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  1. WC2019

    Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    The problem is that it's too slow in making decisions. Portugal V Switzerland prime example. Switzerland denied penalty, which was given(rightfully) but Portugal go up the park and get a legit penalty without the need of VAR. What if that Portugal player gets injured, and is out for the rest of the season, should have got a penalty but goes the other way... It's just a bit too slow, their should be a cap on the time limit. If you can't make the decision within 15-20 seconds then it goes down as play resumed as normal. Also play should be stopped as soon as theirs a VAR enquiry rather than waiting til play is stopped. It's a great idea though and I agree with it, but things like the above and many other incidents including the Portugal V Switzerland game need to be decided much quicker.
  2. WC2019

    Euro 2020

    Was watching Luxembourg yesterday, That Gelson Rodrigues looks a player... only 23. Not much bio on him online, was wondering what peoples thoughts are on him, if they know much about him? Future prospect?