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  1. I didn’t think that was particularly great if I’m honest but you can’t knock a point at the San Siro.
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    How’s everyone doing? Been pretty busy recently
  3. A gang had threatened to shoot him apparently and he acted in self-defence. The video circulating on Twitter looks nothing like him though.
  4. He has quoted me in this thread 5 hours ago and there’s nothing here
  5. I don’t really like him myself tbh but I don’t like Klopp either. I can’t really get screwed up about football anymore but 10 years ago yesterday would have hurt. Some of the over the top reaction from Newcastle fans is quite something though
  6. Punched well above our weight last season with the players we have. Howe’s subs were very odd too. Liverpool’s front 3 are a million times better than what we have, showed some class at the end two great finishes from Nunez. Fair play to the Liverpool boys on here be back in the top 4 comfortably this season
  7. Birmingham are definitely the surprise package so bar, been very impressive considering their financial issues too. Still very early though.
  8. It’s a great game for us to look forward to tomorrow. Be a bouncing atmosphere, two good sides and should be plenty of goals. Managed to get myself a ticket for the first time in a while so hoping for a good one.
  9. No qualms about last night. We could have perhaps shown more ambition going forward but that would have just left holes at the back. It’s a tough one to get right. Two games in and we’ve already played the only game I had written off as a defeat.
  10. I thought Spurs were pretty good after the first 20 minutes but not sure how much of that was down to Man United being very passive. Maddison looked great.
  11. Free hit for us but it’s a good game to get out the way early. Them playing last night may have some impact but I don’t think any team can go away to City and expect anything. Narrow loss.
  12. That’s a great idea but as Stan said far too sensible for them to implement. It was just scandalous how it wasn’t given. The first week of the season and already the first major fuck-up from the officials
  13. It’s genuinely incredible how a professional football referee could think that isn’t a penalty or isn’t at least worthy of sending the on-field official for a look at it.
  14. Great performance from us but I do think it felt a tighter game than the 5-1 scoreline. Bad week for Villa losing Buendia and probably Mings long term but they’ve signed well, be shocked if they weren’t in and around the top 8 even with European football to play this season too.
  15. I was meaning I can’t see a sign up/register button on the home page. All I can see is a sign-in one. Could be completely missing it though haha.
  16. I think Wolves, Sheffield United and Luton are massive favourites to go down.
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    What did whiskey say in the bugs thread before it got deleted?
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