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  1. I love European football at this time of the year. Everyone is exhausted from the season, yet still giving it their all. It's truly a war of attrition across all leagues now.
  2. For some reason this reminds me of the South Park episode where Mr. Garrison is heard in the background yelling "I'm not gaaaaay!"
  3. BVB played flat football given the events that happened before, but the skipper should've voiced the displeasure before the game instead of after.
  4. I have a cold with a horrible cough right now. I had to coax myself into taking some cold medicine, the taste is awful, and after taste is even worse.
  5. And Whiterun is the only place to really do anything
  6. No, not after WWII but sometime before, some WWII weapons weren't event made in the setting of the first RDR.
  7. I hope Red Dead Redemption 2 will be every bit as good as the first. Hopefully we see more WWII era weapons, assuming it's going to be after the events of the first.
  8. Let's just focus on whether or not he can stay healthy all season with whatever team he goes to.
  9. Eggs and bacon, with coffee and a glass of water.
  10. I8allthepies

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    You're not on your own with the iPhone. I'm a proud owner of a 5whatever
  11. @HoneyNUFC and the rest of the staff on giving us a new home
  12. My backlog really isn't that bad. I just have Onfinite Warfare. It's shit, but happy CoD 4 was remastered. It's just too bad IW caught on to everyone planning on ignoring the new title.
  13. I8allthepies

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    Stand outside shirtless during this storm
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