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  1. Can't wait for three months of pictures of Kenilworth Road.
  2. I can't remember if I went in to detail in my GW37 post about players we could potentially sign. Either way Lerma was the CDM I had in mind on a free transfer. He'll add some much needed aggressiveness to our midfield which will help free up Doucoure. He's in the category of footballer that you hate playing against but would love him in your team with his off field work so I'm happy we've got this one sorted early.
  3. Yeah, can't say I'm a fan. At least you can't accuse us of making minimal changes to the kit every season, I guess...
  4. He was rejected by there academy at ten. All the Wigan fans made fun of him at school. His last girlfriend also supported Wigan.
  5. I wonder if the administrators are still claiming they should have a statue built in there honour for finding these buyers...
  6. Yeah, getting Ronaldo out was a real positive turning point. The Tottenham victory when he left early to attract headlines was a prime example of why the team needed him removed to move forwards. Ten Hag got fortunate that the likes of Pogba and Lingard were leaving as he was arriving, but he handled the Ronaldo situation well by giving him some rope and letting him do the rest.
  7. Yeah, credit to Manchester United. All you could have asked of Erik Tan Hag this season was to put out the fires they had with all the egos and imbalance of the squad. He's done that and delivered Champions League football.
  8. The only solace the rest of us can take away is that he is a hideous looking human being.
  9. Football Manager 2023 was the first time I really noticed a see of change online in regards to how people perceived the game. I know there's an always been an under current of people that have always been dismayed at the quality of the graphics and I don't think it's helped the franchise that Miles is a little bit of an odd ball. But I think people have hit a point where they're getting annoyed at the lack of major changes. So what changes would you like to see made for the new game? Here's the ones I liked to see... Newgen Faces - They're absolutely woeful to the point where it's borderline hilarious. Sixteen year old kids looking like a 40 year old man. Several world class players sporting the bushy monobrow. Jimmy McHeggarty being being black with a giant afro. Given we have mods where you can incorpoarate the Fifa regen and 'this person doesn't exist' faces in to the game I don't see why FM can't make a big effort to incorporate something similar. Director of Football Mode - This should be fairly easy, have a director of football mode where you can hire/fire the manager. I think it will be more popular than the draft mode and online mode. Set Pieces Need a Revamp - They should incorporate something similar to 'set piece takes' when you can select a preference on who stands where for corners/free kicks. It's a ball ache having to look at set pieces every game because the tallest players in your team change on rotation. Or alternatively introduce 'set piece coaches' who will look at the strength and weaknesses of your opposition and advise you (or do it themselves) on the most appropriate set pieces for each match. Either way the game should acknowledge I don't want my 5 ft 8 DM doing the same thing as my 6 ft 2 DM. Obviously the big stickler is the match engine, which is understandable as whilst it flows better than 10+ years ago, the actual graphics quality is pretty much the same. However i'd hold off on that for another year. Firstly to give them more time to produce something of a higher quality (i refuse to believe they haven't been working on something in the background) and secondly I don't think they'd improve the quality of regens and match engine in the same year and the regen faces annoy me more.
  10. A problem with some of the signings in January is they were bought to play the way Nathan Jones wanted with a target man upfront to feed off, which completely contradicted the pressing style preferred by the caretaker manager, which all completely contradicts the retaining possession style preferred by Russel Martin.
  11. Why are footballers so hell bent on showing how unintelligent they are?
  12. Southgate is a big fan of Eze, he was going to be in the preliminary squad for the Euro's before his serious injury. Johnstone is a little surprising, I know Nick Pope's distribution is the stick his critics beat him with but he's a Champions League goalkeeper now whilst Sam Johnstone may not be the number one goalkeeper for a bottom half club next season.
  13. Yeah, 400k compensation package to Swansea. I'm not convinced by him at the minute, his teams concede a lot of goals and he's been very reluctant to change his methods.
  14. Verstappen Verstappen, Perez, Leclerc 14th Norris
  15. I think Arsenal have dodged a bullet here. 22 year old behaving like a 12 year old.
  16. No one: .... Absolutely no one: .... OrangeKrush: YOURE ALL SALTY WERE IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!
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