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  1. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    This Schmidt kid is playing a blinder, so I got curious and much to my chagrin, I learn he is a Bremen loanee. Balls.
  2. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    🙋‍♂️ Nope.
  3. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Came in to post almost the exact same thing, what a weekend of shenanigans in the 2. BuLi.
  4. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Haha absolutely did not expect it, was honestly rather nervous going in. Stuttgart just looked awful, front to back. Shoddy defending and atrocious passing and ball care in the attacking third. Spot on in regard to Harnik, that performance today has gotta sting for some Stuttgart fans. Interesting man-management by Hecking if had projected that Harnik might run riot in the situation if he played him front and center.
  5. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    That is utterly bizarre. Seems to me to be something which should warrant punishment for the player, but necessarily the team.
  6. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Nah, is honestly cool to see a club make it to the bigs for the first time ever. They were also towards the top for most of the season. Paderborn however, came out of absolutely nowhere in the final leg of the season, and directly took advantage of HSV's skid.
  7. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    It does, in fact, make me feel better. Every time I look at the 1. BuLi table I look to make sure they're still rooted to the bottom of it. I'm not petty
  8. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Yeah exactly, while also inducing dropped points in an away match for another promotion rival. Certainly pleased with the results of the weekend, all things considered. Looks to be an entertaining season, I just have to hope no one pulls a fucking Paderborn from last year. Uppity little shites.
  9. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Indeed, enjoyed it. Also believe I'd have taken a point before the match had it been offered.
  10. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    I think about the whole office heard my gasp on the Dudziak attempt. I think the town might've heard about it had it gone in.
  11. Absolutely right. This can be acknowledged by anyone, regardless of where you lie on the political spectrum or your personal beliefs, as it's a issue with how mainstream media itself works in the context of modern times - and both sides of mainstream media at that. It's just simple economics and a bit of psychology, as these are corporations which must see growth measured to them in viewership, and an easy way to whip up mass viewership is to convey to the public than any given situation is deteriorating. What do people do when they perceive the structures around them and the situations that influence them to be deteriorating? Why watch more news of course, because people feel compelled to pursue the defense mechanism of an illusion of safety in feeling "in the know." It's lightwork for these mass media outlets, and even very bright people lap it up. There are undeniable problems out there, and we should always strive for rectification of these and for general improvement, but I wouldn't trade living right now for any other time whatsoever. Human rights have never been better and more widely protected and advocated, the global society has become vastly more egalitarian, and poverty levels continue to recede across the planet. That's just not fun stuff for the mass media to talk about though lol, plain and simple.
  12. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    But I don't WANNA wait til Monday after an international break
  13. Lol I’ve lived in some of the most gun-happy states in the US my entire life, and I’ve literally never once feared for my life (well, aside from the time I went out on NYE in Chicago in inadequate winter attire 😳 horrendous mistake). Your media blows that whole situation waaaaay out of proportion for easy clicks (and other reasons he won’t get into here). I’m glad you had a nice trip though, Alan, and I’m glad you enjoyed our marvelously smooth roads 😁👍🏻 Anyway, I am THRILLED with this decision. Fox Matchpass is a terrible, terribly overpriced service and I can’t wait to see the backside of it. They lost the rights to the UEFA CL & EL, and their price went up?! It’s over twice as much as ESPN+ as is! With how often they love spotting HSV games during primetime TV slots (and often while I work), it’s simply the only way for me to consistently get the matches. As such, I couldn’t be more thrilled, and especially in time for a (hopeful) return to the Ersteliga 😁😗😐🙁🙏🏻
  14. Right on man, I hope he makes you proud!