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  1. D97

    Coaches needed

    This is a serious matter. I'm gonna make a list of candidates and proposed it to Bury FC committee. They are planning to build a phoenix club should it happen so i need your cooperation. Even if you are not a coach but you do know someonw who are willing to do it just list his name down.
  2. D97

    Coaches needed

    Any coaches here who have UEFA licence and willing to work for low income or for free?
  3. Yes exactly. Currently they are in the 4th position. Let's see how well they do. I think they have a strong platform. They have their own stadium, an academy. You could even recommend players to the club and they will be able to go for trial with the team.
  4. Not exactly the same actually. Its different from myfootballclub. If you see their website, their concept is different.
  5. It was done by Chris Ewing. He already has an established academy called Edusport. Bringing in french footballers, rugby players and basketballers to come to scotland and develop their skills and at the same time teaching them english. Forward this to your friends about it too. It would be a great investment even though it's not for profit.
  6. For football fans around the world. This is your chance to be a shareholder of a football club in Scotland. Currently they are in the 5th Division. The club aim is to reach the premier division by 2025. They have their own academy. The fans are the ones who will be able to vote, strategies, become a board member, be a scout for the football club. For just £25 per year. What are you waiting for? 😊 https://www.caledonianbraves.com/
  7. D97

    Creating a football club?

    Have you guys watch this korean variety show called Sooro's Rovers?
  8. D97

    Creating a football club?

    It is definitely tough especially if we were to start a club in England. I think it is much more expensive to build a team in England compared to other countries. There is a lot of list to do too but i think its only possible if a few group of people really work together and willing to put the risk to run a football club.
  9. D97

    Creating a football club?

    Hahahah wow that is really crazy. It is really something unexpected that eventually became real. I wonder tho how it feels like if a few football fans actually create a football club from nothing.
  10. D97

    Creating a football club?

    Hahahaha what do you mean it started off as a fake Twitter page? How did your colleague even know there's a club in peru for sale?
  11. D97

    Liga MX - México

    Ahh i see. I know country such as Germany and Sweden are fan-owned. Some clubs in England do have fan-owned too but so far never know any fan-owned clubs in places like Asia, North America, Africa and the pacific.
  12. D97

    Creating a football club?

    Hahahah nice to meet you all. @DeadLinesman@Smiley Culture
  13. D97

    Liga MX - México

    Hmmmm i see. It would be cool to see one. 😊
  14. D97

    Creating a football club?

    @Grizzly21 so you own a club?
  15. D97

    Liga MX - México

    Is there any fan-owned football clubs in Mexico?