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  1. Looks great does that. I really like the mix of old and new at big grounds - Ibrox and Villa Park do it really well. Good balance of modern facilities whilst keeping a bit of your past and identity.
  2. tlr

    First Goal

    29th for both please
  3. tlr

    First Goal

  4. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Thankfully my job lends itself to quiet and very long periods working alone, so WFH suits me for now. That said, I am not anticipating being formally asked back to the office before autumn, by which point I probably will have gone spare.
  5. I take it you've never been
  6. tlr


    Seen ones today of police breaking up a rave in Shropshire, and an author who went to his holiday home on the Isle of Skye... from Auckland, New Zealand. Why are people such fucking morons?
  7. tlr

    First Goal

  8. tlr

    Most overrated Country/city in the world?

    Went to Paris once when I was younger. No interest in ever going back.
  9. tlr


    There is no branch of the state or institution that has damaged their reputation so much via their social media as the police force, even before the Covid stuff began. Someone of the things they post is at best misguided and at worst chilling. I think it was Bedfordshire Police over here who posted a photo of their shadows on patrol, captioned something like 'We will always find you'. I hate to say this as it is so sadly misused today, but it was something straight out of 1984. Thankfully everyone, regardless of politics or background etc. calls them out more often than not, but it makes you really wonder sometimes.
  10. tlr

    EFL - COVID19 Impact

    Now confirmed that League Two will end, weighted PPG and playoffs the most likely outcome. League One didn't reach a decision so are trying again next week.
  11. tlr

    Lancashire or Leicestershire?

    Lancashire's nicest part has always been the Ribble Valley and Forest of Bowland and that way on, nice little towns and villages and obviously lovely countryside, more like an extension of the Lake District or Yorkshire Fells I guess. Only really there and the posher bits towards Blackpool feel like desirable places to live. The smaller old mill towns are dismal. Nelson is genuinely horrific, and I mean that. Awful shithole of a place. Accy I am told is just dead these days, Stanley might honestly be the only thing going for it. Bacup, Rossendale etc is just a no man's land, fuck knows how you live there. Preston is just unremarkable. Blackburn seems to have fared better than most but only because of its size and all the regeneration money thrown at it. Still full of smack heads and chavs mind. And despite all that, I still miss it.
  12. tlr

    Lancashire or Leicestershire?

    Blackpool is Lancashire and it's an absolute hovel. I am biased as Lancashire is the finest place on earth (Blackpool excepted), however I have always found Leicester to be a decent enough city and there are some lovely towns around that area too. Bit of a forgotten part of the country I think around there.
  13. tlr

    Lancashire or Leicestershire?

    @Inti Brian try Barnoldwick, Milngavie or Slaithwaite. Endless examples like that in the UK.
  14. tlr

    First Goal

  15. tlr

    Unpopular Sports opinions

    Not played in years now but I still remember the proper buzz I had with it, never got that when I tried most other sports. I always struggled with tennis for some reason.