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  1. Simply isn't good enough. We could make do if it was only for a couple of matches, however the thought of Bell playing every game from now until April makes me feel ill. Would rather have Derek Williams back there or sacrifice Stuart Downing's midfield contributions and job satisfaction and stick him in.
  2. tlr

    Question a Member: JoshBRFC

    - How did you end up supporting Rovers and not Stanley / Burnley / United etc? - Following on from @Toinho , Ryan Nelsen or Neill / Emerton? - Favourite ever Rovers player? - Best and worst player you've ever seen playing for Rovers? - Where do you see Rovers ending up over the next few seasons? - In 30,000 words or more, please explain why Tugay is the greatest person who's ever lived.
  3. Torn ACL. Lenihan has done similar but nowhere near as bad. Disaster for us as left back is the only position we don't have suitable cover for. In that respect he's the worst player to get injured for us.
  4. tlr

    Bury FC

    Shame they didn't do the draw as if Bury were in it, livens it up a bit if you don't know when the team with the bye is coming. Could have done an unlucky winner too, give one of the teams who fall in the Fourth Qualifying round another go. Happened when Man United didn't enter years ago I believe.
  5. Greg Cunningham out for the season and Darragh Lenihan picking up his annual lomg term injury already has changed the trajectory of our season I think. We either patch together a League One grade defence and hope to god we actually start to score goals to mitigate the inevitable horror show at the back or we drop to a back three with Bennett and Downing at wing back and hope to god no one realises neither can defend. Huddersfield have played a blinder bringing in the Cowleys and they've just had two weeks off to properly begin to make their mark. At best we'll draw, at worst we'll get dicked. Either way Mowbray will stay here until he dies in office in 2047 with Rovers in the North West Counties League and Sam Gallagher still on right wing.
  6. Well it is Joey Barton...
  7. I have no interest at all in international football, but don't mind the breaks per se, I just go and watch one of the domestic leagues that still play and glance at the international results. My interest in football isn't in the top / elite levels though, which probably helps!
  8. We shouldn't judge anything on how someone does against the likes of Cardiff I think there are two main underlying problems with Rovers: firstly, not being in the Premier League. I love being in the Championship but god knows the only way the club is sustainable is in the top tier. Aside from the obvious financial incentive, no local kids younger than about 12 or 13 now remember Blackburn in the top flight; and being right on the doorstep of Liverpool, Man United and nowadays Man City, in addition to every large town around us having Football League teams (Accy, the Claret Shite, Preston, Bolton, Rochdale, not Bury) means we have to fight to make sure the next generation gravitates towards us. Accy have a phenomenal chairman and go to the end of the earth to get their name out there, giving out free shirts to school kids in old Rovers territory. Accrington for fuck's sake. The second problem is the dinosaur residing in the manager's office. Lovely guy but time and time again shown up to be tactically inept and completely ineffectual in his promises. No idea of his best XI aside from ensuring old faves are the first on the team sheet (Elliott Bennett as a right back, Sam Gallagher as a winger for example). We have our best squad in getting on a decade, and whilst Mowbray deserves some credit for that, it is all meaningless when we have no idea how to play any of them. Same shite gets pedaled out after every loss, we have to respect the opposition, we will pick up the pieces and double down in training etc. We've been that way for over a year now in Mowbray's stewardship. We are not going forwards. I do not see what future we have like this. At best we are standing dead still, at worst we are in regression. We cannot afford the latter.
  9. 4-1 down at QPR. I fucking hate football.
  10. Because it was a double header and I'd never done one before! Ebbsfleet's ground was OK, been to worse but certainly been to better; I love old school grounds but it was honestly felt like they'd given up on it, looked like something straight out of the 1970s. Boreham Wood is just awful, what a hole the entire place is.
  11. Anyway, fully expecting Mowbray to play centre forwards on the wing again today, Holtby and Rothwell to come on so late they cannot have an impact, Corry Evans to probably have his monthly run out and us to have the lion's share of chances and still somehow walk away without three points.
  12. Only proper one I have ever managed was last year, 12.30 at Boreham Wood then a 5.25 at Ebbsfleet United. Sadly both matches were utter shite and mustered one goal between them. Borehamwood is an awful place and proper soulless ground too.
  13. tlr

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    Currently at Alloa v. Dundee United. Bottom v. Top and Alloa have been all over them, could have been four or five up with a bit of luck. Two attacking teams in a proper wedged old school ground on a bastard cold night. Love it.
  14. Was surprised Butland went down with Stoke as I though someone would have had him, even someone like Chelsea or Liverpool as a sub. Seems to have fallen well out of fashion now though. Anyway, Luton home for Rovers today, could well set the tone of the season - win and we continue our fine form into a decent-ish run of games; lose or dare I say draw and it'll be our agonising inconsistency striking again. If we want to get into the top 6 come May we have to dispatch games like this. Today's also 7 years since that twat Steve Kean left. We're still writhing from his dismal tenure.