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  1. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    -A wild Chadwell appeared!- Yeah, gonna be tight. I think HSV easily have the most difficult schedule of the promotion candidates, while Köln appears to have the easiest. Both Union and Paderborn have slight run ins as well, aside of course form facing us. Going to be some intense battles for sure.
  2. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Was coming, we invited pressure for entirely too long there.
  3. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Lol fair enough. To explain myself 😶 currently working three jobs atm, so time is pretty limited. When my beloved HSV is mentioned however, gotta swoop in for the defense!
  4. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Yeah HSV’s pretty cool IMO. Dont have have a great feeling going into this one, but I also didn’t going into the St Pauli match a month ago, so here’s to history repeating itself!
  5. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Fuckin unreal 😒
  6. Chadwell

    DFB-Pokal 2018/19

    Yeah that was just flat out stupid, as much as we wish the narrative could be “oh look the big club caught a break from the ref.” Get your damn arm down.
  7. Chadwell

    DFB-Pokal 2018/19

    On to the semis!! Now come on tomorrow Werder, let’s have a Nordderby after all 😈
  8. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Gonna go hang out in my closet for a few hours. Edit: Bates is so fuckin ass. Will never understand how such a lump of an athlete reached this level.
  9. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    I’m enjoying it Wouldnt mind getting my balls fondled by Eskimos though, have to say that doesn’t sound terrible.
  10. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Really is kinda bizarre. Good on him though, I suppose?
  11. Chadwell

    BL Fans at Christmas

    Merry Christmas from the Land of Trump! May everyone have a smooth and safe holiday.
  12. Chadwell

    Schalke 04

    Wells ours slowly got us relegated, soooo... Even our old players from our most recent Europa ventures are now fading, including Kompany
  13. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Thanks bruh Mr Aaron Hunt, folks