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  1. How bout that? Just like the one I scored against Real Sociedad.
  2. Can't think of Asensio without mentioning Vasquez. Both are genuine premier world-class Spanish talents. Ones that the new manager now has at his disposal.
  3. Uh oh. I was hoping Madrid would go ahead and sign Guti (lol). Julen Lopetegui may very well continue where Zidane left off. Will give precedence to and utilize Spanish talent, of which Real Madrid has in abundance.
  4. Philippe Coutinho

    La Liga 1|2|3 - Segunda División

    Seems we're all in agreement here. Wanted Cadiz to make the playoffs but alas it wasn't to be. Valladolid I like to become the third team to be promoted to La Liga after Rayo and Huesca. A storied team indeed.
  5. If Messi can single-handedly carry THIS dismal Argentine team to the promised land (winning the World Cup), forget whatever affiliation and association he has with FC Barcelona, THAT ALONE would make him the greatest player of all time. As was rightly pointed out, even "minnows" like Peru play significantly better together than the disjointed mess that is Argentina.
  6. Philippe Coutinho


    Bron to Boston would be a real mindfnck! Seeing him in Boston green. Can't wait. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2018/6/8/17440192/lebron-james-boston-celtics-offseason LeBron’s Terrifyingly Plausible Path to Boston https://nesn.com/2018/06/lebron-james-to-celtics-stephen-a-smith-lists-boston-as-candidate/ LeBron James To Celtics? Stephen A. Smith Lists Boston As Candidate Read more at: https://nesn.com/2018/06/lebron-james-to-celtics-stephen-a-smith-lists-boston-as-candidate/
  7. Philippe Coutinho

    Off Topic

    Get well soon mate!
  8. Philippe Coutinho


  9. Philippe Coutinho

    Off Topic

    What kinda accent is that? London accent?
  10. Whatever Liverpool's reasons for publicly sharing this may be, it doesn't change the one fact that's stayed constant over the years: Sergio Ramos is a POS One that's served Real Madrid exceptionally well, mind.
  11. Would love to see what Guus Hiddink can do with this Madrid side.
  12. AFC/Asia - South Korea CAF/Africa - Senegal CONCACAF/North America, Central America - Panama CONMEBOL/South America - Argentina UEFA/Europe - Spain (or Sweden, Belgium)
  13. ZINEDINE ZIDANE QUITS! Real Madrid rocked as manager walks out just five days after sealing hat-trick of Champions League trophies Zinedine Zidane has sensationally stepped down as Real Madrid manager after two years and a half in charge The Frenchman announced the news during an unexpected press conference on Thursday at the Bernabeu The 45-year-old will leave the club despite guiding them to three successive Champions League titles Zidane told club president Florentino Perez the news on Wednesday as he believed the club 'needed a change' Arsene Wenger and Antonio Conte are the bookies favourites to succeed Zidane as Real Madrid manager http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5790617/Zinedine-Zidane-calls-press-conference-sparks-fears-future-Real-Madrid.html
  14. Facts are facts. Barcelona has consistently bested Real Madrid in recent years' head-to-head results. In other words, Barcelona is the very last club Madrid wants to face at any stage of the Champions League, even the Final. Barcelona would never ever have gotten complacent against Madrid as they did against Roma. They play up to the (perceived) quality of their rivals. Quality that Madrid does have in abundance, I think everyone would agree.