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  1. Didn't watch that game at Anfield but Man Utd was equal to PSG until the two massive injuries and force substitutions, same happened to Liverscum? Totally different scenario but the win at Turin keeps getting brought up because it was a great away win were the home team was undefeated and not many could accomplish that feat... if they were able to do that, overcoming the deficit against PSG is not impossible. Even Mario Kempes predicted Man Utd was going to comeback last night bruh and he does all the ESPN deportes broadcast for the CL
  2. When will Cicero give Man Utd any credit? How many teams could do what Man Utd did at Turin? I'm talking about the end product(a victory), not how it was accomplished....
  3. I have lost count of the managers but regardless of who it is, one thing is guaranteed, Hazard will underperform and the new manager will be blamed. Glimpses of greatness but consistency is his biggest flaw.
  4. Thanks Smiley. I hate the L but the overreaction is beyond silly, especially when the game was very equal prior to the two injuries. Man utd will bounce back even stronger away at Paris.
  5. José

    Walking Dead

    It didn't disappoint but hope its gets better as the season progresses. Not liking the new negan
  6. The same earth were Man Utd is still at the top of the league titles and even through the rough post-SAF era and Kloppy's heavy metal, Man Utd still managed to get three more trophies than your bottling infested team Let me know when your lot arrives back to earth mate, I'll be there to greet y'all.
  7. Don't have time for trolls like Bluewolf.
  8. Was never a red (Nani) versus RM. We were dominating that game till that point. Now this one sided ref. UEFA hates Man Utd and will do anything to keep us out. Sad but true
  9. The fact that Kimpembe is still playing and pogba got sent off for that shows man utd is always against the opposing team plus the ref. No worries though, with the likes of Neymar and isco coming to OT next year, Man Utd will be unstoppable.
  10. Bluewolf doesnt realize man utd has the soon to be coach of the year will Sarri go down as the bust of the year coach wise. The comeback game is strong baby!
  11. Man Utd aced the test at Turin, you think they are sweating the game at Paris? and mind you, we won't need the help of the refs like barcelona did a few years ago versus PSG. #wegotthis
  12. Says a Chelsea fan 2-0 is not impossible to come back from, now if it was 6-0..different story mate.
  13. Second leg is the real test, Man Utd is just making interesting.
  14. The count down begins BABY!! Turn the mf volume up, get the popcorn ready, and put the toddlers to sleep. PSG is about to get murdered!!! the notorious TESO and the Nature Boy are ready, are you?
  15. My sources are one of a kind mate. Dont want to ruin the surprises but I was already sent a list of the summer targets.