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  1. tlr

    Away goals rule

    Should revive Silver Goal I Agree in principle with the existing rules but more generally I am not sure about one team getting an extra half an hour on home turf to win a tie / an away goal; though I get that is part of the luck of the draw. Was it the League Cup where they didn't count at 90 but did at 120? Now that is bollocks.
  2. tlr

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    My sleep is all over the place. Always aim to be up for half 6 or so but my bedtime varies from 11pm until about half 1 in the morning, depending on how tired I feel or what I am doing beforehand. Can't be good for me and could do with a routine, but can't get into anything sensible at all.
  3. tlr


    Absolute wankers. Like the arseholes who starting taking momentos and leaving their names etched on ruins when Derwent Water dried up last summer revealing the submerged village. Why can't people leave things alone?
  4. tlr

    Bassini Wanderers FC

    As a Rovers fan I should take the piss but in all honesty the entire thing depresses me. Historically one of the biggest clubs in the country, founder members of the Football League, the club of the White Horse Final and Nat Lofthouse, top tier mainstays and now they are struggling to get safety clearance or functioning IT, being passed around by their owner like an unwanted kid and are staring third tier football and the mysteries of a new owner dead in the face. Same as has happened with Blackpool, Charlton, Portsmouth and god knows who else; it's shit to see such proud entities and the people who love them brought to their knees by wankers looking for a quick buck. Honestly hope Bolton find their stability sooner or later, they deserve so much better than what they've had this past few years.
  5. tlr

    How to Fix the English League Cup

    Don't subscribe to this 'make it under 21s only' or 'ensure they field full strength teams' carry on; anyone, be they Man City or Yeovil Town, have the right to field whatever XI they choose for any fixture in any competition. I would either disqualify whichever teams have qualified for Europe (in any capacity) the previous year and have the prize as a decent entry level into the Europa League, or abolish it and spread the league fixtures more evenly across the year - including having all FA Cup rounds on weekends.
  6. tlr

    New Shirt Sponsor

    Anything that isn't gambling, hate the way it has infiltrated into clubs. I like the traditional ones, would probably have locally-based Crown Paints back. Their logo actually suited our kits too.
  7. tlr

    Blackburn Rovers discussion

    Not like we're going to fill it any other way. Nice act, mind. I was at Rovers v. Preston a few weeks ago, not the biggest derby for either of us but still a stand-out rivalry. Could have fitted us all in a bloody cupboard. We have a massive ground for our size (31,000 for 120,000 population), but it is a depressing trend to see the place so empty. Not just us either, practically all of the Football League, aside from the fallen giants like Leeds and Villa, seem to have swathes of empty stands these days. Anything to fill that void and try and get youngsters away from Fifa and Sky Sports is a good measure.
  8. No need for All this back and forth over van der Sar or Schmichel when it is obvious Brad Friedel was better than both
  9. tlr

    Teachers / School

    I think I was indifferent at the time, I was academically good and enjoyed certain subjects and had a few good mates, but there were also some classes, teachers and students who made it hell; college was worse, two years of utter wankers I hope I never see again. As for what makes a good teacher, it depends on the circumstances: we had a History teacher, stereotypical Scotsman (a massive Hibs fan) who was a laugh a minute, but because he was so engaging he had the class exactly how he wanted us, always asking questions, taking notes and all that. Never a dull moment and you could tell he genuinely went for the rapport. We also had a Music teacher who you could tell literally lived for what he was teaching and that dedication was really infectious, but he was an awful, manipulative teacher in general.
  10. tlr

    Celebrities Room 101 (Who do you hate?)

    Had a proper laugh reading this thread, like the good old days on the old forum when every other word was 'cunt' or 'Aids' I would have said Jamea Corden but thankfully everyone else has. I will do a football one instead - Chris Sutton. What a twat he is. Utterly graceless and absolutely full of himself.
  11. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    Very sad news indeed. Went to their home match v. Gainsborough Trinity a month ago and did some reading on their plight. Some of their diehards that write their superb fanzine were outside the ground and you could tell that they cared about NFU like it was their own family. Their owners seemed crooked beyond belief but as it's not on Sky Sports News no one gives a fuck about them - see fellow strugglers Staines Town, Colwyn Bay, Thurrock last year, etc. Can be an awful environment at that level unless you have genuine resources.
  12. tlr

    The Non-League Thread

    Have been to Boston United, proper old school ground but an absolute dive of a town. They are the longest serving side in that division I believe and have always seemed to do well whilst similarly getting nowhere. Huge run of games for Chorley now - had a blinding start to the season (won 9 of their first 10) and were home and dry before the Doncaster drubbing in the FA Cup, whereafter they struggled to even draw half the time. It is basically a two horse race now between themselves and Stockport County (Spennymoor I expect will fall foul of their backlog of matches) and they are due to meet at Chorley in April. Should be a cracker.
  13. Anyone who has ever been to Birmingham, let alone spent years there like I did, will know that even by West Midlands standards Blues fans are an odd species, proper fucking freaks in some cases. I think I'm satisfied with what has been given to him, often times now punishments are weak to the point of uselessness so it's good to see something substabtial at last. I was at Ewood on Saturday. Predictable primary school level defending cost us from Nob End's first attack. Thereafter we had chance after chance after chance, sadly though most we from the wing and we couldn't cross the ball to save our life, every last effort was about two foot higher than the nearest header. Credit is due to two Rovers players mind, Joe Nuttall when he came on ran like a man possessed after evrything, and wrongly IMO had his goal chalked off for his challenge to win possession. Definite one for the future. Second is Ryan Nyambe, who gave more of a shit and contributed more than the other starting 10 combined, phenomenal shift from him and he didn't deserve to be on the losing side. Also, Richie Smallwood is utterly fucking dreadful. Jesus wept. Might as well have played a man short.
  14. Big game for us. This and Bolton at home are the only 'easy' enough games we have left, and whilst we are in no danger of dropping down we need something to stop the rot that has set in. Reasonably confident as despite Saturday's scoreline we did have chances aplenty, hopefully against a lesser defence and a non-shit referee we may actually convert one or two of them.
  15. Whilst it will never happen, it should be the done thing for every domestic England match that isn't either a decider or guaranteed sell-out. St James' Park, Elland Road, the Etihad, Villa Park, City Ground, St Mary's, hell you could even have Ashton Gate or Portman Road for u21 stuff if you want to get a real spread. Centring the entire job on Wembley is great for the folklore and legend of the place but does nowt for making the national team national. Must be shit if you're a die hard football obsessed youngster up in the North East or way out South West and the closest you ever get to watching your national heroes play is on TV. Would really help reconnect the national team to the wider masses, especially capitalising on the events last summer.