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  1. Capitalism gets a bad rap because we naturally despise the supremely rich, and it’s very seductive to listen to politicians who preach about how greedy those people are and how we should disburse some of their money. The reality however, is that no system provides class mobility like capitalism. No system rewards a more fair exchange of goods per transaction. No system rewards contribution towards advancement of a society like capitalism. So while it’s easy to give into our natural urge to resent those far wealthier than us, don’t allow that to occlude many benefits. Capitalism isn’t something to be destroyed IMO, but rather some of the alternatives which were tried multiple times in the last two centuries to spectacular failure, and were only ever used to establish a new elite class anyway which then removed the socioeconomic ladder towards them upon taking that power. Hate the greed and corporate power, but don’t hate human nature, and especially don’t hate the fair and good transactions which happen far more regularly between people simply taking advantage of a free market to pursue better lives for themselves and their families.
  2. Totally agreed on maintaining the 50+1 rule. Although I personally am a believer in capitalism, I reason that its reach into sports needs to have some limits. The problem in England is that with complete corporate ownership, they can choose an exact demographic to target and thrive off. What was once a working man's game was aggressively pushed into the middle class once those workers grew up and made livings, arm in arm with new sponsorships. With that base that has and continues to support them with sheer ticket and shirt sales (in London in particular, where attendance at games is majority made up of middle-aged men wearing official shirts and decked out in other merch), they've then launched into America and Asia with their burgeoning middle and upper classes. There is just little to no care anymore for the traditional working class supporter. It's not even really that it's necessarily evil, it's what these clubs must do to remain competitive in an incredibly competitive and lucrative league. With the 50+1 rule, there will always be a wall preventing this takeover from entirely happening. Either every club resists, or every club yields. The clubs in England that don't charge absurd ticket sales, shirt prices, and food/drink prices will get swallowed up in the race for those fat TV checks. So while I have upmost respect for capitalism, in this space it's tread far enough IMO.
  3. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Have to also keep in mind that they might not have had a choice. He wanted out from us as well after we were relegated.
  4. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Stuttgart's squad is just stacked. I look at them and feel just as I did about Koln last season, just simply insurmountable in the long run. Will hurt to watch Mangala play for them, as I thoroughly enjoyed him with us last season. What a fabulous young player he is. HSV has had sweeping changes, and I like the look of many of our additions, but we're a few injuries away from disaster. Players such as Kittel and Fein are critical to creative forward play, and if we lose either of them I think we'll really struggle. So for now we look good and in line for promotion, but it's a little fragile IMO. The rest all suck, nur der HSV.
  5. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Yeah I don’t know German, but apparently they worded it nicely to remain open in case further evidence should further evidence be brought forward. On HSV’s subreddit, several Germans in English stated they weren’t too comfortable with the wording haha.
  6. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    On both instances, absolutely true lol.
  7. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Which is so dumb lol, but is apparently no big deal since HSV allegedly reported these rumors to the DFB prior to said match. Cute though on their part, how convenient this news comes up after getting thumped at home This has also recently come out: https://www.hsv.de/news/meldungen/saison-2019-20/juli-2019/hsv-fordert-positionierung-von-dfb-und-dfl/ So the club now all in behind him, so hopefully all his paperwork is legit.
  8. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Lol or he might’ve thought if there are any wankers desperate enough to fall for this easy setup, it’ll be HSV 😂.............. 😭 Again, not sure how concrete any of this, and this may be for more media attention and guaranteed follows of the story, but apparently there is a possibility that the club might’ve known too.
  9. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Fuckin Bild lol, always sniffin’ around the ol’ HSV. Doesn’t look good, have to admit. Almost looks like at this point that we’ll have to wait and see about what ramifications this will have for the club. I’m not sure what proof they have at this point, but anyone would be remiss to say he certainly doesn’t look older than he claims. Shame too for purely selfish reasons, as he was really coming along as a player.
  10. Chadwell

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    Lol cute.
  11. Chadwell

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    Agreed, and have a safe and fabulous trip, Alan!!
  12. Chadwell

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    Could not agree more. On one hand, this is why I dislike the leftist media’s fond and liberal use of the “r” word, almost as much as they like using it to deplatform people. What they don’t seem to grasp is that at some point, it blurs the word and causes it to lose its meaning, just as with their use of “Nazis” and AOC’s utterly absurd comparison of ICE centers to “concentration camps.” These comments are just well over the top and off the mark in so many cases, and comparisons like these shouldn’t be used so liberally to diminish the horrible originals. That having been said, Tonnies most certainly did use really poor choice of words. The fear of the almighty “r” word prevents us from pointing out and addressing real world problems (and it will get worse if this trend continues), but Tonnies certainly should have chosen better words in conjunction with his political belief (as there’s an element of truth in it, as studies have shown that the more industrialized societies become, the less babies are made per household). The tone and clear condescension is... well, really bad. To suggest they’re akin to animals that simply fuck with the lights go out simply cannot be defended. However, allow me this. What even leftist social scientists have observed is that if you remove and deplatform people, it doesn’t lead to a net positive. They don’t suddenly become more moderate in their views as a result of this, in fact they go the other way in their resentment. The left are great at coming up with new ideas, but not good at considering consequences. There is a cost of continuing to ostracize people. So either I would fine* the everliving shit out of him, or if he’s to be removed, Schalke must do it rather than the DFB. Edit: spelling correction
  13. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    The chances we blew yesterday, oy vey
  14. No less than what’s deserved. I don’t blame Wolf, the lack of genuine playmakers catches up with us yet again. All teams have to do is sit back and frustrate, and we have no lockpickers. We just got found out in the late stages of the season, simple as. Not enough will, not enough experience, and not enough creativity.
  15. My face is quite pretty, if you don’t mind my saying 🧐