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  1. Yeah I'm not saying we didn't deserve to win, my point was that Southampton created a few decent chances against us and if they took one it looks totally different. We are in the driving seat but that's it.
  2. Hope not, put £20 on you at 3/1. Come on the new manager bounce
  3. The tie is nowhere near done despite what some of our fans seem to believe. Southampton made more chances against us last week than most teams have done recently. First goal is massive.
  4. £14 million? He's only got six months left on his contract too, got to take that and run. Unlikely he'd break back into the starting 11 permanently anyway.
  5. Not particularly bothered about the price tag, not my money so they can pay what they want. He improves the squad and has potential to improve under a proper coach in Howe so it's happy days for me.
  6. Friday 3rd February, 2023 Chelsea 2-1 Fulham, 20.00 Saturday 4th February, 2023 Everton 0-2 Arsenal, 12.30 Aston Villa 2-1 Leicester Brentford 1-1 Southampton Brighton 3-0 Bournemouth Man Utd 2-1 Crystal Palace Wolves 1-1 Liverpool Newcastle 2-1 West Ham, 17.30 Sunday 5th February, 2023 Nottm Forest 1-1 Leeds, 14.00 Tottenham 1-2 Man City, 16.30 Wednesday 8th February, 2023 Man Utd 2-0 Leeds, 20.00
  7. Saturday 28th January, 2023 Walsall 0-1 Leicester, 12.30 Preston 1-2 Tottenham, 18.00 Hannover 2-1 Kaiserslautern, 19.30 Marseille 1-0 Monaco, 20.00 Sunday 29th January, 2023 Melbourne City 1-1 Adelaide Utd, 04.00 Chelsea Women 3-1 Liverpool Women, 13.00 Real Valladolid 0-1 Valencia, 13.00 Livingston 1-2 Hearts, 13.30 Wrexham 1-2 Sheff Utd, 16.30 Napoli 0-0 Roma, 19.45
  8. This is probably going to be the tightest relegation battle for a long while. I think Leeds are in trouble, not been mentioned a great deal in this thread but I'm not sure Marsch has what it takes to drag them away from the bottom. Also think West Ham and Wolves will stay up.
  9. Saturday 21st January, 2023 Coventry 0-1 Norwich, 12.30 St Johnstone 1-3 Rangers, 17.30 Grasshoppers 1-1 Young Boys, 19.30 Fiorentina 2-1 Torino, 19.45 Sevilla 2-0 Cadiz, 20.00 Sunday 22nd January, 2023 Wellington Phoenix 1-1 Central Coast, 02.00 Sunderland 0-1 Middlesbrough, 12.00 Feyenoord 1-1 Ajax, 13.30 Hibernian 2-1 Hearts, 14.00 Juventus 0-1 Atalanta, 19.45
  10. Good stuff that @Dan Best score I think I've ever seen in a prediction league.
  11. Mike Dean still does VAR but retired from on-field refereeing.
  12. I thought the first foul was more of a penalty than the second.
  13. Warnock wouldn't surprise me one bit. I do think he'd be tempted back in as well.
  14. Bruno should have been taken off well before now. St. Maximin or Isak to come on and Willock to go in the middle seems the most sensible option. Please not Jacob Murphy.
  15. Unchanged from the team that played Leicester in the cup mid-week. Not expecting an easy ride today at all.
  16. Wednesday 18th January, 2023 Crystal Palace 1-2 Man Utd, 20.00 Thursday 19th January, 2023 Man City 2-0 Tottenham, 20.00 Saturday 21st January, 2023 Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea, 12.30 Bournemouth 0-1 Nottm Forest Leicester 1-3 Brighton Southampton 1-1 Aston Villa West Ham 2-1 Everton Crystal Palace 0-1 Newcastle, 17.30 Sunday 22nd January, 2023 Leeds 2-3 Brentford, 14.00 Man City 3-0 Wolves, 14.00 Arsenal 1-1 Man Utd, 16.30 Monday 23rd January, 2023 Fulham 1-0 Tottenham, 20.00
  17. I think today is a massive for Arsenal, if they win then it's probably the first time they become favourites for me. That brings it's own pressure but they do seem to have more about them this season than in previous years.
  18. Have a few mates who support Everton so don't actually mind them but the majority of their supporters just seem to have lost their mind judging by Twitter. They can't seem to decide who they want to blame, the manager, players or board. I don't think Lampard is the problem but he also isn't the solution.
  19. Each to their own. Personally I'm hoping both City and Arsenal win this weekend against our direct rivals for a top 4 place.
  20. I wouldn't get too worried about keeping up with Arsenal, can't see us catching them or City. This is another tough game but I think you're right when you say Fulham will come and play. I think we'll come through narrowly but they're having a great season so it wont be easy.
  21. Nevermind being sucked in, they're bang in amongst it now. It's so tight down there it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out without actually being involved in it for once.
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