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  1. I have Hope !

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    2. Stick With Azeem

      Stick With Azeem

      He definitely is sencere to do what he has promised in his manifesto accountability for all but does he has a plan ? That's a big question mark and besides the system is polluted to the core even if he gets rid of the Octopuses their tentacles will still be creeping out there. 

      And the Khan we know through out his life never sells out. 

      Regarding the US, they are losing the whole region to China and Russia so they are the ones in hot water. 

    3. SirBalon


      A close friend and colleague of mine who's from Multan in Punjab tells me that the US under Trump are really unsettling and manipulating Pakistan right now by trying to get them on board against Russia and China.

    4. Stick With Azeem

      Stick With Azeem

      I said this in the recent American military buildup thread that because of being busy being policeman of the world since the dawn of the century US ignored the Russian and Chinese threat, now they both have a very real sense of bravadoism about them. 

      US has realized that but they may have started all those wars by their will but they can't finish them without considering all the stakeholders whether potential enemies i.e Pakistan, Iran and friends EU.