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  1. tlr

    First Goal

  2. tlr

    Scottish Cup 2019/20

    Cracking Twitter account is that, well worth a follow even if you only have a passive interest in Scottish football. Been a lively couple of days up there what with Motherwell 4-4 St Mirren (2-3 pens) yesterday, with the hosts 4-1 down at one stage.
  3. tlr

    Gaming collection

    Not quite as vintage but I bought an original Xbox a couple of years ago, and a load of games I loved growing up like Fifa 04, MotoGP 3, Halo, LMA Manager, Colin McRae Rally 3, and about 15 others as I went a bit mad in Cex. Probably cost me £60 all in. Not played it in a while but I had a massive binge for about two months after I got it Really love old school gaming. No DLC, no bullshit, no need to sign in, paywalls or any of that. Just decent games and your own skill.
  4. tlr

    First Goal

    Go on then... 25th min.
  5. tlr


    Not seen it for many years but I remember watching the first series and the doctor from down south who treated it like it was literal life or death. Dragged them from London out to some cottage in the Highlands and left them a note saying 'missed me'. What a bloke. I saw the advert for the new series and apparently they now get to take nothing, just what they are wearing. Wouldn't even know where to start if that was me!
  6. tlr

    Metal and Rock

    Sabbath's debut is half a century old today, which also means today is heavy metal's 50th birthday. What an album. What a band. What a legacy.
  7. Shocker from George Long there. Made up for Samuel, not had an easy run of it lately.
  8. tlr

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    Dickinson had a brilliant quote mid-rant on the whole thing, 'they need to drink fucking beer' Completely agree with him though. Breaks my heart when I see band like Priest and especially Motorhead pleading away for votes and induction on social media. Two of the finest metal bands ever and two leading lights for rebellion and being and doing whatever you want acting like a dog wanting let outside for a walk. Awful, awful business. Grow up and tell them to fuck off. Fans made you and love you come what may, the arseholes in charge of the Hall of Fame wouldn't know who you were if you were wearing a bloody name badge.
  9. tlr

    Unpopular Music Opinions

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a blight on the industry anyway. No Alice in Chains, Maiden, Motorhead, Purple, Priest, etc. Fuck them.
  10. Went for Maldini and Marcelo owing to my inherent English football bias.
  11. Holt is not really on the anti-Scouse outrage bus; he is perpetually bang into this kind of thing - scrapping the League Cup, European competition expansion, and general ineptitude of the EFL, etc. Just look at some of the stuff he said about Pep when he had similar sentiments during the week. Does go a bit full on at times, and unnecessarily IMO, but good lord does he care. Some of the insights he gives are a cracking read too. What I wouldn't give to have someone with half of his passion and determination at Rovers....
  12. tlr

    Metal and Rock

    Yeah, granted that hasn't aged well. Just makes the other songs seem even better though
  13. tlr

    Metal and Rock

    Either of the first two, if I absolutely have to choose I'd go with their eponymous debut. Love the mixtures of aggression and complexity, punk and prog influence etc. Of their 80s heyday, probably Piece of Mind. Less said about anything released this century the better...
  14. tlr

    MWC - Group 1

    I'm not sure on what basis this can be anything but a popularity contest, it literally takes two random people and you to take a side, but there we are. I don't have a problem with whatever games or topics get put on here, this included, I just took exception to being included completely at random, as pleasant as it is to be considered. I try my best to keep a low profile on here, I just want to browse and drop occasional sarcastic Blackburn Rovers comments. That's it.