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  1. Handball rule does have interpretations based on what teams are playing
  2. RB has been pillaged. Few core players left. they are a shadow of the team they were
  3. Wolfsburg looked out of their own depth. although leading the bundesliga right now they showed they are out of place in champions league. hope they get better next time around
  4. Lingard orchestrating his own transfer? why was he so deep in his own half? Ronaldo would not be. Even at 10 men. still long way to go for Man U. Sure they will bounce back
  5. Glad to see a clean sheet. bayern could have had more but as the commentators noted they overplayed around the net. Hope they smarten up there cuz other teams will make them pay
  6. Another loss for Austria. Think their campaign is done. noticed sabitzer was not with the team
  7. I hope that this is the case. I recall a thrashing prior to the euros (forget the opponent that night) but that was a false belief. noticed no gundogan (sp?) at the start and they netted 4 in first half. Against Liechtenstein it was a different story with him starting. perhaps flick is settling in and players adjusting. But have to wait against bigger opponents.
  8. This game is very important. Another shock loss and Armenia will be 4 pots clear with only half the schedule remaining
  9. Winning the u21 seems useless. Don’t understand why the seniors can’t seem to buy a goal.
  10. Austria falling back to old form. don’t understand how they can take Italy to extra time and cave against Israel within months
  11. Agreed. Could it be that a change of coach isn’t the problem after all? I know only first time for flick but it’s only Liechtenstein! my confidence is not high its like every player leaves their scoring boots at club level and don’t bring them for the national team. I know gundogan (spelling?) is great for city but he never has clicked for the national team. Not sure if he’s a starter let alone captain
  12. Interesting much this. Hungary gave difficult challenges to all of their group stage opponents during the euro this summer. Plus they are just 2 points back of England going into the match. don’t think England can afford to play a “b squad “ lineup. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ended as a draw
  13. Lol Is flick calling him up for the national team still?
  14. So with this move, who from the midfield (players you identify as being the backbone) is on the bench on a game to game basis? Someone who has been a regular starter will be unhappy “riding the pine” would a transfer for another defender been a better choice this window? With pavers and Hernandez (surprise) out with injury
  15. Not sure if Bayern have settled. Outscoring last 2 opponents 17:0. but those 2 opponents are not the greatest. have to wait till bigger games come for true test.
  16. So a ref would allow a game to continue if a team fields 12 players? why not allow a hand ball in the penalty box, or offside etc? Just “note it” that the team broke the rules to be punish later is having an extra sub in line with fair play? still think the ref also at blame. Stop the sub from happening. Easy. Avoid any controversy and investigations later
  17. Shouldn’t the ref or 4th ref stop the substitution to take place if they used all of them? Aren’t they supposed to uphold the rules of fair play/rules within the game? didn’t anyone (other officials or opposing team) notice that an extra sub was being made and make it known at the time? the refs didn’t stop them. While they do control subs coming on by putting their hand out like a gate to stop them from running out until the player coming off is close to the touch line. It should be the refs responsibility to enforce the rules.
  18. Interesting to see how nagelsmanns first competitive game goes. it begins today for him
  19. Riga v Hibs (Maltese club) had shoddy refereeing Hibs had a good goal disallowed 7 minutes were added where Riga scored to extend game to extra time 2 reds to hibs plus their coach
  20. I know it only preseason but nagelsmann has work to do. Winless in all those games And what a surprise Coman has an injury! Davies out still too
  21. I’m surprised Canada got past Costa Rica and into the semis. I haven’t visited this forum much recently but noticed the new look. Like it. Are the badges a new thing? also see that u have watched Dark. Good show that
  22. Another group stage exit. U r right about league start up happening soon. following gold cup but not much tv coverage for it
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