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  1. tlr

    FA Cup Third Round Draw

    Anyway, good to see some refreshing picks for a change - the potential Boston v. Newcastle, and Gillingham v. West Ham and Arsenal v. Leeds are proper old school shithouse FA Cup ties. Love it. Sadly joined by the usual staples that are going to be league fixtures just a bit less arsed, but a decent set nonetheless. Thank god we didn't end up with City v. Port Vale or Chelsea v. Forest...
  2. tlr

    FA Cup Third Round Draw

    Starting a minute later for the 'first minute' to be dedicated to thinking about your wellbeing. Part of the wider football / mental health drive.
  3. tlr

    FA Cup Third Round Draw

    Fucking shite, told you the expectation kills you.
  4. tlr

    FA Cup Third Round Draw

    I love this date, hopefully I am back in time tomorrow night to catch it, I've kept the weekend free in January too. Hoping for a decent away day at a required ground, something like Leicester or West Ham; I'd even happily take a League Two or Conference side if it made for something a bit different. Fully expecting however to end up with Port Vale at home. We'll lose 3-1 and the briefest of all chances to bring a modicum of joy to our abysmal existence will have gone for another year.
  5. tlr


    From my mobile the menu will open but it displays as per the desktop version, meaning you have to fully zoom out of the mobile view page and it's over on the right.
  6. No idea where yesterday's performance came from but I'll take it. We had some lovely passing moves in the first half, for the goal especially - better than that famous one we had at Derby a couple of years ago - and Joe Rothwell was unplayable at times, one of the best matches I've seen from an inidividual Rover in ages. I will also give Corry Evans credit - he's long had many critics at Rovers , myself included, but he had one of his best games in years yesterday, exactly what we need in the centre of the park. We still look piss weak at the back sometimes but Brentford never seemed to click up front yesterday either. Christian Walton thankfully went 90 minutes without disaster for once too. Onwards to Stoke away. Only six points off the playoffs now...
  7. Barnsley haven't won in 15. Combine this with the fact we are playing them at home and I confidently predict Rovers will lose 2-0. In all seriousness though, this is an absolute must-win, no two ways about it. Lenihan back should hopefully bolster our defence and I have no doubt Walton, Bennett, Johnson and Gallagher will continue with their Brazil-esque performances. I am very wary of the 'new manager' impact for Barnsley though, arguably this is the worst time to have played them so far this season.
  8. What a player he was, one of those you genuinely wonder what might have been had he played his cards right. Remember when he retired a few years ago he said that he'd just fallen out of love with the game and how dominated it was by social media and money etc. Fair play for acknowledging that and doing something about it; he seemed understandably to be a bit more stable and measured, sadly about a seven years too late to actually salvage his career. One of my favourite Rovers memories ever is us beating Man United 4-3 at Ewood Park back in 2006, with David getting a hat-trick the day after he joined us permanently. That alone, despite his head being turned and the ego and misjudgments and whatever else, puts him down in Rovers legend for me. One of those 'I was there' matches.
  9. Historic day, whichever way you feel about it. Was always going to be a hell of a change for Queen's Park after this summer; couple that with how football has evolved even over the past two or three decades and the fact that relegation into relative oblivion is now possible and it was only a matter of time before they had to seriously reassess what their actual purpose is. I'm a bit sad about it really as they have one hell of a history and a monumental influence on the course of (especially Scottish) football. Sadly, football's a business now, and teams who 'play for the sake of playing' are not long for that world. What with being evicted to the literal old farm next door and losing that massive part of their identity it probably is time to let it their past lie and crack on as a normal outfit. I've done a Queen's Park match before and they seem like a genuine set up and small but fiercely loyal set of fans. Honestly hope their new path does them well.
  10. That is true. I am a touch too young to properly recall Duff at Rovers - I would have been 8 when he left - but remember him well from Chelsea and his later years at Fulham and know he is lauded by many of our lot. Could cry for what we used to have - Friedel, Neill, Emerton, Ooijer, Zurab, Samba, Nelson, Reid, Savage, Bentley, Bellamy, Tugay, Dunn, Duff, MGP... Proper players who would have run through a brick wall if they thought it'd help get us three points. Look at us now, can barely register a shot on target nowadays. Edit - forgot Andy Todd, who once booted Christophe Duggary up the arse and told an interviewer his dream dinner guest was Hitler. What I wouldn't give for a mad bastard like him these days.
  11. Bloke does seem a bit unhinged but you can't deny what he did for Billericay (I have no idea how sustainable they now are mind!). Given the dismal past few years Romford have had, it may not be the worst thing to happen to them. They have permission for a new ground to return to the area don't they? Played down at East Thurrock when I saw them last but believe they have moved on since.
  12. tlr

    Neil Warnock Leaves Cardiff

    Rovers had words with him before we hired Owen Coyle back in 2016, it's heartbreaking to think what could have been. We can only dream these days, we're absolutely certain to end up with Steve Coppell or Keith Curle next time round. Can't honestly see where he goes next. No vacancies I can think of , and aside from Woodgate at Boro I honestly can't think of another Championship manager of a decent side in any genuine danger at the minute.
  13. tlr

    Neil Warnock Leaves Cardiff

    Anyone reckon he'll call it a day now? Could easily slot into casual punditry and media I think. Hopefully there's a decent job going up north for him soon if he's not had enough
  14. Birmingham, I just get around a bit! Hoping to be back down that way in December for Bristol City away with Rovers.
  15. At Bristol Rovers v. Bromley. Worst game of football I have seen since the second half at FGR yesterday. Been about one shot on target each so far, the Gas winning the midfield battle but have no attack at all. Bromley must have gone down about ten times injured now. Honestly better looking out on the decent view of Bristol than watching the shite on show.