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  1. I like it a lot. A Copa America with a larger number of teams, adding in special Mexico and US, is a much bigger and more important competition in my opinion.
  2. Forrest signed Gustavo Scarpa on a free transfer. That's an excellent deal as they are getting the best player in brazilian football for free and a guy who may contribute for them for many seasons, as he's still 28.
  3. No word on it yet, but I expect it, yes.
  4. He's certainly one of the top 5 personalities in brazilian history. If Brazil is associated to football all over the world, this is due to the art of Pelé. RIP.
  5. Very high, way higher than in the rest of the world. Zico is the best player in the history of Flamengo, which is the most popular football club in the country. He is a legend no doubt about it, especially considering the role he had in making football a more popular sport in Japan. Zico also gets points for being part of the legendary 1982 team.
  6. To be honest, I don't know much. Vasco was in the 2nd division and I don't really follow Serie B. But I've found on Twitter some information about him.
  7. Makes sense for all sides. PSG gets one more season from Messi. Messi, who after a tough first season in France seems to finally feel at home in Paris, stays put.
  8. In my opinion, Messi can play at a high level for a long time. He has so much vision and is so smart to read the game and choose wisely the moments to sprint and then to walk. I can see him re-signing with PSG now that he has finally get used to life in Paris. IMO the real problem for Messi ending his career at Newell's is that he would have zero privacy in Rosario. On that sense, Miami is a better option.
  9. From an argentinian perspective, yes, absolutely. England is the number one enemy. Above Brazil by a significant margin. Most of argentinian chants have some reference to the Malvinas. I find the relationship between Great Britain and Argentina fascinating. Argentina is by far the most british country in Latin America, from a cultural point of view. The popularity of rugby, hockey, the name of one of their biggest football clubs, there are signs of british influence all over the country. This vídeo is from today. The chant starts with "Ingleses putos/ De Malvinas no me olvido" ("F'ing english / I don't forget the Malvinas").
  10. Lautaro just Guivarc'h-ed his way into a World Cup title. Love to see it.
  11. Best World Cup final ever, right? Messi and Mbappé, both deserve this title.
  12. That was a really beautiful goal by Di Maria. Argentina clearly the better side so far. I'm not sure what Deschamps should do. Perhaps subbing Giroud off for Thuram and moving Mbappé to the striker position?
  13. Legend. I remember his free-kicks when he was at Lazio.
  14. A final versus Argentina would've been huge. Most of the songs argentinian fans sing have some sort of Malvinas reference. The result of war still bothers them and a final versus England would the closest to a revenge. Shame it didnt happen.
  15. This one kinda feels like the 2018 semi-final versus Belgium, when France opened the score and sat back defending the advantage it had.
  16. Yep. As much as I dislike Argentina, that is a clear penalty for me. Livakovic intentionaly blocks Alvarez.
  17. The good side of this argentinian win is that Scaloni is truly exposing what a fraud our former coach, Tite, is. We should've comfortably beaten Croatia.
  18. Tough because that was the 2nd penalty in the same match versus a goalkeeper who knows Kane really well.
  19. Upamecano is really struggling against Kane. This duel largely favors England so far.
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