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  1. After finishing my private conversation few words about Bayern. The club is declining very fast, question is if BL is going faster down or Bayern. Hard to say. At this stage Bayern can play in my uncle Cup and not CL. What the f.... display of futility of passing that ball around for 90 min. I don't have to have any drinks to get dizzy after the game, back, forth, to the side and again, beautiful display how to gain statistics - touches, completed passes and so on, the rest is complete shit. BL is helping though, bunch of inept fuckers.
  2. Yeah, that's right around 1 month. If I come more often here I would endanger my mental system. For now 1 month is enough after reading few posts here I'm getting so called annal spikes to often so I'm trying to avoid them.
  3. So is Mr.W good for BVB or for share holders? I would like to read answer to that question from Tsubasa, would be nice to know.
  4. It’s funny that nobody appears to notice how BL sliding down the drain. Nowadays all clubs except Bayern are eliminated from European competitions. Borussia GOT 2 POINTS from Apoel after painful matches, Bayern now just play like any other BL club 2 years ago and is in front because the rest is shit. Everybody talk BS about this or that player and everything seems to be normal but if you watch Bayern games it’s unbearable (for me it is just 45 min and I go to get drunk) for the club of this statue, I won’t mention Dortmund here (just cry baby, and I get drunk after 10 min). What happened?
  5. Ha,ha, just play to get more money by Mr.W! You're free for proper money man! Everton? I don't think so.
  6. Are you trying to replace me as main critique of BVB or I maybe misunderstood your post? They're good for Mr.W.
  7. What about dried out sheep dick hanging around your neck as ultimate art statement, it would fit your slim look.
  8. There was not any outburst my friend! Any posts I do are against the hair and you have to get used to it or ban me. I just state what I think, you're liking it or not. I don't have any personal animosities and I only answer with aggression to posts which attacking me personally not the topic. Talking about Bayern, it's the team which lost any ability to attack opposition with sudden counterattack, I wonder why they need any strikers at all. Borussia on other hand is money machine in business of selling great players for big profit, every time they recover from the slump they will sell, thanks to Mr.W. We will see how they will do after losing great scout. Do you have anything against this post? Let me know. Merry Christmas to all!! (Hope it's not offensive to anybody on this forum)
  9. What the fuck you're talking about? Woke up from the stupor?
  10. So I look silly to you?!, I would like to know what is the basis for your statement, is it to make some traffic on this stale forum by generating some arguments or you just post some shit to get numbers on your account regardless of the meaning of it.
  11. I don't understand your logic, it's very convoluted but it's ok with me, I will try to explain it to you. I SUPPORT A TEAM NOT THE NAME (Bvb, Bayern, ManU or whatever - names). I supported BVB when they were the greatest team in the world (in my mind) at the time, they did not win CL cup by fluke that's ok but after that Mr.W dismantled that team with his policies and he is continuing his bright policies (money, money....... ) up to this day. Tsubasa always supported that guy and now suddenly he is supporter of some other team. If you were me you would move on, good advice but what it means my friend? And I look silly, maybe to you but if you look at history of my postings at predecessor of this board you would notice that I'm not so silly as you think my friend.
  12. Tsubasa the BVB management fan, whatever it takes get some money man! That"s Tsubasa? Tsubasa -BVB fan! BTW I've never been fan of BVB and I stated it many times, I was fan of their team (years ago) and what they showed on the field. I don't give a s... about the label (BVB), the same about Bayern. For now both labels are nothing, they don't have squad, they don't play the way I like, and they don't fit my idea of a team I would support. At least I stated what I stand for, what about you Tsubie?
  13. And one thing I want to mention, doesn't matter what happens I sign my posts with "korab", I don't change my avatar as time goes on. Whatever I post is under that avatar, here or somewhere else so you can trace me everywhere, good or bad. Hope nobody will hijack it. Bayern and BVB were shit tonight anyway, that's why german clubs are nothing in european competition.
  14. korab

    Star Wars

    And I will not change, I'm too old for that.
  15. Who is that guy? That's your answer? Photo of some bald guy? Give me something better next time, please!