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  1. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Because you had previously, in another thread, made a sarcastic comment about them doing that, and yet lo, they did that.
  2. Oof, Hitz doing what Hitz does best, being overrated. Had to Google how he's ended up between the sticks for Dortmund.
  3. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Grumble grumble...
  4. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Lol as I said, I cannot handle this club. What a bizarre game.
  5. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    I cannot handle HSV sometimes, like physically and emotionally cannot handle them lol
  6. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Well, technically that partnership is over. That was certainly true in the past, but Kühne has now entirely withdrawn support. The club also lost the more lucrative Fly Emirates sponsor. As such, it certainly makes sense why all of HSV's acquisitions this summer were free until they bought Heyer from Osnabruck with the funds from a sale of Pollersbeck to Lyon. HSV undeniably still likely has a bigger overall budget than just about anyone else in the 2. BuLi atm, but their advantage they had two years ago is now long gone and blown. They will have to settle for 2. BuLi caliber signings if they're to work their way back up to the Ersteliga.
  7. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Where is he actually? Injured?
  8. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    I'll take that one though
  9. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Rather dubious PK call... but uh... yay?
  10. Chadwell

    DFB-Pokal 2020/21

    This is undoubtedly true. Where in the first season they played as if they felt they belonged in the first season until the spring, it's been a collective mental collapse ever since then. I think pure talent, and lack of urgency from other teams surrounding them, allowed them to coast towards the top for the first half of the last season, but once the rot came to the surface then it was simply a rapid decline. The players yesterday just looked awful, just utterly bereft of ideas and any confidence. Can only hope the back line improves with Ambrosius, van Drongelen, and Gyamerah coming off the physio tables, but my God was that ghastly to watch.
  11. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Missed out on promotion for a second straight year, abused by Sandhausen at home, scored on by Diki, and pitied by a lifelong Bremen fan - what a day Haha I appreciate your sympathy though. I'm not sure what the solution is at this point. So many overhauls at so many levels. Maybe the club needs to really humble themselves. Start with restructuring with the kids. Conversely, that may be too much pressure placed on the kiddos. I dunno... what a mess lol.
  12. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Almost certainly. No doubt someone has already trotted out the ceremonial club guillotine for whoever the club will collectively point the finger at.
  13. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Long since turned it off... but fucking Diki scored against us?! Good God, just a brutal day lol.
  14. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    And that'll do it. Yaay another year in the Zweiteliga.