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  1. ITFC130619

    San Siro

    It sounds like the plan is to knock it down and build a new one for the 2022/23 season, with an alternative ground being used for their "home" games in the meantime.
  2. ITFC130619

    San Siro

    Search "last San Siro derby" on Twitter and loads of people are saying it is but nowhere official seems to confirm it.
  3. ITFC130619

    San Siro

    So how come that's the last ever Milan derby at the San Siro? I was under the same impression, but it being the last one confused me.
  4. ITFC130619

    San Siro

    When is the final game being played at the San Siro? It's a stadium that I've always wanted to visit and was planning to visit next season. However as last night's Milan derby was the last ever at San Siro, it has got me worried that this may be the last season at the iconic venue. Does anyone know when the final game is being played at the San Siro?