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  1. Scousermum


    Well done on giving up for so long. I would love to quit. I have tried several times but always start again.
  2. My cat Milo whom I adopted 5 years ago. he is quite a character.
  3. Aww sorry to hear that It is devastating when our pets pass away. I am still not over my dog who died 5 years ago.
  4. Was good. Myself, husband and my son watched it.
  5. Amazing. My husband and son are very emotional.
  6. This is one cute dog.
  7. Going to Majorca 1st May. Beats this shitty weather any day.
  8. Henderson is a joke full stop. I really can not stand him.
  9. Off to Palma nova on Tuesday, Really looking forward to it. Going for my wedding anniversary.
  10. Off to Majorca in 4 weeks.
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