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  1. tlr

    EFL Clubs in Crisis

    Our finances are shot to shit but not to a level of immediate concern, our problem over the past decade has been the ineptitude of Venky's, though since we ended up in League One they have essentially left us to it (in a good way), much in the same way the vast majority of other EFL teams are handled. In terms of oblivion, Bolton and Bury are the obvious candidates. Macclesfield, Northampton and Coventry in the EFL have all had dodgy periods of late, in the top two tiers of Non League you can add Torquay, Ebbsfleet and Hartlepool. Go further down than that and I suspect there are dozens in silent crisis. Something will give at some point.
  2. One of our best showings in a good while. I still have my concerns about our back line, but all 11 showed their worth tonight; Cunningham, Lenihan, Williams, Johnson, Downing and Dack were all superb in particular. Still not convinced on Mowbray's longevity but keep playing anything like this and I am happy to be proven wrong! In just two games now we have gone from staring down the barrel to actually a pretty reasonable start. Onwards to Cardiff now and hopefully a more clear victory!
  3. Proper old school shithouse tackle from Bradley Johnson for the Hull penalty. Been after a midfielder like that for years. Fairly open game, think we've been unlucky (woodwork three times?) but Hull have had chances too. Should be a good second half.
  4. Coming from Blackburn and living in Birmingham I have a strong affection for shitholes. More really because it's a new ground for me and somewhere a bit different. Same for Swansea really but that's another midweeker.
  5. Hull v. Rovers is on Sky tonight for anyone who wants to appreciate having a competent manager. Shame it's a midweek as I wouldn't mind Hull as an away day. We follow this up with Cardiff at home on Saturday. Big couple of games, we have the ability to get something from both, especially after beating Boro, but I just don't trust us to have the consistency yet. Score draw tonight I reckon.
  6. First thing in this whole saga that has really bothered me. Seems they did it without consulting either the EFL or Doncaster Rovers too. Can the rest of us now postpone games on a whim because our squads are fucked? I admire the efforts of the youngsters so far but if you cannot muster a starting XI then you should forfeit the fixture in my opinion.
  7. tlr

    Ashley Cole Retires

    Phenomenal player on his day, spent large swathes of his time in England as probably the best LB in the world. Yet I always felt he was understated a bit over here, maybe as a result of his off the pitch antics or having to share the playing limelight with John Terry and Rio. Wish him well with whatever he takes on next, hopefully follows the likes of Lampard and Gerrard from his generation as a decent revelation in management.
  8. tlr

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Indeed, it is a sad situation, both in terms of respectable academic institutions taking anyone that's not nailed down, and the poor people who get sucked into it. We had college results day over here last week and my old uni posted photos of their clearing offices - just a sea of staff attached to phones and computers. It honestly remids me of the old stories of soldier recruitment - doesn't matter at all about skills, ability or desire is, so long as the recruiters get the numbers in!
  9. tlr

    The Student Loan Crisis

    I'm one of the ones under the new style British scheme; I think I'm in debt to the tune of about £40,000 - no intention of verifying that number as it's just depressing. I was fortunate enough to be a bit of a niche area and I have somehow ended up in a realtively safe, well paying job. Even now though I still only pay off about £25 per month. The number does seem overwhelming but in reality I don't find it too daunting, like fuck are you ever going to get as generous a loan for anything else in life, and I'm only 28 years (!) off the state writing it off anyway. What I think is more urgent, as a society and in Britain at least, is adressing this trend of every man and his dog going to uni. The threshold seems to have shifted from 'the bare minimum you need is a good set of GCSEs and something from college to 'a 2:1 or bust'. God knows it isn't sustainable. If my field of work had presented itself differently about 7 years ago I would have been more than happy to do an appreticeship / factory floor kind of role and earned my way up frpm there. Sadly the line at high school and college just drove all bar the thickest kids towards uni. That trend is reversing slightly now, but in that gap you've had hundreds of thousands of youngsters doing what I did.
  10. Having looked at our line up I am now certain Mowbray picks the team by picking names from a hat. £5M centre forward Sam Gallagher on the wing today, next week Christian Walton will be right wing and Amari'i Bell will be the lone target man. Can seriously see Mowbray hanging by a thread before the month's out.
  11. tlr

    Players You'd Forgotten Existed

    Had completely forgotten Wilfried Bony existed until he materialised at Newport the other day.
  12. This is a good enough reason to justify anything ever. He's an absolute fucking freak. The breakdown he had when Rogers joined yourselves last season to imply it is better to be at a mid-table English team than the dominant Scottish one was amazing.
  13. I am pleased with it, we've struggled with full backs for ages so it's good to get in someone who's actually a defender (not the Mowbray style of playing anyone anywhere!) and is actually Championship grade.
  14. Can't call this weekend, would have expected Fulham to dick us but their result v. Barnsley last week has given me some hope. We modestly strengthened our defence yesterday with Greg Cunningham from Cardiff but I can't imagine either him or Tosin from Man City will be starters yet despite how we need them. Given home advantage and their strong attack, I'll go for a narrow Fulham win.
  15. Obviously inspired by the incredible adventures Richard Wright and Stuart Taylor had there. Not a bad final payday for essentially just helping out in training though. There were rumours of us signing him this summer and I think he's held out for the better offer!