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  1. Maybe Rudiger thought he heard something discriminatory I myself think that everytime I hear whispers.
  2. Blueprince

    2019/20 Sack race

    It's not VAR to blame but supposedly capable experienced officials getting it wrong.
  3. Blueprince

    2019/20 Sack race

    Lampard can't just turn matters around urgently there's a transfer ban so he could not bring in any top new players, older players like Willian, Pedro, Giroud, Azpliqueta are past their best, the rest are still very very young, the club has given him a mandate to integrate and play the youth. Plus Chelsea have been very unlucky in the games where points have been dropped especially against Liverpool
  4. Blueprince

    Other News & General Chat

    May he rot in hell
  5. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    No problem Eden you did what you were signed to do for Chelsea, you leaving England's most successful club of the 21st century to play in a league that has very little following or exposure outside Spain compared to the massive world wide following of the EPL but we still wish you good luck and I know you will be the best player after Messi in that league as you were in the EPL.
  6. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Yes we all know Real and Barcelona are the 2 biggest clubs and have a huge following but it still does not remotely compare to games played in the EPL, the EPL is massive beyond comprehension everywhere you go people are watching EPL games more by far than any other league. As far as Hazard is concerned Chelsea should take the 100m its a huge bargain for a 29 year old as brilliant as he may be.
  7. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Its not about winning exposure is about your world wide audience and most talked about, le Liga has a very small audience outside Spain.
  8. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Just saying you never going to have the same world wide exposure or interest or intensity or fascination in any other league compared to the EPL.
  9. Lots of work and changes needed
  10. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Hazard was due to go to Madrid where he will have far less exposure, nothing compares to the EPL
  11. Blueprince

    Eden Hazard Signs for Real Madrid

    Ban means little to Chelsea they have enough firepower for another season without any new signings plus they have an army of very talented loanees they can utilize where necessary.