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  1. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Lol awesome. Poor kid.
  2. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    Wow google translate made a mare of that. Literally no idea what happened. Anyone care to give a general idea, that I too, might lol at HSV?
  3. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    Yeah well Pierre-Michel is injured, so it’s essentially a level paying field.
  4. Go home and watch on TV? Does this steward want to look at nothing but dudes for the three or so hours he's there at work?
  5. Sounds about right. Had such high hopes for him, but he really struggled with the weight of it all and being quite incompatible with the rest of the team. Hoped he'd do well at Hannover, such that both parties would move on happily.
  6. Oh goody, now they’ll be incapable of purchasing Wood, and we’ll have to find a way to fleece him next summer.
  7. Please don’t ever leave this place.
  8. Chadwell

    Bundesliga - Rate your Season so far

    Best performance? Biggest win is undoubtedly against Köln, but best performance may have honestly been just this last weekend against Aue. Worst performance? Jahn Regensburg. We got bent over so bad. No idea how Leo Lacroix is able to walk still. How is the manager doing so far? Well... thought Titz was actually doing alright, but Wolf is 4-0 as manager, so I certainly can’t complain. Best player? Orel Mangala. I pray to the football gods during every single match that somehow we’ll find a way to lift him off Stuttgart. What an absolute gem they’ve unearthed in this kid. Hopes for the rest of the season? HSV doesn't always play in the Zweitaliga, but when they do, they win it. I wish to be able to make that jpg at the end of the season.
  9. Chadwell

    DFB-Pokal 2018/19

    Sigh, poor Alan. You must be the only person on this entire forum who actually anticipates the sanctuary within the international breaks.
  10. Chadwell

    2. Bundesliga - 2018/19 Chat

    PML for the win over Effzeh to leapfrog St Pauli to lead the league, Christ I'm hard right now.
  11. Haha scouted by Liverpool, and we thought he wasn’t good enough for HSV. As a rather bloated DJ once said, “Another one.”
  12. Chadwell

    Hamburger SV Thread

    The clowns are at the controls again, and the carousel wanders on... they’ve ousted Titz, who I was quite fond of. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of his high line system and tactical inflexibility, I really liked how much the players wanted to fight for him and how well he knew youth management. In the psychological battle of being a player for HSV in these trying times, having a nidus for motivation and passion in the coach was a big plus IMO. Despite some rather uninspiring draws recently, we’re still all of only two points off the top, and with the youngest squad in the league, so it’s hardly a damn crisis. I don’t get it. Can’t wrap my head around it. And now I have to walk into work 😒
  13. Chadwell

    Schalke 04

    Well, thought it worth noting that I hadn’t realized that Schalke broke tradition of using Adidas for the first time. I think Umbro make great kits, so that’s some good news!
  14. Wow. After all those reports of how wonderful he was last season, and how salty I was that he had managed to save them at HSV’s expense. Wild is the world of football.