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  1. In Federal system province/states have more autonomy and independent of central govt. Federal generates money and states are free how they spend their share. In unitary not so much autonomy for second tiers of govt and what power they have is exercised under instruction of centre.
  2. It thought it was some T20 cricket franchise by the name
  3. Germany the exception in Europe being a federation. China for obvious reasons a big country being unitary. Some other huge countries like Saudis, Iran, Kazakhstan being unitary despite their size but they're population wise small so I bet it works well for them.
  4. And a special shout out to the child miners in Congo
  5. In Arabia blood money of one human life was equal to 100 camels. This custom came from a legend of a tribe chief who had no sons for which he was ridiculed by others. He made a plea to God to give him 10 sons and vowed to sacrifice his 10th. He did fathered 10 sons and wanted to fulfill his promise but was stopped by others as it would be insulting and bad precedent for a tribe chief. Soothsayers told him to sacrifice 10 camels each time instead to fulfill the promise until 100 camels were sacrificed.
  6. Aladdin

    Songs You Hate

    Don't particularly hate a single song but I don't like some genres at all
  7. These current corp of African players in PL Salah, Mane, Mahrez are even better than Drogba, Eto'o era imo.
  8. 2006 was the last World Cup that had quality sides and entertainment, either one has been missing since then.
  9. 900+ dead in Afghanistan after earthquake. I felt some shocks last night in bed but I thought I was imagining, there are have quite a few lately I think its just me.
  10. The Face of Ka'aper. Wooden statue of a scribe from ancient Egypt dated around 2500 BC. The eyes are made from rock crystal and copper. Compare this to the shit statues of footballers they make these days.
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