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Status Updates posted by Large

  1. Honking Antelope and Lord Funkicus of Tit Town.

    1. Bluebird Hewitt

      Bluebird Hewitt

      That's a blast from the past. 

    2. Large


      Would love for them to get back on.

  2. We used to have empires run by emperors. Then knigdoms run by kings. Now we have a country...

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    2. Khan of TF365

      Khan of TF365


      What's not to handle ?

    3. Spike


      @Azeem it's probably the most vulgar word in the American vocabulary. Which is hilarious to people from the UK and Australia, because while it is also vulgar in those countries, it isn't seen as taboo.

    4. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      Wouldn't that mean they're run by counts?

  3. Sometimes I touch myself. :eek:

    1. Large


      Not often enough though.

  4. I miss Mafia Wars already. :58_disappointed_relieved:

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    2. Large


      Thst my friend could well be the back story for your next Mafia Wars. 😜

    3. Batard


      The mind boggles!

    4. Storts


      Could you ask Large to have another 24 hours of compliments to me so I can make the list 


  5. Bring me sunshine in your smile.

    Bring me laughter all the while.

  6. @Storts is definitely Mafia. Got a secret wave and everything.

    1. Cure


      Could be. :117_eyes:

  7. Well I suppose at least that means we won't be embarassed by Spain.

  8. Leaning to the side but you can't speed through.

  9. 8.5lb in one week. Soon you'll be calling me Notsolarge. B|

    1. DeadLinesman


      Is that your fishing haul for the week? :ph34r:

    2. Large


      Would be happy with that after my last outing. :D

  10. Bakin' soda, I got bakin' soda.

  11. How do you people drink coffe/tea with no sugar? It's horrific.

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    2. Cicero


      Because coffee and tea have great health benefits on their own. Don't want to spoil it by adding the number one thing that creates fat tissues, sugar. 

    3. Mel81x


      I find that the trick to convincing people of the benefits is to start weaning yourself off it very slowly and then you don't even care anymore. The other important thing is what kind of tea/coffee are you drinking with no sugar. If its cheap it will taste horrible otherwise its goddamn fantastic.

    4. Khan of TF365

      Khan of TF365

      I have started using Shakir instead of sugar natural and healthy but expensive

  12. McDonald's refer to frequent buyers of their food as “heavy users.”

  13. Apparantly true love awaits you at AfroIntroductions.com.

  14. Hakuna mutata.

  15. Carlsberg don't do forum members, but if they did.... B|

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