliate allegiance. The Kamikaze is then eliminated from the game. SAGI-SHI | ONE Once in the game, the Sagi-Shi may pay for the services of the Akunin. They must do so with their own life, and will therefore be eliminated from the game should they wish to use their ability. The Akunin will be able to attack within their own jurisdiction and will not die if their ability is used through the Sagi-Shi. Should the Akunin be eliminated from the game or choose to use their ability, the Sagi-Shi will lose their ability and assume the role of a Shimin. SHIMIN | THE REST OF YOU In every society there are the citizens. You have no additional role and no privileges. NON-AFFILIATED PARTY AKUNIN | ONE The rogue of the game. The Akunin is a shady character and can eliminate a player of their choice once. This condition can be exercised during any night phase; the Akunin assumes the role of a citizen after their ability is used. If eliminated from the game, the Akunin's ability is voided with no exception: should the Yakuza eliminate the Akunin during a night phase whereby the Akunin has decided to target a player, the first to inform me of a decision will see their kill count first.
  7. I can't see Wolves going down without a fight here. An entertaining draw is probably on the cards. I predict a 2-2 draw.
  8. I’ve just finished my second year of University so I might be down for running a game of Mafia, I’ll have to see first. On second thoughts, I can do one. I did a module on Organised Crime this year and smashed it with a first mark. I have an idea but I’ll come up with a theme.
  9. If you do then walk up to Brentford for me lad.
  10. Walker

    The Bookmakers

    I'm aiming to turn £10 into £1,000 or more over the summer months through sports betting. Alongside using the summer to plan my dissertation I may as well have a bit of fun, until I get bladdered and a friend bets all of my money on black on the roulette. Does anyone have any decent suggestions for decent leagues to follow?
  11. Walker

    My Huddersfield Run - FIFA 19

    The following post will include the results of two matches; our European Shield semi-final match against Nice and our European Shield final match against Bologna. The pre-match report will incorporate the occurences in the space after our 5-0 win against Saint-Etienne and will conclude at the point before the match against Bologna occurs. Pre-Match Analyses As of the date of our Bologna fixture, no transfers have been made. Ilias Kachunga's £3m sale to FC Basel fell through as personal terms could not be agreed. Steve Mounié has drawn interest from both Marseille and RB Leipzig, both of whom are willing to pay £16m for the 23-year-old's services. I intend to see if any other offers come in before accepting one of the offers should they still stand on the table. Laurent Depoitre saw himself on the way to Barcelona of all places for £8m, but the deal fell through after personal terms came to a standstill. As a positive, Danny Williams is looking likely to secure a transfer away to Lille for £1.6m. More transfer offers are what I really want, but alas they have yet to really emerge. With regards to transfers into the club, our endeavours so far have been fruitless. An offer of £4m was rejected by Toulouse for Yaya Sanogo and all leads have been cut off. Our search for goalkeeper has led me to identify Jack Butland as a potential contender for the No. 1 jersey. A £16m offer for Wolfsburg goalkeeper Koen Casteels came to a halt following excessive wage demands. Alternative options which I have excluded are Montpellier's second-choice goalkeeper Jonathan Ligali and Napoli's Alex Meret, both of whom refused to negotiate. Of the three current candidates for the goalkeeper spot, Jack Butland looks the most likely candidate. Should I be able to figure out another strong option I will make a reasonable bid. I won't be spending more than £15m on a goalkeeper unless they are exceptional. Sampdoria's Omar Colley and Milan's Alessio Romagnoli are looking like tasty candidates for a starting role in central defence. Galatasaray's Norwegian right-back Martin Linnes looks as though he could be the perfect player for the position with a release clause of £6.9m and a promising array of defensive stats. Midfield isn't on the agenda just yet, however I know that Everton's Morgan Schneiderlin is a player who I have been fond of for some time and would love to have playing in the Huddersfield colours. My only attacking want so far is Tammy Abraham, who may be a difficult player to sign but would definitely be worth it. It's also worth noting that I've been looking top invest in young players to bring through the ranks. I currently have my eyes of the Championship for home-grown players with a potential to perform at a high level and also at more off-the-radar clubs like Dinamo Zagreb and AEK Athens. Should these players prove themselves whilst making sporadic appearances during the season, I can't see why they can't challenge the old guard for their places. It turns out that Christopher Schindler will be out for both games after breaking his toe. I don't know how as he performed solidly throughout our tie against Saint-Etienne. Other than this, we have every player on the roster available at our discretion. European Shield Semi-Final: Match Four Huddersfield Team Sheet: (5-4-1 FLAT) Lössl (6.2); Smith (6.7), Barrett (6.0), Billing (7.2), Kongolo (6.5), Löwe (6.8); Hogg (c) (6.5), Bacuna (7.4), Mooy (7.9), Pritchard (6.8) ;Mounié (6.4). Hamer; Durm (‘45) (6.7), Edmonds-Green; van la Parra, O'Brien, Payne (‘66) (5.2); Diakhaby (‘66) (7.6). Nice Team Sheet: (3-5-2) Cardinale; Dante, Lloris, Jallet (c); Ranieri, Cyprien, Tameze, Walter, Saint-Maximin; Ganago, Le Bihan. Hassen; Souquet, Perraud; Danilo, Lees-Melou, Mahou; Sacko. Final Score Huddersfield 2-0 Nice Mooy ‘45+2; Diakhaby '78 Statistics (HUD LEFT | OGC RIGHT) Goals: 2 | 0 Shots: 7 | 14 Shots on Target: 7 | 6 Possession: 48% | 52% Tackles: 16 | 24 Fouls: 5 | 2 Yellow/Red Cards: 0/0 | 0/0 Corners: 3 | 2 Shot Accuracy: 100% | 43% Pass Accuracy: 77% | 91% European Shield Final: Match Five Huddersfield Team Sheet: (5-4-1 FLAT) Lössl (5.1); Smith (6.2), Billing (6.0), Edmonds-Green (4.7), Kongolo (6.9), Durm (6.0); Hogg (c) (6.3), Bacuna (6.6), Depoitre (7.0), Pritchard (6.8) ;Mounié (5.8). Hamer; Löwe, Edmonds-Green; van la Parra, Payne; Quaner, Diakhaby. Bologna Team Sheet: (4-3-1-2) Da Costa (c); Mbaye, Helander, De Maio, Dijks; Poli, Pulgar, Donsah, Dzemaili; Lavezzi, Palacio. Santurro; Danilo, Calabresi; Nagy, Valencia, Svanberg; Destro. Final Score Huddersfield 0-2 Bologna Lavezzi '4, '65 Statistics (HUD LEFT | BOL RIGHT) Goals: 0 | 2 Shots: 5 | 9 Shots on Target: 3 | 6 Possession: 50% | 50% Tackles: 13 | 18 Fouls: 7 | 6 Yellow/Red Cards: 2/0 | 2/0 Corners: 5 | 5 Shot Accuracy: 60% | 66% Pass Accuracy: 81% | 87% General Review Despite failing to win the pre-season European Shield competition, I am extremely please albeit shocked. I had fully expected us to tumble out against Saint-Etienne. We won't get so lucky during the upcoming season. Our win against Nice proves that we can win. Our loss to Bologna shows that we can't take results for granted. At the end of the day we won an additional 2.64m in prize money from our semi-final win but no additional funds from our loss to Bologna in the final. I intend to have all transfers into Huddersfield completed by the time of our first fixture of the Premier League season. The next update shall be regarding transfers into the club, and show it prove as fruitful as I intend, there should be some world-class talents and upcoming prospects coming in. Hopefully they can shift our season in the right direction from the offset, alas only time will tell.
  12. Walker

    My Huddersfield Run - FIFA 19

    For anyone who is reading this: from here on in I’ll be adopting a simplified format. As opposed to offering a match report and my opinion on aspects of the matches, I shall instead be offering more statistics. Numbers speak louder than anything in football so, true to this, I intend to adopt a more numerical and statistical approach.
  13. Walker

    My Huddersfield Run - FIFA 19

    Pre-Match News Multiples player have been listed on the transfer market to generate funds for more players. The transfer window’s preliminary aims are still at large, but additional players will be considered. At this stage, I am willing to sell any player for the right price, so long as the sale won’t end up biting me on the arse. Two offers have been made for Elias Kachunga by BSC Young Boys and FC Basel at £2.5m and £3m respectively. Meanwhile, a £3.8m offer from Braga for Laurent Depoitre proved underwhelmingly below meeting the margin. I am currently eyeing up one ex-Arsenal striker in the form of 25-year-old Yaya Sanogo and the 20-year-old Hamza Choudhury of Leicester. Both would make excellent rotation players and give both future growth and depth to the team. The hunt for a suitable goalkeeper remains fruitless after Benoît Costil rejected a move to the Terriers. A loan move for Pablo Zabaleta fell through immediately, as did an attempt to sign Manuel Lanzini: Lanzini transferred to Marseille for £24m, a figure slightly too high for what I’d be getting. In the current squad, Kachunga remains suspended and will therefore not play until the start of our Premier League campaign against Chelsea at Kirklees Park. I am trying out five at the back with the same tactics as used in the loss to Fiorentina. By and large they worked but didn’t suit the formation when in the midst of play. European Shield Group Stage: Match 3 Huddersfield v. Saint-Etienne (11/07/2018) Huddersfield Team Sheet: (5-4-1 FLAT) Lössl; Smith, Schindler, Billing, Kongolo, Löwe; Hogg (c), Bacuna, Sobhi, Mooy; Mounié. Coleman; Durm (‘45), Barrett; van la Parra, Pritchard (‘53); Diakhaby, Quaner (‘79). Saint-Etienne Team Sheet: (4-2-3-1) Moulín; Landini, Saliba, Nadé, Silva; Dioussé, M’Vila, Vagner, Monnet-Paquet, Rocha Santos; Abi. Ruffier; Debuchy (‘64), Kolodziejczak (‘85); Camara, Cabella, Hamouma (‘64); Khazri. Match Report I have decided to keep this match report short and simple, otherwise it could take too long to write and I’d very much like to continue with building up Huddersfield. Saint-Etienne had previous thrashed Hoffenheim by five goals to one. They had also lost 5-0 to Fiorentina in their first fixture of the group stage. Considering this, I fielded a side of our current strongest players to see what little we could salvage with the prize being a win. Aaron Mooy’s penalty after a dodgy tackle commited by Yann M’Vila was the first chance Huddersfield had during the game. A tidy strike down the middle sent the ball past Jessy Moulín. Saint-Etienne soon struggled to put the passes in and conceded possession in dangerous areas twice to extend out lead one more through a headed effort from Terence Kongolo. Ramadan Sobhi tapped home yet another blunder by Yann M’Vila to cement our dominance. The stroke of half-time saw Jonas Lössl slip on the touchline and Christopher Schindler block a convincing effort from Charles Abi. From there on in, we dominated once more. Philip Billing saw a low attempt sweep inside the bottom right corner of the Saint-Etienne goal before a quick follow-up header from Juninho Bacuna cemented an extremely promising result. With the full-time whistle we managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the European Shield pre-season tournament. Final Score Huddersfield 5-0 Saint-Etienne Mooy ‘13 (pen); Kongolo ‘33; Sobhi ‘40, Billing ‘67, Bacuna ‘70. Statistics (HUD LEFT | ETI RIGHT) Goals: 5 | 0 Shots: 14 | 6 Shots on Target: 13 | 2 Possession: 54% | 46% Tackles: 31 | 42 Fouls: 2 | 11 Yellow/Red Cards: 1/0 | 4/0 Corners: 7 | 9 Shot Accuracy: 93% | 33% Pass Accuracy: 84% | 87% Player Review (Huddersfield Only) Jonas Lössl (6.9): An occasional meander from Saint-Etienne challenged Lössl’s abilities ever so often during the game. Despite his match rating, many of Lössl’s blunders and poorly timed dives for the ball were blocked by the strong defensive line. Barely challenged and as such was unable to prove his true abilities during the match. Tommy Smith (7.6): Contrary to his last outing against Hoffenheim, Smith dictated the defence and made sure that Saint-Etienne’s abrasive midfield had few opportunities to break away into a dangerous attack. Christopher Schindler (7.2): Played with solidarity and put in some extremely clean but meaty tackles. A starting player should we want to maintain a strong defensive line. Philip Billing (8.4): Although more suited a role as a defensive midfielder, Billing worked wonders in the centre of defence. His heading ability and perception are on another level. Should he prove this good throughout the season, I see no reason why Billing cannot become a vital component of the Huddersfield team. Terence Kongolo (8.8): Extremely solid, strong on and off the ball and a true aerial threat. I’m very wary of his abilities and Chris Löwe (7.6): Exceptional on and off the ball. Versatile enough to hold and then press deep into enemy territory, but his ability in the air is poor. Jonathan Hogg (6.6): Perhaps not fitting into a more central role in the midfielder. Offers are pending from Derby County and Cardiff so Hogg may well be on his way to a team which better suits his playing style. Juninho Bacuna (7.3): A real emerging talent and a player who has surprised me during pre-season with his blistering pace and raw talent for lobbing the ball over even the most resilient defenders. This game saw Bacuna land two assists. Should he continue to progress in this way, there’s no reason not to include him in the team. Ramadan Sobhi (7.5): Perhaps off the touch a little too often for a player of his quality. Nonetheless, Sobhi looks to be more than capable of getting the job done. Aaron Mooy (8.2): As in the previous two fixtures, Mooy was brilliant. He has a keen eye for the ball at all times and will be sure to solidify a strong midfield on the first day of the season. Steve Mounié (7.1): Good enough, but doesn’t create enough goalscoring opportunities. Where Mounié finds the ball at his feet he is quick enough to lay it off to the likes of Mooy as his finishing touch is absolutely atrocious. Either way he needs to step up to succeed. Erik Durm (6.3): Not quite up to pace. A bit of an unfortunate downturn in my expectations of him. Durm can do the general defensive rigmarole but he lacks the all-rounder qualities of some of his counterparts. A rotation player perhaps in the season to come pending form. Alex Pritchard (7.0): Looked fairly good after being subbed on at half time. A few interceptions here and there but that was about it from Pritchard. Collin Quaner (6.5): Neither here nor there during his short spell on the pitch. Quaner didn’t look too threatening nor did he put in a strong enough effort to make runs up the field in either direction. A potential loan spell away from Huddersfield would probably be beneficial, alas I can see him being a sporadic player. General Review We played some extremely promising football in this game. Whilst the scoreline is high, it does over exceed how well we played. In other words, Huddersfield were extremely lucky. By a miracle we progress on to another game, this time against Braga. We were lucky in this regard too. Whatever comes our way against Braga it is clear that the team is more than capable of playing at a decent level, if inconsistently. We gained a figure of £1.144m in tournament prize money for progressing to the semi-finals of this pre-season ‘European Shield’ competition. I intend to invest this into scouting some youth players who can, in turn, be sent out on loan for experience. The academy is crucial to our success, so starting from the ground up should be the way forwards. Having said that, the hunt for experienced new players continues.
  14. I agree. I bit my tongue when Pukki scored from forty yards out against Birmingham back in January, and thought Moritz Leitner was an act to follow. They have some quality players and shouldn’t be underestimated. That’s how they’ll be able to run past the big guns in the Prem. They’re just absolute shite at defending.
  15. Walker

    My Huddersfield Run - FIFA 19

    European Shield Group Stage: Match 2 Fiorentina v. Huddersfield (08/07/2018) Fiorentina Team Sheet: (4-3-3) Dragowski; Laurini, Ceccherini, Vitor Hugo, Biraghi; Nørgaard, Benassi (c); Chiesa, Simeone, Pjaca. Lafont; Milenković (‘82), D’Ambrosio; Dabo (‘52), Veretout; Meli, Théréau (‘68). Huddersfield Team Sheet: (4-3-3 FALSE NINE) Hamer; Hadergjonaj, Edmonds-Green, Jørgensen, Kongolo; Hogg, Mooy (c), Williams; O’Brien, Diakhaby, van la Parra. Coleman; Smith, Schindler, Durm; Billing, Bacuna; Mounié. Tactics I have opted to play using a 4-3-3 False Nine formation in this game. I feel that wingers can be utilised well with the players I have already identified to be part of the Huddersfield team’s backbone. Defensively, we need to play far back. One observation I made against Hoffenheim was our susceptibility to lobbed balls over the defenders. Playing so far back would solve our inadequacies for the time being until strong defenders can be brought in. When the defence is strong enough, the defence can be lifted further up the field so to leave less room for the opposition to move in. We also want to play closely: opposition wingers may well find opportunities coming in fast, but if the defence is good enough then this won’t be much of a problem. Dropping back is the way forward defensively for now. As for the offensive side of play, the team will likely benefit from a wider and rapid style of open play. Possession may well be lost more easily, meaning that strong holding midfielders will be essential in guaranteeing success. We’ll also keep players back when attacking opportunities are made so to stop any counter attacks from developing. Strikers should be offering as little defensive support as possible and position themselves on the pitch whereby they can make a quick run and intercept the ball to create an easy chance on goal. Less aggressive play and more flirtatious touches on the ball could fool the other teams and may give us the goal-scoring advantage that we need. Should this simple tactic prove successful, then it’ll be stuck onto another formation should that fail. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. Match Report The first half of this fixture proved fruitless for both Fiorentina and Huddersfield. Having nearly conceded twice within the first ten minutes of in-game time, I quickly adopted the defensive tactics outlined above. Upon the stroke of the half-time whistle, Huddersfield had been the better half. Aaron Mooy was perhaps the best player on the pitch during this period, radiating quality and spurring on a strong half. The second half is where the cracks began to emerge. A ball too high for Ben Hamer to reach whistled into the back of the net from a relatively weak Giovanni Simeone through-ball. Huddersfield began to look strong in the face of goal, offering a rapid succession of shots, each denied by Bartłomiej Dragowski. These were unfortunately the best chances Huddersfield encountered before a finesse shot from Marco Benassi and another from Marko Pjaca cancelled us out completely. This game was nothing to write home about and certainly wasn’t a memorable one. Final Score Fiorentina 3-0 Huddersfield Simeone ‘54; Benassi ‘76, Pjaca ‘84. Statistics (FIO LEFT | HUD RIGHT) Goals: 3 | 0 Shots: 16 | 5 Shots on Target: 12 | 4 Possession: 57% | 43% Tackles: 15 | 23 Fouls: 7 | 12 Yellow/Red Cards: 3/0 | 1/0 Corners: 3 | 5 Shot Accuracy: 75% | 80% Pass Accuracy: 93% | 75% Player Review (Huddersfield Only) Ben Hamer (4.9): Definitely not fit to play in the Premier League full-time. Nearing the age of thirty so he may be worth keeping a hold of should Lössl be sold. Florent Hadergjonaj (6.2): Surprisingly better in this game than he was in the last. A solid passing player, made a few runs up the wing and a powerful threat during set-pieces. Other than this, I feel that Hadergjonaj may not be the best fit for Huddersfield and therefore he may be better off playing his football elsewhere. Rarmani Edmonds-Green (6.0): Hardly Huddersfield’s future and would be better suited to a team in League One or League Two. Having said that, Edmonds-Green put in a surprisingly solid performance. A good tackler but little else. He will likely be placed on the transfer list or loaned out. Mathias Jørgensen (4.9): A surprising let-down. Extremely poor on the ball, Jørgensen gave away the ball in extremely poor positions and was the culprit behind the first and third goals. He may be too unreliable to rely upon on a regular basis. Terence Kongolo (7.2): The most promising defender of the lot so far. Versatile and surprisingly dominant against many of the players in the Fiorentina side, Kongolo may well be the left-back I’ve been looking for. Jonathan Hogg (6.6): A forgettable first half followed by a good yet stifled second half. Feeling like a potential rotation player if this form continues into the next game. Aaron Mooy (7.6): As was the case against Hoffenheim, Mooy proved to be the most consistently good player donning the Huddersfield shirt. With more passing and shooting opportunities, there is no reason not to believe that Mooy could be a guiding light in Huddersfield’s battle this season. Danny Williams (6.0): Neither here nor there. Bang average. Lewis O’Brien (4.5): Whilst O’Brien appeared to be chasing the ball, it felt more like O’Brien was attempting to sabotage the game. A player more suited to another club in, for example, a local pub league team. Straight onto the transfer list. Adama Diakhaby (6.8): Promising in front of goal, but has a long way to go before he becomes a regular starter. A potential loan spell away may bring out Diakhaby’s full ability, but that remains to be seen. Rajiv van la Parra (6.3): Surprisingly good when under pressure but inconceivably average when attempting to press the play more. If he doesn’t work out at Huddersfield then he would definitely be suited to a team playing at a high level. General Review In a game of relatively little significance not memorability, a lot was gained. The knowledge that Huddersfield’s squad may struggle to finish above twentieth is one which became increasingly apparent as this game went on. Fiorentina dominated in every aspect of the word: they truly deserved to win. With one game remaining and very little hope of progressing to the next round, one thing is particularly apart: without new signings, Huddersfield look as though they could be doomed from the start.