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  1. I bet the aliens took the F-35. Must be a toy plane by their standards.
  2. This is the last serious ODI World Cup. De Cock Stokes and many more to retire from this format after this. It won't be seen as the biggest competition anymore, the T20 Championship will be as big or even more for next generation. The T20 WC will now have 20 teams means small teams will have more incentive to play in it.
  3. Shows the German efficiency that you never hear of German duds being found in Britain always the other way around.
  4. Is this the last season with the current 32 format ?
  5. It is bound to happen one day. You can't have the biggest Arab league without having the best Arab player of all time.
  6. Will Birmingham have halftime shows now ?
  7. Only watch Cup finals, CL KO games, WC and big derbies.
  8. I have fractured my nose after getting hit by a leather ball.
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