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  1. Should have gone Hillsborough today...
  2. tlr

    Champions League Changes

    Should keep 32 entrants, bin off the group stages, go straight for two-legged knockout rounds from the off (seeded until you reach the last 8 if you want) and use the two less gameweeks to spread the tournament more evenly in the autumn. This gives the poor darlings more rest, domestic calendars more flexibility and chips away at the amount of games over the year, which practically every top tier manager in Europe moans about. Better quality, more competitive fixtures and every last match has something riding on it. Can see the appeal for the Leicesters, Atalantas etc., who make a genuinely decent addition and break the group stage monotiny mind. The above won't happen of course, but there we are. I honestly don't care anymore. I used to be the first on the outrage bus when these things came out, but the relentless pursuit of money, commercialisation and other riches just amuses me now. Every party involved in this sort of shit deserves every last ounce of what they will get when the whole job falls apart. I can't fucking wait.
  3. tlr

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    Not fond of a lot of their better-known works (I would happily never hear Bohemian Rhapsody ever again), but their output towards the end of Mercury's life was superb. Innuendo is a fine album, and the sheer defiance Mercury had to keep on working and recording songs like These Are the Days of Our Lives and The Show Must Go On is genuinely incredible. Same. I actually quite like some of their generic pop stuff like I Wanna Hold Your Hand but I have always felt that to truly get them you had to be there as a teenager in the 60s watching them change the face of the entire planet. Same for people like Bob Dylan and David Bowie.
  4. Fully expecting to lose, just hoping it happens less painfully than last time we met. Potential to have Nyambe and Holtby back offers a small glimmer of hope.
  5. tlr

    Music News & Articles

    I am the same on Rush, never my thing but I can well appreciate the talents of all three. Peart was an absolute master of his craft, it is very reasonable to claim he is the greatest rock drummer ever. Don't think I've seen such an outpouring from the genre tonight since Malcolm Young passed.
  6. tlr

    FA Cup Fourth Round Draw

    Did enjoy it when last year's EFL Trophy was boycotted throughout, until Pompey and Sunderland got the final and promptly sold out Wembley...
  7. tlr

    New Stadium/Development

    Lovely ground is Griffin Park, the epitome of a proper old English league ground that has aged perfectly. Will be a shame to see it go, but I can imagine it is well at odds with what the future needs, especially if they end up getting promoted. The new place looks decent too, has a bit of character already I think.
  8. tlr


    Been having the same problem, started on New Year's Day I think.
  9. Glad I didn't bother with Forest away today. Going to be a long few months I fear unless we pull off a worldie of a transfer window.
  10. Have seen this bloke play before, he actually scored the first ever goal I saw at a Scottish match. Was obvious from that game alone he was destined for way bigger things (than Ayr United...), and say what you like about Scottish football but his scoring record at a relatively decent level is insane. Would be interesting to see how that translates into the English game mind - Kris Boyd anyone?
  11. Obviously we are much better placed than we were 8-10 matches ago, but two things really bother me. Firstly, no Dack = no goals. Charlie Mulgrew's already gone. Danny Graham gets a look in but is well and truly cracking on and this is probably his last season at this level. Adam Armstrong is frustratingly inconsistent, he has nowhere near the return rate needed. Sam Gallagher is more of a centre back than striker. Ben Brereton is just shite. Secondly, for all our fine form we slip back into our usual holes with frightening ease. As I said, six changes a match, a defence reliant on the same five players being fit (and even then is a bit dodgy), no fight nor response. Anyone who brings the game to us, as Wigan showed less than a week ago, will get reward. We look hopeless at trying to stop it.
  12. Wasn't at Hudds today but judging off Twitter and the forums we were back to the same old Rovers of the autumn, names get thrown up in the air and caught again to decide who plays and where, our defence is so, so frail and we can't muster anything more than a wimper in response.
  13. Expecting a score draw. Two poor showings from us over Christmas but at home Huddersfield aren't in great shape either. Would have gone to this one were it not £30!
  14. Engaged to Olivia Attwood off Love Island and TOWIE (or something) and seems to carry that sort of Essex lad label a bit. Compare and contrast to your James Milners and Stuart Downings who are still going strong well past their primes owing to a proper mental and physical attitude. Anyway, Dack looked in an awful state when he went off, didn't see the incident as it happened just as we were about to show the board for Holtby's sub but I don't think he'll be around for a while. Gameplan essentially seemed to be to get it to Downing and Nyambe and let them ping something in until Dack went off. Downing has been a hell of a revelation and Nyambe is a rising star, but they are our fullbacks and we looked so delicate when we lost it playing that way. Williams is noticably worse than Lenihan and Tosin, but can plugs gaps temporaily. Would you believe he used to be a left back, and worse! Frustrating tonight but we have only ourselves to blame. Wigan could have been well up at half time but for Walton and Lenihan, and we only truly got going when Holtby came on and we had the run of possession, and the absolute whopper officiating decided he'd give us some soft free kicks. Onwards to Blues at home now anyway. Hopefully they got the mother of all bollockings at full time and that can spur them on. The eyes of the world in effect could have been looking tonight and we shat ourselves.
  15. We're awful, home section at Ewood is the fullest in 18 months and we're getting done by Wigan. Dack always goes missing for a couple of games, not aided by two weeks off and his life off the pitch. Graham is past it sadly, difference between this season and last is very marked. Rumoured to be off to Oz before too long. Armstrong just runs a lot and chips in the odd decent showing. We miss Tosin at the back badly, amount of times we have had to depend on Flappy Walton not being flappy is terrifying. Need Gallagher for Graham and Holtby for anyone of your choice.