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  1. TomTsportresearcher


    The Villa curse!!. Hopefully this unwanted record ends on Friday night
  2. TomTsportresearcher

    Commercialization and Commodification of the Bundesliga

    It’s interesting that you are a fan of capitalism, I myself do not believe in the logic although I admit I don’t think capitalism will be defeated in my lifetime, as they say capitalism can change and adapt even after disaster (2008 recession). It is as you call it a ‘necessary evil’, I don’t think clubs are even interested in attracting genuine supporters anymore, they are just concerned with attracting a global audience. If you look at Man City for example, while they do sell out the Etihad it doesn’t happen week in week out largely reflecting how small the local fan base actually is. A club like that doesn’t care though, because they rely on attracting global audiences to buy merch, club tv packages and for promotion etc..
  3. TomTsportresearcher

    Commercialization and Commodification of the Bundesliga

    Sponsors have certainly become a necessity for clubs, my only issue is that clubs are reliant upon sponsors and then are in a position of dependency where the sponsors call all of the shots i.e. Chinese sponsors require clubs to sign a Chinese player or have pre-season in China, that’s potentially an issue already occurring today. I think sponsorship, private owners, corporations, TV deals and merchandise has helped place football as primarily a business these days which is shame. I agree a day out at the football cost’s me in excess of £45 for a student ticket, a pint and a burger. For families attending a game it would cost in excess of £180 at least. It all adds up when you take into consideration TV subscriptions, travel and merch. When I was in Korea a K-league fixture cost 10,000won/ £6-7, noodles and a pint together were an extra 4,000won £1.80/£2 and that’s how it should be for everyone, I admit the demand in Korea is not on the same level as the European leagues thus, they can’t expect to over-charge, but still £9-10 for a day at the football is how it should be, cheap and affordable for all. I think the Bundesliga is a good example of fan activism, they mobilize together as a whole, are organized and get their opinion across. Premier League fans are seemingly happy to be exploited or are just happy to be priced out of the game. While fans have mobilized it has been restricted to single club fan groups rather than a whole unit which has a limited effect overall.
  4. TomTsportresearcher

    Commercialization and Commodification of the Bundesliga

    How have I only just noticed these responses?! Good to see the notifications working well for me . I agree with pyrotechnics it certainly can be dangerous and 'scary' for younger supporters in my opinion. It sounds like you both object to any form of commodification and commercialization, would you say sponsors, owners and/ or corporations are exploiting local supporters? It's interesting because while I agree with pretty much most of the things you have said, I enjoy certain commerce activities i.e. purchasing a new shirt and even collecting match day programes (I sadly own over 100 Villa programes haha). I do feel as though I have some power and I can stop entertaining certain commercial activities that benefits sponsors and owners. Do you think supporters and/ or local communities are powerless to sponsors and corporations?
  5. TomTsportresearcher

    Stan's PL Prediction League - Week 2 Fixtures

    Saturday 17th August, 2019 Arsenal 3-1 Burnley, 12.30 Aston Villa 3-2 Bournemouth Brighton 0-1 West Ham Everton 1- 0 Watford Man City 2-0 Tottenham, 17.30 Norwich 1-1 Newcastle Southampton 1-3 Liverpool Sunday 18th August, 2019 Chelsea 0-1 Leicester, 16.30 Sheff Utd 0-0 Crystal Palace, 14.00 Monday 19th August, 2019 Wolves 0-2 Man Utd, 20.00
  6. TomTsportresearcher

    Korean K-League

    For those interested in the K-league, this weekends results were as follows; Jeju United 1 - Sangju Sangmu 4 Gyeongnam FC 2 - Seongnam 0 Suwon Bluewings 0 - Incheon 1 Ulsan 1 - Daegu 1 Pohang Steelers 1 - Jeonbuk 2 FC Seoul 0 - Gangwon 0 Good to see Gyeongnam get back to winning ways, as the fans say with possibly the worst chant in football history "DO IT, GO UP".
  7. Absolutely devastated after that, first half was excellent we countered at the right times, created most of the chances and limited spurs to long range efforts. Second half we invited far to much pressure and stayed to deep, granted it's easy to do when winning 1-0 away against a team like Spurs. Wesley was dissapointing in the first half but improved in the second and El Ghazi did'nt perform at all. I also think both Taylor and Elmohomody will be replaced within a few weeks for Targett and Guilbert, not that they had bad games I just don't think either of them have the quality. Overall, plenty of positives to take away especially if we can keep creating chances like we did in the first half.
  8. Unbelievabely excited for this game, it's been a long time coming and it's good to see the boys back in the prem. Spurs away is a great test to start the new season, I think the game probably suits us to be honest considering all of the pressure will be on Spurs starting a new season in their new stadium and off the back of a champions league final. Don't get me wrong this will be a difficult test but I see this as a freebie where Dean Smith can set up his team to play how he wants with attacking intent and see how we get on. We will defiantly be a threat throughout the game, I'm predicting a goal fest with Spurs clinching it 3-2.
  9. The previous 2-3 seasons has witnessed a growing discontent over the increasing commercialization and commodification of the Bundesliga. Examples include; - The promotion and rejection of Monday night football - Stadium bans for pyrotechnics - Increase in ticket prices - Discontent towards the national team - A dying relationship between supporter and the DFB Obviously, the Bundesliga is still some way off from becoming overly commercialized like the EPL, nevertheless the powers that be have been attempting to make changes to the game for better or worse in recent times. How you feel about the commercialization and commodification of the Bundesliga? i.e. what concerns you the most or what forms of commercialization and commodification do you accept and why? In advance I really do appreciate any responses. Thanks. Tom T
  10. TomTsportresearcher

    Korean K-League

    You're spot on, from my year in Korea watching Gyeongnam Fc supporters were only interested in there marque signing "Marcao", every time he got the ball the supporters would cheer and get excited... something I was'nt used to seeing in the prem. This was also very true of K-pop stars - who unfortunatley seem to be forgotton very quickly in Korea when a new band or artist comes along. It may stem from the fact Korea is a cultural of hierachy, normally meaning those in power or the elder members of a family must be respected. This could possibly extend to individual sport stars who supporters see as holding such power and therefore must be respected as such. No, I totally agree the promoters should have promoted the game differently, perhaps ensuring the promotion of the K-league itself vs "Italian and European giants Juventus". I don't think Juve would have entered into a contractual agreement if that was the case, like you said they would of been fucking stupid. Nevertheless, the situation is fucking ridiculous and serves as another example of friendly's gone wrong in Asia this summer.
  11. TomTsportresearcher

    Korean K-League

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/01/football-k-league-disappointed-juventus-cristiano-ronaldo-friendly-absence This is about a week old now, but it seems Koreans and the K-league have taken this situation to a new level. The league and supporters should rightly feel disappointed at how late Juve turned up to the game and disappointed that certain media obligations were not met. However, I can’t get my head around the Ronaldo situation – the game should never have been marketed around Ronaldo, football should ultimately take precedence over Ronaldo fandom and not vise-versa.I bianconeri are a famous, historic club that should have been more than enough to draw a crowd. Moreover, the K-league should have chosen to celebrate and market the league to Korean supporters, showcasing the talent of K-league players, after all the combined 11 performed excellently and proved they have the talent. I think it is the Koreans themselves who have been disrespectful, particularly towards their own professional league and it's players. Bit of a rant but what do people think? (don’t worry this is not for research haha)
  12. No suprises as to why I went Villa! I believe we have the strongest squad and have more than enough to beat the drop. Norwich and Sheffield on the other hand sadly do not have the financial resources available to push on in the prem... a sad reality of top flight football!
  13. TomTsportresearcher

    Are Villa doing a Fulham?

    I don't think we are, if you look at the signings we've made 3 of them played for Villa last season and some of the others are straight replacements i.e. Wesley has come in to replace Tammy and Guilbert has come in to fill the void left by Hutton. The deals have also been completed pretty early meaning all the players have been able to have a full pre-season with the club. Fulham left some of their signings very late, choosing to sign 'marquee' players like Seri and Schurlle - both relatively big names for Fulham and both failed to have a real impact. You also need to consider how the team was set up to play, particularly during Jokanovic's tenure! Time will tell of course, but I do think our signings are strategic rather than reactive. For the first time in a few years I'm very excited about the signings we've made, fingers crossed most of them work out!
  14. TomTsportresearcher

    2019/20 Sack race

    Steve Bruce will be gone by October easily, his appoinment certainly did not go down well with Newcastle fans, the club have lost arguably their best player and they have so far failed to sign anybody of note. I doubt Steve will have any funds to play with either, we all know Mike Ashley likes to keep his pennies in his pocket. I disagree, I think we will be very patient with him, the new owners (so far) seemingly want to bring stability to the football club and they see Dean as the man to take us forward. They would'nt of trusted him to spend so much otherwise. Of course, if we are in the relagation zone and look like we have no chance of surviving he will be gone...just like any other manager in that position. Although, I strongly belive by Christmas Villa will be at least 8 points clear of the relagation zone which will give us a positive foundation to kick on in 2020.
  15. Wow, Newcastle fans are really not happy at all about old Steve, and there spot on! The man has done nothing to warrant a Premier League return and I can only see him lasting untill October. Rafa overachieved with the squad he had, Bruce could'nt even get Villa promoted with arguably one of the best Championship squads I dread to think how he will cope at Newcastle. You also have to feel sorry for the Newcastle fans, Mike Ashley is a disaster and should not be allowed near that/ or any football club.