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  1. New Darmstadt kit!
  2. I am actually a little worried about our match with you. For whatever reason, we can never beat you guys - no matter what the table says or what form we are in. Will be an interesting match.
  3. I was just about to write that! If this carries on, Darmstadt and Bremen might actually end up getting promoted together.
  4. Which club? Darmstadt 98 Expected league finish at the begin of the season? Mid-table League spot right now? 2nd Best performance? The thrashing of the league leaders St Pauli. Worst performance? Our 3-1 loss against our all time bogey team - Düsseldorf. Best player, so far? Very hard to pick one out but Luca Pfeiffer has been the sensation of the year! Him and Tietz together form an amazing duo. Patric Pfeiffer has been just as amazing at the back with his partner Isherwood - fast and solid. Our midfield with the destroyer Gjasula not leaving anything to luck has been amazing. Bader, one of the best right backs we've had, and still so much potential in him. The list goes on and on and... Best young player? Riedel, was promoted to the playing 11 due to all the covid infections in the squad, did his job very well and got rightfully called up to the u21 national side. With time he'll get even better Player, who disappointed? Sobiech, I expected much more from him when we signed him but hasn't been as good and has lost his space. Still a decent centre back but has had a hard time against the rocks at the back. Overall mark? 9/10 Outlook on the season's second half and expected league finish now? The way we are playing, nothing seems impossible right now.
  5. We've been getting better and better every game, which is honestly amazing! The boys are playing like they don't have a worry in the world. So refreshing after last season!
  6. I've got to say, that's probably the best thing that could have happened to Werder in the long term. Am I now glad that he had left us!
  7. I've got to be honest, it definitely felt good to get one on Anfang and Rapp, don't really mind Werder though! I think Lieberknechts reaction to the Rapp assisted goal said it all for me. I feel like if we didn't have the first three covid games, we'd probably be in the top three, where I feel like we belong after our last few outings. To add to that, Mehlem is returning as well which will only make us more competitive! I feel like once Toprak and Bittencourt are fully fit and more importantly, Anfangs gets off his high horse, Bremen will look much better as well. Die Saison ist ja noch sehr lang, also mal sehen was da noch so alles passiert!
  8. I'm really looking forward to Sunday. Will be an interesting match regardless of the outcome.
  9. It's been a while but here goes nothing. Schalke 2-2 Karlsruhe Nürnberg 1-2 Rostock Kiel 3-1 Hannover Düsseldorf 0-3 Regensburg Sandhausen 1-3 Heidenheim Bremen 3-3 Hamburg Darmstadt 4-1 Dresden St.Pauli 4-0 Ingolstadt Aue 1-3 Paderborn
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