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  1. Barcelona getting ripped apart and Messi losing his shit
  2. Azeem

    TF365 Memes

    With women this is standard protocol
  3. The aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and B-52 bomber are already deployed along with the troops that are already stationed there i.e Qatar. White House is reviewing military plans that could see the deployment of up to 120,000 troops to the region although Trump is denying. Arabs are in a full mode to have a war with Iran but for US it's not about Iran or Middle East in case if a war does happen but their main objective would be the containment of China and its growing influence in the Gulf. China is slowly displacing the dollar with its currency as the common unit in oil trade in the region a nightmare for US. You guys might not be so much bothered about it but the potential of something huge going off that will be spread out of the Gulf is there.
  4. Azeem

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Lock down has been lifted completely here, some things like schools will open in the first week of September. Hope we don't fuck it up
  5. Azeem

    First Goal

    55 40
  6. Azeem

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I like Putin, he's not an idiot unlike his counterparts Trump, Borris etc
  7. Azeem

    Members Pictures

    On the track to a lake in Kaghan Valley (3,800 m) elevation went there for the weekend apart from one glacier with a steep slope that freaked me out it was a pleasant experience worth the effort couldn't feel my legs in the end.
  8. Azeem

    World's Most Difficult Sport to Play

    By that logic web designing is a more difficult job than planting a chip in human brain because it has far more competition
  9. Azeem


    Apologies i was out without any network, didn't watched a bit but we came very close. Maybe 2-1 then
  10. Bartle taxonomy divides players in four types based on their actions and what they pursue in a game Achievers, Explorers, Socializers and Killers. It was initially developed for classifying multiple online players only. I'm personally an Explorer who likes Achieving but I'm not bothered to do games 100% all the time. https://matthewbarr.co.uk/bartle/ This is an online test for it
  11. Anyone seeing the riots in US
  12. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    JUST IN: Trump says generals told him Beirut explosion was likely due to a 'bomb of some kind'
  13. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Trump has called it an attack, case closed
  14. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    Their PM has officially called out Hezbollah for ' putting ' the the explosives there
  15. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    The sodium nitrate that explode was confiscated a year ago, fuck how come something like this is just put there for a year, pure terror deliberate or incompetence
  16. Azeem

    The Big Middle Eastern Thread

    2020 would've been incomplete without a Middle Eastern entry on a serious note even though this level of incompetence in these matters is not new in that part of the world, this is something more, lots of explosions happening in Iran recently too
  17. Azeem


    Abbas too, his numbers in England both county and international are up there at the top
  18. I think the top three teams should earn direct promotion, these play offs and then an one off final kills the essence of the league format. Finishing even one spot above after a 46 games season is a reward.
  19. Azeem


    Drunk tourists broke out a fight in the plane to Ibiza on being asked to wear masks
  20. Azeem


    We will win the Test series 2-0
  21. Azeem

    2020/2021 Kits

    This is the shade of green i hate
  22. Are all the rules clearly stated as black or white under all conditions in the rule book ? I get the impression some rules in football are in the grey areas.