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  1. Got a bit of everything in that front 3, but bar Shelvey the midfield will struggle to get them the ball in advanced positions I think. Lascelles and Schar are a very solid pairing if they can keep them fit, they will have a chance. Longstaff didn't really impose himself as much he did as late last season.
  2. Newcastle look like they'll struggle on that evidence, Arsenal never got out of second gear. Auba clinical when it mattered. Willock, Guendouzi and Chambers all very good showings.
  3. Wiregooner

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    Really enjoy Dortmund and would love to get to a game. Like watching Nagelsmann teams too
  4. Wiregooner

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    Where did I say he's a friend? 😂
  5. Wiregooner

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    Great bit of business from Raul Sanellhi. Covering all bases for around £45m net is fantastic. Feel Tierney will be the best long term and Pepe adds excitement and pace which we lacked last year
  6. Wiregooner

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    Good ebening all. I've been invited to join by @DeadLinesman I'm an Arsenal fan, but watch all Prem, plenty of Championship, Bundesliga, Ligue Un and bit of SPL. 👋🏽