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  1. Vader

    Edinson Cavani - Chelsea & Man Utd Linked

    He's good. Trust me. Much better than Suarez these days. You haven't heard of him recently because he's been injured and not playing, but still easily one of the better strikers in Europe.
  2. To be honest, I don't mind incredibly direct hoof ball football or counter attacking. When you put 10 men behind the ball though, you're putting yourself at risk at any point in the game. Try to double your lead or score another goal instead of holding a 1 goal deficit and then gifting the ball to your opposition so they get as many chances as they can get. Not only that but if they get a lucky long shot or you concede a dodgy penalty, then the tactic goes straight out the window. Whether its from start to finish or youre defending a lead late on.
  3. Sorry mate, that has already been used by me in the forum
  4. To be honest, I highly doubt the manager is the big elephant in the room at United by this point.
  5. What a goal. Manchester United suck.
  6. Parking the bus is the worst strategy in world football. You gift the ball to the opponents and give them double the chances they would get if they went for the attack just for extra shot cover in the box. Not only that but if you concede first, you're screwed without a tactical change. Attack is the best form of defence. Hold possession and limit the amount of chances your opposition gets while having some of your own at that.
  7. Vader

    Edinson Cavani - Chelsea & Man Utd Linked

    Cavani is better than ever if you ask me. If you've seen him for Uruguay, he carries the forward line as Suarez doesn't have enough in him anymore. Chelsea with a coup if true.
  8. Vader

    MLS Transfers and Rumours

    Actually, no. I haven't seen Pachuca in a long time. I have heard the name though and that he's decent.
  9. Transfermarkt got it wrong then. Point is made clearer now.
  10. Harry Maguire is not worth 80M. I'm not just saying it because of that goal. He is overpriced cos he is English. Van Dijk cost what, 84M if I'm correct? Not much more for a defender completely superior to Maguire.
  11. Since seeing your message about Fred, he has gotten a through ball, and 2 shots (1 on target). I think he's trying too hard to impress you
  12. Chris Wood scores for Burnley. Great finish really, though Maguire suspect during that goal. Let Wood run into the ball far too easily.
  13. Was it Mata who made that dummy? Great play. Martial should have shot sooner though.
  14. Vader

    Preolimpico CONMEBOL

    Ecuador lost 4-0 to Colombia yesterday, though they were missing Leonardo Campana so he can sign for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Still, I think this Ecuador side are a bluff. They've not shown anything since the U20 World Cup. Chile also beat Venezuela 1-0.
  15. Vader

    Other South American Leagues

    Juan Arce doubles their lead off a penalty.