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  1. oliveandblue

    Game Of Thrones

    I'm becoming a fan of Theon Greyjoy. He's had a WONDERFUL character arc.
  2. Last 20 minutes of that game were superb. Enjoyed watching Valencia counterattack with some success. I felt that Valencia waited for the "perfect shot" a little too often. Benzema missed a sitter, and that probably was the difference here.
  3. oliveandblue

    Game Of Thrones

    Littlefinger would be a great winner, but I think he's running out of options and needs to leave Winterfell ASAP. Jon will off him if he gets back home and finds out what's been stirred up. I'm curious to see what happens with Gendry at the end. They went through a lot to bring him back - I assume that he's going to have a surprisingly big part. I also see Theon Greyjoy doing something huge in the final season. They've been keeping him on a thread for a long time now. I imagine there is a huge thing that he has to tie up first.
  4. In America the word "faggot" is more often than not used as a descriptor for things than it is a direct insult. If you call someone it directly, then it is entirely unacceptable. Calling a video game monster a faggot is not homophobic. I almost never use the word personally, because I think there are better words to insult with.
  5. Was watching the game, and to be honest the whole side kinda laid off a bit later. He's still very young. All I ask is he does nothing stupid to cost the team points at point. I'll hold judgement until March or so.
  6. oliveandblue

    Donald Trump

    You're underrating the Germans. They have the technological know-how and the industrial power to create a moderately good military with projection power. Besides, they have a best friend in France that can go in with them (the French probably have the #1 military in the EU at the moment). Merkel has Macron firmly in her corner. Germany, unlike the USA, is still in good graces with many other Western foreign leaders. Germany would lead, but they'd have adequate backup and the trust of their allies to achieve their goals for the betterment of the West (aka "Leader of the Free World"). It couldn't happen tomorrow, but in 5 years I think anything is possible with enough motivation.
  7. The USA would be 5th/6th based on recent results. We've gotten wins vs. the bottom half, but nothing but losses vs. the top half. It would be a 50/50 proposition for the USA to sneak into a WC. Mexico would also be on the bubble (American phrase). Costa Rica would probably sit around 7th/8th. CONMEBOL is deep at the top. However, the bottom teams are not minnows like the bottom UEFA teams - you get no matches off. The USA can be in a daze for a portion of WCQ and still get in with games to spare.
  8. That's not necessarily derogatory. You're not calling a person that, you're calling a thing/situation that. That's hardly offensive.
  9. oliveandblue

    Bundesliga Fantasy 2017/18

    I've got to make some transfers. I misvalued a few players, and was bailed out a little by some good performances from Pulisic and Sommer.
  10. oliveandblue

    Donald Trump

    They're using soft power combined with leadership in the EU and a relatively thriving industrial sector to achieve dominance. Germany are still the Alphas they always were, they are just using better means to achieve their goals of European leadership. In a way, you can say they've kinda learned from their prior mistakes...
  11. oliveandblue

    Game Of Thrones

    I'm a little surprised that Bran doesn't have a role to play in the Arya v Sansa v Littlefinger madness. He's the only one that knows the WHOLE STORY behind Littlefinger.
  12. oliveandblue

    Bundesliga 2017/2018 - Matchday 1

    Hazard down the flank was a huge issue for Koln. Ginter really fits in at his new club. Plenty of positives in that team - perhaps a top six finish?
  13. oliveandblue

    Ligue 1 2017/18 Chat

    ...that's kinda appalling to see 10 men overrun 11 in only 10 minutes. Hard to see PSG not winning the title this season.
  14. From the conversation earlier: I'm shocked the GK isn't sent off. He missed the ball on a challenge against an attacker who was through to goal. It wasn't a dirty play, but that's a clear missed red card.
  15. oliveandblue

    Donald Trump

    I believe that Germany has a good shout at the title, but that title also comes with a LOT of unwanted attention. Are they really ready for the criticism that leading the world brings with it?