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  1. CityTheBest

    Who Am I ?

    Stephen Hawking?
  2. He's a busted flush. The games moved on and he's been left behind. He'll never get a decent job again.
  3. What's happened to magic Mourinho? More magic in a wet weekend in Blackpool these days. The guy thinks he's the greatest manager in history.
  4. ??? I'm a 28 year old man. And no I won't blame VAR, I'll blame the referee for hopeless and giving United everything.
  5. Looks like it'll have to be suspended. Under those rules they'll have to give the PL title to the previous winner.
  6. CityTheBest

    FA Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Nice easy draw for City.
  7. Easy win for City, we are the superior team these days. 0-5.
  8. Liverpool have been lucky so far.
  9. How's it impossible?
  10. And that's exactly what they'll do.
  11. United got lucky here, The Everton player didn't touch the ball.
  12. It's West Ham, Norwich and Villa for me. Three poor teams.
  13. I think this is the beginning of a bad run for Liverpool. They'll go out of the CL to AM and the FA Cup to Chelsea, while their league form will also take a nose dive. Don't write City off is all I say, they are going to marauder back into this title race. City will win every game remaining so Liverpool are going to have to be ready or this title is staying in Manchester for another year.
  14. Another trophy win for the biggest club in English football. We passed the test And played in jest We have the vest! Villa were a pest But we passed the test And built a nest Oh City You are so witty Thanks for this little ditty And United are shitty
  15. The match has gone exactly how I predicted. Can we stop Liverpool hype now? They just had a good run, they won't win another game all season.