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  1. londonerlilie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    I'm in!
  2. londonerlilie

    Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    Happy Birthday @nudge! Have a good one
  3. londonerlilie

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    We've just signed a 6 foot 6 inch striker in Aaron Seydel. https://www.sv98.de/home/lilien/aktuelles/details/?tx_news_pi1[news]=8241&tx_news_pi1[controller]=News&tx_news_pi1[action]=detail&cHash=06c414098d086bdc954db0c45c5883f1
  4. londonerlilie

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Ahh it was worth a shot! Was hoping the computer would take him off my hands if I'm honest, worst piece of trade I've made so far
  5. londonerlilie

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    Unfortunately not, they ended up extending his contract at Bayern by another year to 2023 as well. Let's see how this year goes and how he develops, I'm sure they'll renegotiate then! Haven't signed anyone else yet though which is slightly worrying!
  6. londonerlilie

    2. Bundesliga 2020/21

    We've just loaned Lars Lukas Mai off Bayern.
  7. londonerlilie

    3.Liga and below 2019/20

    Thank god!
  8. londonerlilie

    Comunio 2020/2021

    Perfect! I won't be that far behind then.
  9. londonerlilie

    Comunio 2020/2021

    I'm down! Never played it before though.
  10. Und wir müssen uns bei euch bedanken, mehr TV-Gelder für uns! Da stimme ich dir auch zu, war eine ereignissvolle Saison, wir brauchen glaub ich alle eine kurze Pause. Congrats again!
  11. Aber sowas von! Da kam aber auch einfach zu wenig von den Heidenheimern daher verdient.
  12. I'm actually really into this game now!
  13. Herzlichen Glückwunsch @nudge! That seals it.
  14. Congrats Bremen! Should be game at this point tbh.
  15. Congrats Bayern. And here we go again! Maybe the most unusual and unpredictable year in our lifetime is ahead of us and with it another unpredictable tournament. The cup will, however, stay a constant for us. This will be the 78th year consecutive year with the DFB cup being played and hopefully will have just a few more people in the stands. Let's hope for another year of dreams being fulfilled and cheering fans on the stands so we can all celebrate the return of actual football because footballs with fans is simply not all that.