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  1. The name Pakistan was also inspired from this region according to some documents
  2. Everyone says I look good in a big beard but its too much effort to maintain
  3. Sporting sucks, fluorescent green and its shades are becoming the default color for away/third kits and I hate it
  4. I don't know about German winters but we used to turn on the hair dryer inside the blanket in hostel, it warmed enough for a while.
  5. Honestly so much arguments would end on this site if people just reply this way
  6. Some weird banter between the two lately lol
  7. America must have the most mental Soggy Baguettes per capita if that's the case
  8. Do humans have a net positive or negative effect on the planet ?
  9. Nothing in this world is without consequences, sadly
  10. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has more members than 100+ countries population
  11. U.S. consumes 75% of pharmaceuticals of the world. It is also one of two countries that allows pharmas to directly advertise to citizens.
  12. Assange got harsher punishment than him
  13. Spanish authorities are putting the death toll at 30 but it looks far more from the images.
  14. Its about time people also realize how much influence Bible belt has in U.S foreign policy as well, they literally force decisions based on vague interpretations of scripture in the highest of offices.
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