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El Profesor

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  1. By the way, what a terrible 1st half from Koulibaly and Manolas so far.
  2. What a goal by Messi. On the other side though, Ospina is kinda too short, right?
  3. Arthur is a huge disappointment, on and off the pitch. After weeks of saying he would stay in Brazil, he finally returned to Barcelona after being threatened with a huge fine. Barcelona board already warned him this week he wouldn´t be allowed in the stadium, but he tried to enter it anyway, hours before the match. Such a disrespect and a distraction for his teammates just before a huge match for Barcelona. Disgraceful.
  4. El Profesor

    Juventus Sack Sarri

    This kinda reminds me of when Ciro Ferrara was appointed as Juve coach.
  5. Agree. He's a winger. I really don't understand why Vinícius didnt even appear on the 2nd half. At this point, he's much a better option than a totally out of shape Hazard.
  6. But I still think Bruno is not a holding midfielder. I mean, he can be the first man on the midfield behind the defence but in my opinion he does better with more freedom. I feel like Thiago Mendes or Reine-Adélaïde, if fit, would be better suited than Caqueret to be paired with Bruno.
  7. So, Everton had a big Copa America and unsurpisingly, europeans are interested in his services. Globo Esporte reported yesterday that Arsenal is interested. This come as no surprise, since Edu will joing Arsenal´s management. Another club interested is Atlético de Madrid, who according to the same report are preparing an offer of 35 mi euros + 10 mi euros in variables. Still, I´m not sure about those fees. Grêmio really needs cash and 30 mi euros probably would do the trick here. Despite the interest from Atleti, I think that he´d prefer a move to Arsenal in the end, due to his familiriaty to Edu. Everton is a kinda of a late bloomer. He´s not your normal 18-year brazilian prospect. He´s already 23. That may put some teams off, but context is important here. He´s from Northeastern Brazil, one of the poorest regions of Brazil and an area that also lags behind in the development of players. He only became an undisputed starter last year. Having said that, I´m not sure how to project him in european football. A part of me appreciates what he´s being doing for Grêmio and for Brazil, he´s been very good. But instinctively, for some reason, I think he could very well be a flop in Europe. He´s fearless and he´s not afraid to try a dribble, but this comes with the negative aspect of him being dispossed in several ocasions during a match. On the other hand, he´s the kind of a winger who can guarantee 3 points for your team because he never gives up. That may be the one thing I really like in his football, the fact that he´s fearless.
  8. El Profesor

    Atlanta United Thread

    Gallardo is a great coach. The best in South America but as @Mpache said, it's hard to see him living River Plate for MLS. Holan was really good at Independiente. I feel like he is a guy who could fit very well in Altanta, because he is a guy who's willing to try different things. Holan started his carreer in sport as a field hockey coach, he's a guy who is not afraid to employ non-traditional methods and that is a plus for him to adapt to the american sports culture. I don't know much about Aguirre. If I recall it right, he is not a good tactician but the players love him.
  9. El Profesor

    Coupe de la Ligue 2019/20

    Keylor is so clutch. Love him.
  10. El Profesor

    'PSG Will Win The Champions League'

    Well, I'll be supporting PSG because of the brazilians there, especially Neymar. haha
  11. El Profesor

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    I feel like Gabigol´s failed stint in Europe has more to do with maturity than to talent. But yes, he´s got a lot to prove at the highest level. Guerrero is a great player and I think he´s in the conversation, but in my opinion you could name other players who deserve consideration. Gignac and Pavón in North America perhaps?
  12. El Profesor

    'PSG Will Win The Champions League'

    Yes. They will be lacking match fitness after a long pause and with only 2 official matches in their bag, not to mention the fact that Mbappé is out injured and Di Maria is suspended. Their only shot is Neymar having a great match, he is certainly capable of carrying PSG to the semis, but it´ll be tough consdering the context of this match. I think Atalanta has an edge here.
  13. El Profesor

    Unpopular Football Opinions

    I don´t think that Guerrero is clearly the best player in the Americas. I mean, I think he´s in the conversation and is certainly a top 10 but in brazilain football, for example, the likes of Everton Cebolinha, Gabigol, Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique would also deserve consideration.
  14. El Profesor

    Coupe de France 2019/20

    Tuchel should just sub off Neymar at the half-time.
  15. Rebic is a beast. He´s so strong and so fast. Is he, after all, the best of Eintracht´s last season trio of attack?
  16. El Profesor

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    I love Benfica! Thank you for keeping brazilian football competitive again. Now please buy Gerson, Gabigol and Bruno Henrique. But seriously, with our currency, brazilian real, so devaluated, it´s a really good time to buy players in Brazil and Jorge Jesus now has a deep knowledge of the market. I expect Benfica to be very agressive in the brazilian market.
  17. So... If Juventus lose tonight, do you guys think the Scudetto race is open again?
  18. I follow closely the brazilian players in european football and, in my opinion, Gabriel Jesus is having a better season than Firmino.
  19. Are you ukranian? I´m curious about Malinovskiy. Was he a big prospect in ukranian football when younger or is he a late bloomer?
  20. Bale during the Madrid match yesterday. At this point, he´s just doing this to annoy Madrid fans and I love the man for it.
  21. Zapata! 1-0 Atalanta. So far, Juventus has been totally dominated. Atalanta, at the moment, is the 2d best team in Europe, in my opinion, only behind Bayern.
  22. I feel like Atalanta will beat Juventus. They´re in better form and playing with so much confidence.
  23. The man is a genious. 😂
  24. El Profesor

    Countries of the World

    I´ve never been to Colombia, Chris. Having said that, it´s a good choice. Beautiful country.