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  1. Bizzleslunchbox

    PSG Tickets

    Thanks for the reply guys. i guess ill either have to pay the mega price or just not go i assume i'm bets just buying from the PSG website or would you advise something else?
  2. Bizzleslunchbox

    PSG Tickets

    hi! thanks! yeah i thought that but my friend said he just turned up to barcelona and he was able to get in on game day.
  3. Bizzleslunchbox

    PSG Tickets

    Hi, Me and my girlfriend are coming to Paris on the last weekend of October. We have never been to Paris before so I am just wanting to know abit of information. We are wanting to see a PSG game however that weekend they are playing Marseille which is arguably the biggest game of the season. I have signed up to early tickets but 2 tickets cost 320 euros! Are we able to turn up to the ground and buy tickets on the day or will we need to buy tickets before hand? What are the changes of us getting tickets?