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  1. I think it was Karen Carney on 5Live last night and I had to turn it off, could hardly string a sentence together and even then the observations were hardly inspiring. It does bemuse me when you get pundits on things like the Football League highlights who you can tell don't even know who half of the players are, but offer the likes of 'Yeah, he works hard and deserved his goal'. Fucking awful shite that offers nothing. I don't watch Sky so can't comment on most of them but do enjoy the likes of Martin Keown and Ian Wright on the BBC, and Shearer deserves credit as he has improved off the scale since he first started. I also enjoy some journalists too, people like Henry Winter are much more interesting and worth reading than the likes of Danny Murphy or Phil Neville.
  2. There are two and I can't put a thing between them. Firstly, the man in my profile picture. He was like watching a Turkish Pirlo every week, not bad for a bloke who looked like a taxi driver and was knocking on a bit when he started with us, let alone when he retired. Fantastic ability and gave his all without exception. Lovely bloke and - usually! - model player too. The other is Brad Friedel, who got more recognition and probably saved us a hundred points over the years. Honestly can't recall him laying a foot wrong for Rovers and the fact he holds the record for the most consecutive PL appearances is testament to this. Superb keeper on his day. More widely, I loved Italian football growing up. Buffon, Nedved, Adriano, Maldini, Nesta, the entire Milan midfield, Shevchenko... Buffon's insane save in the 2003 CL Final from Inzaghi is still one of my favourite moments in football.
  3. tlr

    Why do we watch

    I was giving this a bit of thought the other day. I hate football as a purely commercial entity; I think it's awful when you see the stands at the FA Cup Final half empty as the match interferes with corporate hospitality, or they draw the League Cup in rural Azerbaijan to appease sponsors, or they propose holding Newcastle v. Brighton in Riyadh because that's where the market is. It's made all the worse when you see the drivel on official social media afterwards, or in the sponsor's adverts, thanking those who turn up week in week out as if without them they'd collapse in minutes, whilst half of the time the whole thing is geared towards selling it to everyone but them. Thankfully after an awful start Venky's with Rovers have tempered a little bit, god knows what I'd have done if we'd started changing kits and names. I think in broad terms I care less and less the higher up the ladder you get in football, most of the time these days I do non-league stuff; where you can get in for less than a tenner and if you want to stand and drink to watch the match then you can, and it's just so much more enjoyable. There still feels like an honesty to that level of football that has completely vanished from the higher leagues.
  4. Why they haven't shifted half of Saturday to midday, evening or Sunday for the thriving Vietnamese audience this time around?
  5. Only found this place again because @Rab sent emails to the address from my old account on TFF. I do browse a fair bit on here but don't post much at all now. I miss the old days on TFF with Moaty (?) calling everyone a cunt and telling Mike Ashley to die in house fires, the doomed attempts at Miniclip pool leagues and some of the old crowd who never migrated over here, but it's great that community is still going though.
  6. tlr

    How Many Stadiums Have You Been To?

    I make it 88, everything from Wembley to Falmouth Town in Cornwall. Best are the old ones laden with character, places like Roots Hall (Southend) or York Street (Boston); the worst are the pre-packed identical dross like the Madejski or the Reebok. Should hopefully make it well over 100 by the end of the season.
  7. tlr

    Radio & Podcasts

    Planet Rock for background noise and 5Live if there's a decent game or I have nothing better to do. The amount of matches they do broadcast is unreal so there is usually something worthwhile.
  8. Was one of the world's best in his first few years at Chelsea, never quite the same after that injury but was still a fine keeper. Easily one of the best of the PL era. Always seemed like a genuine and down to earth bloke too, seems to be increasingly less of those these days.
  9. tlr

    Vegan Sausage Rolls

    I love the man. Greatest outfield player I have ever seen at Rovers. Him and Brad Friedel are probably the reason I got into football at all.
  10. tlr

    Vegan Sausage Rolls

    I have no idea why people are so bothered about what others eat. The backlash created by some, no doubt for attention, is more like a 5 year old having a shitfit.
  11. Disappointing result at Bramall Lane (not that I expected to win), I really hope our heads don't drop too much as until the start of December we were having a very good season. I can imagine that the last 5 minutes v. Leeds has rocked the team, like Birmingham and Norwich will have done. With a run of three difficult games coming up (home to West Brom on NYD, away at Newcastle in the FA Cup, then away at Millwall), we could really do without a lack of belief. In terms of January, I am more than happy with the squad, and I don't think we desperately need any more players (first time we can say that in years); we just need to be able to close out matches and that has to come from the coaching. In other news, an absolutely cracking story in the local paper. I love people like this. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/17326487.south-korean-travels-5440-miles-to-watch-accrington-stanley/
  12. tlr

    AIK Selling Nils-Eric Johansson's DNA

    I loved him at Rovers back in the day but think I will give it a miss. I'm sorry to hear of his condition, but if nothing else at least it's known about. Would have thought he retired a long while ago, never realised he was so young.
  13. tlr

    FA Cup 2018/19 Third Round Draw

    I like the Sunday 2pm games primarily as it allows me to go to them - Alfreton 1-4 Fleetwood and Swindon 0-1 Woking so far this year - and gives a bit of exposure to fixtures that are decent in themselves but unlikely to demand being chosen for dedicated coverage, as well as probably getting more punters through the gates than they would for a Saturday 3pm - certainly for the earlier rounds at least that are non league affairs. However, splitting them further into Saturday early, 3pm and evening is disgraceful - Blackburn going to Newcastle, Grimsby to South London or Portsmouth to fucking Norfolk for half 5 in the middle of winter all because we are led to believe a bloke in Shanghai or Chicago may suddenly care about what Bristol City is is just begging people over here to not give a fuck. Shameful.
  14. Was at Swindon v. Woking today. Woking had one half chance and took it, Swindon had 15 corners and god only knows how many attacks and yet only ever tested the Woking keeper twice, in fairness both of which required good saves. If anyone tries to sell it as a classic cupset, they're talking shite, if Swindon had had someone on the pitch who wasn't allergic to shooting it would have been over within 15 minutes.
  15. tlr

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It's a strange one for me, I hammered it for just over two weeks when it came out and finished the main story line but since then I haven't even thought about playing it. It is exceptional in terms of attention to detail and graphics, but I almost feel as if it is too much - the map is fucking huge and the amount of utterley random and minute bits and pieces required for 100% makes it more like a chore than anything. Might give it another go later this week for general in game messing about, but I am really struggling to get as dedicated to it as I was the original or GTA 4 for example.