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  1. Sometimes it does not always work how we want it to. Judging by your profile, you are a Manchester United fan? What is your opinion on the current situation?
  2. Hello everyone, Thank you for the welcome message @CaaC (John) I am an avid football fan of all levels, my main football club is Grimsby Town as I am from Cleethorpes. Grown up supporting the Mariners, watching them regularly and holding a season ticket for four seasons. Sadly, since moving abroad I have not been able to see the Mariners as much as I would like but still check in on them daily. We have a very strong team this season and I am full of optimism for the future under our current manager. When it comes to the Premier League, I have come from a family of Manchester United fans, so have a little bit of an interest for them, but prefer Arsenal. I live in the Netherlands, so I also follow the European leagues and just a very big fan of football.
  3. I think it is a tough moment for Tottenham football club, not just the manager or the players. I personally believe Pochetino has worked miracles at Spurs since arriving there. A net spend of 87 million pounds in five years, whilst securing champions league football every season and then reaching the champions league final! However, it appears that this period could be over, and I would not only point fingers at the manager. There is a list of players such as; Eriksen, Alderwierld and Vertongen (potentially more i have missed out on) are running down their contracts, and you have to ask why? I would suggest that this is because of the powers that be above the manager. He simply has not invested in the team, I am aware that they have just pumped vast amounts of money into the new stadium, but the squad needs strengthening. And, I also question Mr. Levy because if you are a football at Tottenham right now, surely you would be very happy? New stadium, great manager, some top quality players in the squad, you have a real chance to do something and achieve something so why would you be turning down a new contract? Because they know they won't be any more investment? or because they know they can receive more money elsewhere? Or because they do not feel appreciated? But, after those points, I also believe Poch should front some of the blame. He wanted to get rid of the likes of Danny Rose and Eric Dier last summer, and successfully offloaded Trippier, for me this was a mistake. Look at the right-back birth at the moment and they are crying out for one, Aurier just simply is not good enough and Walkers-Pieters is young and injured. Also, with the likes of Eriksen not wanting to sign a new contract, this has lead to him being in the starting team one week and out the next. Poch has to accept that he has made mistakes, but ultimately it is the board level problem for me. Poch should leave, he should go to Madrid. I think he is a very good manager, but the lack of trophies is alarming. Last point/comment i will say is, Is Pochetino an improved version of David Moyes? Both took average teams to heights (Spurs and Everton) they should not have been at, limited budget but overachieved. Both never one a trophy but did much better than predicted. For the sake of the club that employes Poch next, I hope is not a version of David Moyes.