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  1. Of the American lot, King of the Hill. British would be Porridge and anything Monty Python from back in the day, more recently pretty much any Channel 4 output bar Inbetweeners.
  2. That reading one isn't a bad shout, I used to read a fair bit but lockdown obliterated it for some reason. Might just take up the one a month challenge! I usually go down the line of 'If I was serious I would do it instantly' but this year has been so shit I'll make an exception. Quite a broad goal but all the stuff I'll have to do to achieve this should keep me in check over the year -I'd like to buy my own house.
  3. Whilst Leeds of course have a right to reply, they should - and I suspect will - have known full well what the reaction would be. Football clubs enjoy a hell of a lot of influence and power on social media and by doing this, they have facilitated the utter vermin on Twitter who hide their bigotry and irrational hatreds behind anonymous usernames. Women who hold any sort of position above and beyond a fan in the Men's game tend to face enough as it is - certainly at the level of exposure Carney, Smith etc. are. Leeds could have made their point well enough without throwing Carney under the bus. Yes it wasn't the best point to make and in general I don't find her all that as a pundit, but indirectly encouraging a pile on? Nah. Poor form. Of course the irony in all of this is that if she or anyone else had said something, you'd just have freaks going on about 'Rent free'. Football Twitter really is awful these days.
  4. Honestly hope this season gets null and voided. So pissed off I can't even be arsed to post that classic Jon Coleman meme.
  5. There was a viral video a while ago (pre-Covid) of a dad taking his son to a supermarket to make him apologise to the staff after he'd acted like a little shit towards them. Kid looked mortified but I bet he never did it again.
  6. Who was the Newcastle fan who I think lived in America? No idea if he ever migrated over here from the old place, if he is here and I've missed him, or if it was so long ago I've just misremembered the whole thing
  7. I fully expect, as I think many do, the next batch of Tier reassessments will see the whole country into Tier 4. I think the only unanswered question in all this is what to do with schools really.
  8. Yes, I get the impression there is more to this than their position in the league. Someone like Pulis will obviously say things as they are, and I suspect that won't have gone done well with the overlords. That said, it makes you wonder then why he took it in the first place, the ongoing shambles at Wednesday is hardly a secret...
  9. Pulis gone. I genuinely feel for Wednesday fans; they've had a dismal few years and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. What an absolute mess.
  10. Our Twitter admin has asked for fan reactions in GIFs, hope we get liquidated to be honest. One year ago tonight since he went off injured, so perhaps the timing is fitting. I'd be lying though if I said I didn't have fears about him coming back a shadow of who he used to be. It's a hell of a long time he's been out and he's had further setbacks on the way. Thank God Arma turned into prime Ronaldo in his absense. Still a lot of players to get tied up to contracts mind, Ryan Nyambe being the biggest. That lad has tonnes of potential.
  11. With their form the five days relaxation will be back on by Monday evening.
  12. This has just pissed me off. People will know from my post a couple of days ago I am not one for Christmas anyway, but to have mishandled what is probably the most special time of years for millions of people in this country so horrendously is fucking criminal. Millions will have gotten their hopes up for one flicker of light at the end of an atrocious year and it's literally been snatched from them at the last. There'll be a lot of mentally and emotionally shattered people in this country tonight and it's all because of one useless cunt in London and his abysmal handling of every turn since mid-March. And the really galling bit? What @Lucas says - there'll be people who adhere to all this now and take the hit on their health and wellbeing, and there'll be people who carry on regardless and elongate this misery for us all.
  13. The goal was a header and by the end the weather was lashing it down, so it had all the components even with the lack of Rory Delap.
  14. Stoke went 1-0 up in the seventh minute then played 11 men behind the ball for the following 83. I feel like my eyes have just been molested.
  15. So we've gone from three tiers reviewed every fortnight to changing things on random days of the week and creating a new tier out of thin air when required?
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