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  1. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    Not that much difference in fairness between the top third of the National League and the lower half of League Two I think, probably nicer to be at a club with a bit of drive playing easier opposition than going to Morecambe and desperately try and stave off relegation. Decent little project Harrogate have going on at the moment though, they managed to slip under the radar last season because of the Salford love in, but are building to be a serious force to be reckoned with I think.
  2. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    Bloody hell that takes me back He was an absolute myth for Rovers for about eight weeks in spring 2004, scored three winning goals in three consecutive matches that kept us in the Premier League that year. Sadly never replicated his form again for Rovers and looking at his Wikipedia he seems to have turned into a bit of a journeyman so the step down, especially to an ambitious non-league club close to home, will hopefully give him a good end to his career.
  3. tlr

    2019 QAM sign up!

    Go on then.
  4. tlr

    Scottish League Cup - 2019/20

    Yeah, was announced on our Twitter last night. Decided to make a weekend of it, hopefully getting the Motherwell game on the Friday night and will head somewhere on the Saturday too. Just need to actually get a ticket for Sunday, though would be amazed if either allocation sold out.
  5. Proper way to draw his career to a close. I was a bit disappointed last year first of all with the fall out from the CL semis and then he joined PSG; he never struck me as the type to do either, but neither should cloud his legacy, and fair play to him for now returning home to see out what has been one of the greatest careers we will ever see from a footballer. He is my favourite footballer ever from outside the Rovers camp and it will be such a sad day when he calls it quits. For the last 20 years we've had debates over who the best keeper in the world is - Schmeichel, Kahn, van der Sar, Valdes, Casillias, de Gea, Neuer: through all of those debates Buffon was always the other name in contention, incredible how he managed to play at the very top of his profession for two decades. He's probably the last great name left playing from the greats I grew up watching - Figo, Raul, Totti, Nesta, Henry, Shevchenko etc. Makes me feel fucking old
  6. tlr

    Scottish League Cup - 2019/20

    Might have a look at one of the Southern ones on the 20th if the mythical Rangers v. Blackburn Rovers friendly is the day after as rumoured. Always fancied a day out in Hamilton...
  7. So you'd just move the dominance from Celtic onto another club?
  8. tlr

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

    For me anyway I want to do northern Europe, Estonia and Lavia etc. and Scandanavia. More long term I'm after America and some countries in South, Argentina and Chile most likey.
  9. tlr

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

    In fairness by British standards the Scottish Highlands are a million miles away, if you live in Southern England or anywhere near an airport it's generally quicker, easier and way cheaper to get to mainland Europe. I've been to Scotland a lot and I love the place, it is as good as all the stories and pictures make it seem; not just the usual Edinburgh and Highlands but Glasgow with all it's industry, politics and history and the rural areas in the Borders and Far North also hold their own. Sadly the problem that now blights particularly the Highlands is the tourism, in my experience from America, Asia and mainland Europe - it has way more demand in summer than any of the towns and transport etc can take, like many places I guess.
  10. No. I could understand if they were teaching a bunch of Primary School kids about stuff that belongs in depths of Pornhub, but to say two blokes can love each other as a man and woman could should neither be earth-shattering nor controversial; given how most kids that age are so open-minded and unassuming I doubt more than one or to of them would even dwell upon it. You only need to take one look at the mental ill health, attempts at taking life and other such stats amongst young LGBT people to see how we need to do more, not less, if anything, to bring LGBT (and ethnicity, gender, any other demographic) up earlier in life and make sure every kid is taught that whatever someone's skin colour is, accent, who they fuck or whatever else, that is simply them being themselves and it is no more or less of an existence than anyone else's.
  11. tlr

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Depends on what you're after, if the meandering pace and lack of action isn't for you then I wouldn't bother, but for the storyline and segue into RDR1 I think the Epilogue is worthwhile, if a bit slow. If the hellishly slow First Chapter didn't kill you then this won't. Not actually played this since the back end of last year. Might give it a go tomorrow but it suffers from what most Rockstar games do after you finish them - a huge map with lots of lovely graphics and scenery but absolutely fuck all to do in it.
  12. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    Given the state of just about every other team's finances these days this has gone a bit unnoticed but today Gateshead have been removed from the National League for a series of rules breaches, mainly financial, just days after seemingly being salvaged. Likely down to the Northern Premier now with Aldershot and a couple of others repreived. Genuinely feel for their fans, decent and proud following who have gone through shit this past while.Can't help but wonder just who else will follow in the coming years...
  13. That's it! Remember her as one of the few EFL posters there was over there.
  14. Can't remember her name now but wasn't there a Doncaster fan on the old forum? One of very few I can remember who never moved over here.
  15. Do Cardiff get on with Newport? Know the rivalry is with Swansea but judging by this and what I have seen on Twitter it seems a lot of Bluebirds are rooting for Newport, even talk by some of them heading to Wembley with them.