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  1. https://www.managingmadrid.com/2019/10/17/20918767/ronaldinho-vinicius-real-madrid-quotes He has mad skills, great speed, dribbling and pace while having great ability to outsmart player both when on the ball and off the ball but his scoring is still abit suspect.. I personally feel that he would do much better at Barcelona considering its coaching staff...do you guys think he would be able to raise up to the expectations placed on him Here a video that showcase all the crazy skills that he has done so far, some of the skills are really shocking but that is expected from a Brazillian Flair Player Vinicius Junior - Unreal Skills That Will Blow Your Mind 2019
  2. Was secretly hoping that Liverpool would get him....would suit Klopp style of press perfectly
  3. Sadio Mane attitude is World Class and thats make him different from others in the team
  4. Kop1982

    Dani Ceballos

    Not liverpool material, prefer Havertz
  5. Kop1982

    FIFA The Best Award

    Daniel Zsori goal was just stunning and when you consider the history behind the goal, just makes all the more memorable
  6. Kop1982

    New Member

    Hi there, Old Liverpool Fan for over 20 years with Liverpool but just joined this forum..I normally hang out in the Official Liverpool Page for discussion but after last season CL Win and current form I started looking around for more discussions Been to Anfield only once in my career during the Olympics, hope to make it pilgrimage an annual affair every year for this year forth Thanks for letting me be part of the community
  7. Which ever club that gets Ballotelli will cry for a lifetime....
  8. I have submitted the survey...cheers
  9. Great win today, feels like finally the long wait is over.