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  1. tlr

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    I do however suspect there is a strong correlation between people who say that and people who peddle out the likes of 'rent free', 'this is what football's all about' and bottle gifs. It's not worth holding their opinions in any regard, their exposure to Scottish football generally amounts to sitting on their arse watching the Old Firm on Sky however many times a season. If Scotland had the most competitive and best administered structure in the world they wouldn't change their tune. Scottish football has it's share of ineptitude, farce and whatever else, but England has the EFL / 'fit and proper'; half of the 'big five' European leagues are dominated by one club... What does need sorting out though is being able to drink in grounds. Wonder which teams caused that to be barred.
  2. Hoping Brentford pull it off for no reason other than David Raya, probably on a trajectory to be the best Rovers academy prospect in years and it would be so good to see him at the highest level in the English game. He was treated shamefully by us towards the end so I genuinely wish him and Brentford the best, they both deserve it.
  3. tlr

    2020/2021 Kits

    Never been one for collars like that on shirts but this is nice - plain, smart and a sponsor that actually complements it.
  4. tlr

    Flat Mates

    Depends. Uni is the typical experience and great fun but it's a different world when you are on the 9-5 graft, have bills to pay and responsibilities to keep etc. I have a houseshare with five others, none of them I knew before I moved and only two I really talk to, it's fine for what it is but certain elements I will not miss when I get my own place - some of us do shifts so it's rarely quiet all night, some people don't chip in with the housekeeping etc. Depends what your mate is like obviously but you will notice traits you don't get along with after a while. The other thing I would urge you to consider is just how well you get on with them - you will spend a hell of a lot of time with them if you move in together - especially if it is just the two of you - you don't want to get two months into it and realise, having seen them every day etc., you are starting to run out of things to say and are starting to drift apart a bit. We all get along with mates we see once a week or whatever. Several hours a day? Hmm...
  5. tlr

    2020/2021 Kits

    Nothing like having a third kit to flog I suppose. That said they have had an emerald away strip before so it's nothing new. Only team they'll both clash with is Hibs in fairness. A fair few teams are similar now, this season past Rovers's away kit was grey, not particularly distinguishable from white so we ended up with a blue and black third strip that was some Umbro template training shirt. If you had proper away shirts there'd be seldom any need for such shite.
  6. Bristol City are another, last year I think. The new St Albans one is shocking, looks like they took the Man City one, changed the text and banged a random shape in the middle. I don't mind new badges per se - I was never a fan of ones that look like a court logo or something - but give them some personality, some detail, something actually unique. The absolute worst are things like Juve or Nantes, a blatant 'brand' attempt if there ever was.
  7. tlr

    2020/2021 Kits

    Love those Galatasaray ones.
  8. tlr

    2020/2021 Kits

    Don't want to sound like a miserable git but why do teams piss around with videos and that sort of stuff for things like this, just post an image for god's sake. You can't even clock a decent look at it in that video.
  9. tlr

    Jamie Vardy

    This is very good advice just in general. Got rid of Facebook over Christmas and don't miss it at all. Got rid of LinkedIn as it's pretty redundant in my field anyway and I genuinely believe it is utterley toxic by and large. All I have left is Twitter for niches and this and a couple more forums for the same. My life is a hell of a lot richer for it. You don't need any of it nearly as much as we are led to believe. Anyway, back to overrated strikers...
  10. Furthest north I've been is the Shetlands! Been to plenty of places all over Scotland for football, including Aberdeen, Arbroath and of all places Inverurie Locos up your way. Do love it up there and can't wait to get back to a few more post-Covid. Do think a lot of people are missing a trick when they think of Scotland, more to it than just the Highlands and Edinburgh. My pitiful attempts anyway: North - Shetland Islands, north of Scotland East - Milan, Italy South - Barcelon, Spain West - Tralee, Ireland That was meant to be a bit more impressive but the past few months have put paid to any decent plans for now.
  11. tlr

    Jamie Vardy

    Decent showing given his age. How long do you reckon he has left at the level he's at scoring-wise? Don't get many 20 goal a season strikers into their mid 30s.
  12. Of course he does. Best Spanish keeper these days
  13. Finishes Boston United 5-3 Gateshead. They'll face Altrincham at home (their final ever match at York Street) next Saturday for a place in the National League.
  14. 5-3. Free header in the box. One of the best games I've watched in a good while.
  15. 5-2, Jake Wright on the break with a tidy finish. Job done I think.