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  1. This royal family is nothing compared to the Suadi royal family. They have 200+ members and everyone has enough wealth by inheritance they don't need to work for a second in their lives.
  2. UK airforce's largest cargo plane has so far made 6 flights from Pakistan to Romania, military equipment for Ukraine for sure. We apparently have Ukraine compatible armaments specially tanks. Same shit new theatre.
  3. Nice with the graphical layout !
  4. Many great philosophers and polymaths of antiquity had intimate relationship with adolescent boys. Though scholars and historians don't label it as pedophilia bcz those were different times.
  5. Fixtures Norwich v Huddersfield Solihull Moors v York Fiorentina v Twente Sevilla v Valladolid Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Wolfsburg v Schalke Bristol City v Cardiff Aalborg v Brondby
  6. Utd should sacrifice a black goat and red hen on a Thursday evening to get rid of this curse.
  7. Operation Northwood was a proposed CIA plan to attack American civil and military targets and blame it on Cuba to start war against them, but JFK refused. ends justify the means is the rule in deep quarters of state power.
  8. Benzema. He looks like a snitch when he smiles but is a fine player.
  9. Aladdin

    Off Topic

    Watches have some fine craftsmanship which is why I think they were valuable ornaments in older times. They haven't phased out completely for some reason.
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