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  1. tlr

    Mental Health

    Anyone else ever feel like they're fighting a losing battle against all of this shit? Feels like I fuck up every chance I get. Can't be dping with this shit I swear.
  2. tlr

    Cross Border Leagues

    A British league excluding English teams would just be the Old Firm dicking everybody. Same as at present really. The Scottish Challenge Cup now features teams from every country in the UK plus the Irish Republic, not sure how it has gone down with Scottish fans mind. Been to a couple of fixtures in it and the standard is a bit patchy - I love it all the same but god knows it wouldn't be sustainable. Teams that barely crack 300 or 400 gates as it is aren't going to fare well with 600 mile away days across the Irish Sea.
  3. tlr

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    I bought that Snapshot book after reqding about it on Twitter. Not the cheapest book you'll buy but thoroughly recommended, great photography and the writing is superb. One of the best reflections of football culture I've ever come across.
  4. tlr

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    Bet there'll be some busy pubs in Carlisle and Berwick this weekend!
  5. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Greater Manchester up to Tier 3, London and Essex up to Tier 2 from this weekend according to the BBC. Question for those of us living under restrictions, does anyone find this more shit than the nationwide lockdown? All of the forbidden stuff without the novelty and 'all in it together' carry on; whilst people literally streets away in some cases can go to the pub with mates, etc. Depressing as fuck.
  6. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    It was the last place I went before it all kicked off in March. Lovely part of the world in fairness, Cardiff is very underrated city and Snowdonia and North West Wales are as scenic as anywhere else in the UK.
  7. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Who'd want to go to Wales anyway?
  8. Always amuses me how people get so angry when this happens. You don't become a league or club worth hundreds of millions of pounds by acting like Mother Teresa. Of course it's no longer the passtime of the working classes, of course there's no football family, of course Man City don't give a fuck if anyone or anything except themselves lives or dies. It's an uber-capitalist, morally bereft behemoth. Anyone who didn't see that coming at any point since the early 90s needs their head checking. And yet there'll be all the outrage, hashtags and general bedwetting but the road goes on. Everyone shells out for Sky and BT every month so we can listen to Jamie Redknapp attempt to construct a coherent sentence and pretend Burnley v. Brighton isn't the visual equivalent of catching Ebola. Until there is a genuine, sustained rebellion against it it will continue at ever increasing speed and ever increasing distance from what football in England was 30 years ago. That opposition starts with not paying for Sky, BT or this shite. Starving them of the very thing the crave is the only thing they'll notice. The sad part is that the global brand is so powerful that the actions of the very towns and supporters that host these teams - the Burnleys, Southamptons and Wolverhamptons if this world - won't make an ounce of fucking difference. My honest hope for Rovers is that we get promoted to barnstorm the funds for a year to write off our debt and start anew. I would hate for us to be a part of it for any longer.
  9. This would be the straw that breaks the camels back for me, it's the equivalent of having someone save you from drowning only to chuck you back in the sea. I can't help but feel that the "Football League teams will have to learn to live within their means" argument typically bounded about by those in favour of B teams could also be equally applied to them - why don't the big teams learn how to utilise their resources and stop hoovering any 15 year old who looks anything above Conference North standard when they have absolutely no way to accommodate them. Why should Morecambe and Scunthorpe fall on the sword so Man City and Chelsea can field a team of youngsters who don't have a hope in hell of making it at anything better than, ironically, Morecambe or Scuntorpe? A very good point I saw on Twitter tonight - for a home team hosting a B team in a League match, how does that work out for those all important gate receipts? Seriously, who on earth is going to trudge to the away end for Bristol Rovers v. Chelsea B, especially when Chelsea are playing at the same time? As said above, B teams have killed the EFL Trophy takings (except for the famous boycotted Sunderland v. Portsmouth final that sold out Wembley...)
  10. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Not strictly Covid, but there was some bloke on the bus yesterday who took his mask off to sneeze. Sadly you can't regulate stupidity.
  11. tlr

    2020/2021 Kits

    Love those Brentford and West Ham (minus sponsor) aways, Hull's home is nice and smart too. Coventry's away red and black halves is the one though - same concept as my favourite ever Rovers away kit which I am praying we return to one day. Hints of our home shirt returning to royal blue this year, which is a good start. May find out more with our first competitive fixture tomorrow!
  12. tlr

    Bury FC

    I can't post a link but thoroughly recommend the latest Chairman's update from the original Bury. Bloke's unhinged.
  13. tlr

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    It concerns me. Trains and buses are still deserted around here, peaks have practically disappeared and the only real flow that seems left is local leisure stuff into the big cities for a couple of hours a day, but that'll go once schools are back and the weather turns for autumn. We've had months of the government telling everyone to walk, drive or don't bother, only recently has that narrative changed, but even now it is more of a reluctant concession than proactive endorsement. All the while they are underwriting the whole thing, which'll be well into nine figures by now. We've spent decades building up to where public transport coverage and usage we were in February. At present, I doubt we'll get it back for decades, people have every excuse they need to avoid us altogether now and the finances will snap eventually. It's not just those of us currently employed that I'm worried for, all the projects now on their knees - HS2 and not - had thousands of jobs and millions for the ecenomy riding on them. The longer we're like this, the closer those'll come to vanishing.
  14. Take your pick from any given Rovers XI. The Richard Wright at Man City thing got me thinking - Steve Harper? Was for many years, and may still be, the most named Premier League subsitute. Legend or fraud @Harvsky?
  15. Same. Can't get going for this at all. By now I'd have clocked which days I was taking off work for midweek aways, as it stands I've just had a casual once over. Can see myself not clocking any games above Conference level this season.