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  1. I didn't expected a win from Algeria. Congrats!
  2. Not a great game at all. So many mistakes that costed us. With a bit attention, we could've win it, but that is. However, before tournament the odds weren't favourable for us to qualify from the group, but we did it from the first place. I am happy what boys achieved, heads up lads. We lost, but the journey continues. Next destination: Tokyo 2020.
  3. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    Well, I guess it depends on person if really want to learn it. As it helps you only in Romania/Moldova.
  4. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    That's good - Romanian language isn't that easy. Most foreigns say it is hard.
  5. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    Have you learnt some words? Yes, I live in Bucharest.
  6. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you! Cluj and Bucharest? That's great. Hope you had a great time here. Yes, they beat them. Now we focus on Germany.
  7. Germany vs. Romania Spain vs. France Go boys!
  8. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you. I'll be around, that's for sure! Thanks!
  9. Drew

    NBA 2019/20

    Tacko Fall signed for Boston Celtics. It's great to see that he got a team.
  10. Not sure if Liverpool or Barcelona it's the right place to go as he's young. Spending your precious time on bench... isn't the best thing I would do for my carrer. Better stay where you are at the moment.
  11. Drew

    João Félix

    So much money for a 19 years old player which didn't impressed that much. Look at Lemar - £70m and wasn't really great so far. However, if they get him, I wish nothing but the best.
  12. Drew

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you. Thanks, Maradona. Thank you. I see, I'll try my best. Thanks! It's really a cool place. Thank you!
  13. Drew

    Adrien Rabiot - Set to Join Juve

    Juventus got a free agent again? Not surprised. They are really good when that comes up.