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  1. TomAVFC

    Villa Beat Rivals to Terry Signing

    With Brum!
  2. To be fair I do understand your point, we've been let down many times. Not definite but I am away a lot so can't always go the games, if you're ever wanting to go message me and if I am going to be away you can have my swipe card.
  3. 40m? Tell me that isn't true. I like Everton and it's definitely their turn to spend a bit but for fuck sake!
  4. TomAVFC

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    What have you been impressed by?
  5. There's my boy! Need a good solid Villa fan! I thought Samba was an absolute monster, and as you say, the opposition was shit but he looked in shape and committed whereas Richards looked like a fat piece of shite....which he is. I've seen a lot of twitter shit having a go at Dross, but I thought he was looking very trim! You taken the plunge on the ST this year, I did purely because it's so reasonable with the payment plan, it's like a phone bill.
  6. TomAVFC

    Villa Beat Rivals to Terry Signing

    Huddlestone and Assou-Ekotto linked. Ravel already training.
  7. Just saw us compared to Charlton. Ew.
  8. FFP is difficult, we came down with a mish mash squad of several managers on huge wages, and to follow that in a pursuit to return at the first time of asking we spent the highest figure in the history of the league, over 70m, on playing staff. We're cutting it fine. We'll have a profitable window this time around as Terry was free (wages excluded obviously) and we've already raised 10m via Amavi and Sanchez. We have another 6 or 7 players to sell and probably only another 2 or 3 to buy. To put it bluntly, we need to go up this year. No point being the richest club in the league if you can't spend it without breaking the rules!
  9. TomAVFC

    Villa Beat Rivals to Terry Signing

    Well they suspended betting on him going to Birmingham once it reached 1/10 on after Redknapps usual prostitution to the media, Blues fans pronouncing it done and taking the piss. Amazing hes gone from an amazing coup to an old wreck since it turned out he came to us....for less money. (Not that he isn't earning a fortune all the same)
  10. It's a loan again, I think hopefully there will be an option to buy, could well be to do with our FFP issues that we've not committed a fee to it.
  11. You can't rely on always being able to replace sold players with the same standard. Albeit, many clubs do so year upon year. Not that I am trying to piss on your parade, I really like Brentford. I'm just hoping your boy we signed has now found his feet and we can hopefully expect a better return, I think he'll be in the goals next year. Talking of Jota, Ive just read hes been left out of your friendly squad due to an imminent Premier League bid.....how do you think that story ends?
  12. A nasty little club for a nasty little cunt.
  13. Sam Johnstone signing this weekend apparently. I'll be pissed off if it's another loan (unless there is an option to purchase). Good keeper who at first I thought was a liability but who grew on me as the season went on. He can be a good long term option.
  14. If Sergi Canos or Ryan Woods want to go, then they will go, whether you hang on an extra window or not would be the only variant. Whose the best winger in the league? Another big statement. How do you know if you sell him you'll automatically replace him with someone who can make a similar impact? I like Vibe. He ruined us that dreaded night.