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  1. Nicholas @Storts never ceases to amaze Teso. Although I can post now and enjoy the discussions...some find it hard to believe it but trolling was never my intention... it is not the same anymore (not trying to start nothing I promise) and storts realize this immediately and removed himself voluntarily. 

    I've known him for years but never talked much until I joined his site and that's when I started to notice he gives everyone fair treatment including libby and I. He stood up against double standards by a certain group who banned marc and I for harmless posting that was deemed offensive but it was okay for liverpool's lot to troll me around mentioning pogba or mou... I didnt let it get to me because like Harry said in the hierarchy thread, nothing was way too out of line and a forum full of people alike would be boring. 


    Nothing wrong with the decision by batard, I respect it and I'm sure nicholas does too. What's mindboggling it's that "memberbating " by the unpopular ones was more offensive than straight up racist fueled comments by TB... or cannabis comment. Fair treatment to everyone has always been a trait of nick and the lack of it is why he isn't around anymore :congrats: TB racist comments were a few months apart so I should of gotten over it according to them but wasnt the decision of our ban was based purely on driving away potential members..lord knows how many potential posters were lost to TBs racist comments or cannabis. Excusing even more harmful posting due to conflict of insterest/favoritism and use us as pawns was poor taste. 


    Doubt this status will last long or even me but once again it will be deemed trolling. 




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    2. football forum


      TBF, what TB said was well ban worthy. 

    3. football forum

      Teso dos Bichos

      Most definitely. The decision by the majority was so out of line that even Phil messaged me and said he tried to get a harsher punishment. 

      Innocent banter by marc -->6 month ban

      Several racist comments by TB------> slap on the wrist and a get over Teso. 9_9


      That's why Storts has discontinued his posting, double standards at its worst. Those staff members that allowed TB to get away with it are just as guilty or even more cause they had the power to stop it and instead they encouraged it more. Deja vu from my ban in tff.... I was getting racially abused as well and got angry at the staff for not doing shit about it and called them racist and I got banned :rofl: didnt know that racism towards Hispanics was that bad in Scotland :coffee:

    4. football forum

      Teso dos Bichos


      I dont believe @Stan is racist tbh but he went with the majority in order to continue on the good side of the higher staff members. Dont be a "yes sir " Stanley boy, stand up for what's right