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  1. Bruno is going to the top. Excited to see how he develops under Bosz. He's my favorite brazilian midfielder.
  2. CBF being CBF. They really don't care about brazilian players and brazilian clubs, it's all about protecting the national team, since that is its most valuable asset. If I'm not wrong, other federations, such as the paraguayan and mexican, are going to follow CBF's steps.
  3. Apparently, Anvisa was already aware of the situation of those 4 players. They decided not to intervene, as long as those 4 players stayed in their hotel until leaving the country. It was only when they went to the stadium that they decided to actively deport them.
  4. No, those rules were set because of the Delta variant. Anvisa is an entity that is part of the federal government, but they have some considerable level of autonomy. What happened will eventually come out, but I think that Conmebol, FIFA, CBF and the federal government tried to make the match happen without consulting the agency. Perhaps this is part of a greater struggle between the Bolsonaro administration and Anvisa. In this case, I must say that Anvisa, despite not being 100% right in this specific case, as it is an institution that while not perfect, deserves the backing of brazilian citizens. They've done a lot of good work during the pandemic.
  5. Yes. FIFA will decide what happens. There are no innocent parties in this mess, but to me, it all starts with Conmebol not canceling Copa America and trying to rush the WC qualifiers. Now, we have a mess of a schedule. Those matches should have been played in July.
  6. LMAO Brazil is going to hold an open training session. They still have a match on Thursday against Peru. Argentina is not returning.
  7. This incident pretty much encapsules Bolsonaro's government. The federal government gave an exemption to the 4 argentinian players , a federal agency is not warned of it. A chaotic and bizarre mess that is irresponsible for killing thousands of brazilians due to its complete inaptitude.
  8. The complete timeline of this mess in english.
  9. Yes. All people coming from the UK needs to quarantine for 14 days. Apparently, the 4 argentinian players that play in the Premier League didn't tell the authorities that they had been in England before. I mean, fair enough. Rules are rules. We are missing all our players from the Premier League. But why wait until the match started? What's the point of it? Makes zero difference. Let them play and apply a fine. Brazilian bureaucracy at its finest. Stupid and absurd.
  10. LMAO The Anvisa (brazilian health agency) dudes tried to enter pitch. Idiots. They had 3 days to exclude those argentinian players that lied about being in England before arriving in Brazil. Now, they are making that silly show just to appear in front of the TV.
  11. Brazil vs Argentina. Gonna be tough without all the Premier League players against a complete Argentina, but no excuses, we have to play better.
  12. Oleguer, Mathieu, Michel Salgado, Kaka Khaladze, Felix (brazilian GK in 1970), Gabriel Milito.
  13. Brazil beating Chile away, 1-0. Terrible performance from Neymar. Clearly out of shape.
  14. I could be wrong, but I think it's Falcao Garcia, who has just signed for Rayo Vallecano.
  15. This is ridiculous. Messi could have picked a serious injury. There should be no place for this kind of tackle in football.
  16. Until some 3 or 4 years ago, Real Madrid and Barcelona consistently scored 100 goals or more in a season. La Liga has lost a lot of quality at the top.
  17. Yeah, Atleti is pretty loaded on the attack. It's by far the best in spanish football. No excuses for Cholo now, he has to make their offense produce.
  18. Lol At least this farcical transfer saga gave us some funny moments.
  19. Nuno Mendes signing concludes a very succesful transfer window for PSG. All that squad needed was a LB. Their defence is settled for the foreseeable time. Hakimi, Mendes, Kimpembe, Marquinhos and Donnarumma are all under 30.
  20. Barça sold Emerson to Tottenham for a fee of 30 million euros. They bought him from Betis this summer and turned into a profit. Considering that they have already Dest at RB and the financial position of the club, it's a good deal. The other big news involving Barça today is that their attempt to sign João Felix on a loan. I like it a lot for Barça but I'm not entirely sure Atleti will agree.
  21. Are there any sweepers left in present day football? It seems that goalkeepers and not defenders are doing this. Baresi might have been the last iconic sweeper.
  22. That was terrible to see. Richarlison should be punished by the club. On the bright side, I loved Townsend's firm attitude to take the ball away from Richarlison and give it to DCL.
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