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  1. Here's my thoughts: - When I heard the quote: "Every driver wants to win qualifying so you have nineteen other drivers behind you" I knew this programme was geared towards me. - Haas seem like the type of team you want to see have bad things happen to them just to see Gunther Steiner's reaction. - I'm glad I didn't find out until afterwards that Mattia lost his job as that opening scene when he's drinking wine reflecting with Gunther on how good life is would have been incredibly sad. - Christian Horner is so smarmy. You can tell he loves the cameras. I reckon he had a bucket list in the 90's that included marrying a Spice Girl and being a television star. - When Christian Horner said "shall we not do this in front of the cameras" you know he was secretly thinking "yeah yeah yeah let's do this infront of the cameras F U Mercedes". - Netflix have balls of grapefruits when it comes to Red Bull. The only beef I knew of was Verstappen's mum was calling out Perez for being unfaithful after Verstappen did not lett him past in the final race. Yet they told us about Perez being a family man for no particular reason as it didn't further any story. - The Schumacher episode was a let down. There's so much story depth they could have gone in to but they just portrayed him as a bad driver. - Otmar seems like a great guy. The type of manager that will put his arm round your shoulder when you're having a bad day. Go you, Otmar. - If Christian Horner owned the bad guy persona like Fernando Alonso does he'd become far more likeable. - George Russell wasn't the boring flid others portrayed him as. - Lando Norris is likeable but you can see the media in this country turning on him if he ever did have continued success - Zak Brown reminds me of one of those stereotypical fat loud Hollywood directors you see in American movies that you don't wish any good luck towards. - Baseing the AlphaTauri episode on the Japanese GP seemed like a great idea, until they didn't mention the Gasly Tractor incident at all. - Yuki Tsonda deserves extra points for being the only race driver not to turn down cake. - According to Netflix the missile attack before the Abu Dhabi GP wasnt worthy of inclusion. Thankfully we have to those crazy Spanish videos @RandoEFC showed us in the meme thread giving us accurate portrayals of everything that happened. - I want to know what this Red Bull 400k catering looks like. - I can't comment on Bottas or Ocon because, according to Netflix, they don't exist. - The choice to base the last episode around Daniel Riccardo when racing legend SEBASTIAN VETTELL HAD JUST RETIRED was, well, weird.
  2. Pole Position - Which driver will set the fastest time in Q3? Max Verstappen Podium - Predict the top three finishers in Sunday's race. 1. Max Verstappen 2. Charles Leclerc 3. Carlos Sainz Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's randomly chosen driver, Esteban Ocon. 13th Bonus Question - Which teams will have their cars knocked out in Q2? (Choose two teams and you will receive a point for each car from either of these teams that is eliminated in Q2 - a full house will score you a bonus point, so five overall). Haas and Alfa Romeo
  3. I guess the FA have an obligation to disclose enough evidence for him to plea. It's the only plausible explanation I can think for why this process has taken so long. I'd be interested to see how Brentford adapt without him for a long period. He's goal involvement percentage for them must be very high but they've picked up impressive wins without him this season.
  4. On the plus side, if Leicester do go down 'The Rise and Fall of Leicester City' will make a great Netflix series.
  5. That's about as close as we get to a confrontation. The Alpine episode is the most heated with the Piastri debacle.
  6. Christian Horner saying they overspent by 400k is weird. Surely the producers should have pulled him up on the actual number?
  7. People can knock it all they want but the reality is they get good attendances, good viewing figures and there's a lot of interests amongst a younger demographic of viewers who will be inspired by these people which is something boxing itself has struggled to do.
  8. Gunther Steiner is a class name. Sounds like somebody you could build a wrestling company around.
  9. World Drivers' Champion: Max Verstappen World Constructors' Champion: Red Bull How many different drivers will win at least one race? Five How many different constructors will score at least one podium? Four Which driver will have the most retirements? Kevin Magnusson Team-mate championship battles - which driver will score the most points from each team? Red Bull - Max Verstappen Ferrari - Charles Leclerc Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton Alpine - Esteban Ocon McLaren - Lando Norris Alfa Romeo - Valtteri Bottas Aston Martin - Fernando Alonso Haas - Nico Hulkenberg Alpha Tauri - Nyck De Vries Williams - Logan Sargeant
  10. I've got up to the Yuki Tsunoda episode. I'll be honest I wanted more beef.
  11. I was pleased. Guehi and Anderson showed they're a really good partnership and did an excellent job. Lokonga has fitted in well and makes our midfield more functional. Olise was our most threatening player. Mateta bullied the defence well but the finishing unfortunately just wasn't there.Five points in six games given our fixture run is a very good return. When you've got Jurgen Klopp on the touch line chewing through his latest set of veneers like an angry man on crack you know you're doing something right. On a side note Darren England once again was dreadful. He gets star struck whenever he refs a game against the greedy six and in an ideal world where the quality of refereeing is sub standard as opposed to abysmal his ceiling would be league two. How Naby Keita, Joel Matip and Jordan Henderson got away with multiple fouls after being on a yellow card is a sad indictment of what you're up against when you have a referee this poor against a big club. Fabinho came on and almost immediately committed two bookable offences. James Milner is another one who would have received two yellows if we had a competent referee. Liverpool had a free run because of him. What was he doing telling Trent to focus as opposed to booking him when he kicked the ball away as if he was a coach? Why did he give Liverpool a free kick when Allison dropped the ball? Blowing for full time when we had a corner after two minutes of delay just summed him up.
  12. Liverpool are very fortunate that the chances they gave us in the first half fell to Mateta.
  13. I'm surprised people expected him to play. Anderson's shithousing set him back two months. It's better to let him focus on other matches.
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