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  1. tlr

    FA Cup 2018/19 Third Round Draw

    I like the Sunday 2pm games primarily as it allows me to go to them - Alfreton 1-4 Fleetwood and Swindon 0-1 Woking so far this year - and gives a bit of exposure to fixtures that are decent in themselves but unlikely to demand being chosen for dedicated coverage, as well as probably getting more punters through the gates than they would for a Saturday 3pm - certainly for the earlier rounds at least that are non league affairs. However, splitting them further into Saturday early, 3pm and evening is disgraceful - Blackburn going to Newcastle, Grimsby to South London or Portsmouth to fucking Norfolk for half 5 in the middle of winter all because we are led to believe a bloke in Shanghai or Chicago may suddenly care about what Bristol City is is just begging people over here to not give a fuck. Shameful.
  2. Was at Swindon v. Woking today. Woking had one half chance and took it, Swindon had 15 corners and god only knows how many attacks and yet only ever tested the Woking keeper twice, in fairness both of which required good saves. If anyone tries to sell it as a classic cupset, they're talking shite, if Swindon had had someone on the pitch who wasn't allergic to shooting it would have been over within 15 minutes.
  3. tlr

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It's a strange one for me, I hammered it for just over two weeks when it came out and finished the main story line but since then I haven't even thought about playing it. It is exceptional in terms of attention to detail and graphics, but I almost feel as if it is too much - the map is fucking huge and the amount of utterley random and minute bits and pieces required for 100% makes it more like a chore than anything. Might give it another go later this week for general in game messing about, but I am really struggling to get as dedicated to it as I was the original or GTA 4 for example.
  4. tlr

    Proposals for a Scottish League Three

    I do keep meaning to go and see either them or new Gretna one day, I think they are the only Saturday matches in Scotland I could actually get back home again from!
  5. tlr

    Proposals for a Scottish League Three

    Remember Kenny Deuchar used to score about every ten minutes during their catapult up the leagues. Now playing as Gretna 2008 in the Lowland League. Can remember Annan Athletic, the town next door, replacing them, think it was the first time I had ever seen that properly happen in football.
  6. tlr

    Proposals for a Scottish League Three

    I remember the prophecies of doom when Brora - the second most northern Highland team - were 20 minutes off beating Montrose in the League Two Play Off Final, since it is the size of a large village and would have been about a 300 mile round trip from their nearest away day. I cannot see how you can introduce another nationwide tier below the current bottom one in Scotland and make it viable - certainly if any of them lie outside the Central Belt. How many people are going to trek from deepest, darkest Aberdeenshire to Edinburgh to watch a fifth tier tie between Buckie and Spartans?
  7. tlr

    James McClean Poppy Thread 2018

    Catholic and probable republican who grew up in 1980s Derry doesn't wish to wear a symbol heavily associated with the British armed forces. The shock of it all. Same shite, different year. I have a lot of respect for how he conducts himself about it.
  8. tlr

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Have played about 30 hours so far. Definitely a better story than the last one, plenty of twists and turns with a more diverse, interactive and deeper cast of characters too. The weapon dynamics are tougher to handle IMO but that's no bad thing. As with all Rockstar games, the graphics (even on my ancient TV) and detail are superb. There is definitely a lot to be going at in terms of completion, but you are free to just plough straight through the mission storylines and ignore the rest. One surprising revelation has been just how fun it is to play - the tasks aren't 100% all guns blazing - nice mix of shooting, stealth, tactical and downright bizarre missions.
  9. tlr

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Getting the Special Edition on midnight release and have taken tomorrow off work. I've become everything I ever hated.
  10. Went to Boreham Wood v Dunfermline last week for the novelty value. Utterley unremarkable town, even less remarkable ground, anonymous game that only ever got going when Dunfermline put their arse into gear, the world's most average penalty shootout, several hundred mad bastard Scotsmen and £18 for the priviledge. If nothing else it was interesting to finally see the English and Scottish leagues go head to head - Dunfermline were better and could probably handle low League 2 based on what I saw. Full whack for the game though was taking the piss, I don't know if they were obliged to but the lack of home supporters there was very obvious.
  11. Was at Ewood for the first time in years yesterday. Never been more embarrassed to be a Rovers fan. Started out a lovely day, families out, everyone happy, usual final day piss up in the sun etc. in full force. 2-1 up, great end to end game, one minute left and the Darwen End fans invade the pitch in a wave of thousands. Players called inside whilst our shithouse fanbase stand out the pitch downing tinnies, lapping up the joy of the rest of us shouting 'wankers' at them and generally pissing about like a set of primary school children. After about ten minutes they eventually wander off en mass and the game resumes for a drop ball then immediate full time as players leg it off the pitch when the same arseholes rush back on for a rinse and repeat. All throughout this and the second half we had been asked over the PA not to so the players and their kids etc could enjoy the aftermath and we could have the usual piss up after that. No one in the world would have minded a pitch invasion, given that it was for a firstly at full time, a sudden result and we had actually achieved something - if we had survived last year v. Brentford, or Donny had beaten Wigan to send us up as Champions, but all we had done was win promotion weeks ago and finish fucking second. What a set of knobheads we look now, dread to think what the club and staff will get dragged through as a result. Good fun apart from all that.
  12. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    A decent move, anything to ease the strain the likes of Workington and Kings Lynn must feel can't be a bad thing. I suspect everything will be finalised later this month when they traditionally sort the following season's constiution (and of course the play offs are finished). I am sure there will already be a few drafts though, just waiting for the final touches.
  13. AS I said on the FL week topic, I am absolutely delighted for them. We used to go and see Stanley whenever Rovers were away at the other end of the country. Started going I think in 2002, and can remember them playing the likes of Marine, Wakefield & Emley, Runcorn FC Halton and Gainsborough Trinity. Never in a million years did I ever think they would get out of non-league, let alone win the Conference, stay up for 12 years with a stadium the size of a fucking tennis court and a budget of £250, get within a goal of going up and then, finally, practically walk their way to the third tier of English football. I can remember going to Bournemouth away in the FA Cup, and the draw there was probably Stanley's finest hour. Now there's a strong chance they'll be on the same level as Sunderland (doesn't take much, granted), Bolton, Charlton and Bradford. Fucking hell. What with Blackburn probably a safe bet for 2nd in League 1 now and Sean Dyche working miracles at the Dingle bastards it's probably been the best season for football in East Lancs for generations.
  14. I fucking love Accy. Absolutely made up for them.