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  1. Very true. Just save time a give to City now.
  2. Maybe they couldn't stay out long due to coronavirus social distancing laws? Anyway City are on fire tonight. Give us the league title!
  3. My predictions 15. West Ham: 38, -19 16. Brighton: 37, -16 17. Aston Villa: 36, -25 18. Watford: 35, -25 19. Bournemouth: 34, -30 20. Norwich: 28, - 39
  4. CityTheBest

    FA Cup Semi-Final Draw

    Predictions City 5-1 Arsenal Chelsea 1-0 United City - Chelsea Final for me.
  5. CityTheBest

    2023 Women's World Cup Hosts

    It's probably safer than northern England and that has hosted a Women's Euro's.
  6. CityTheBest

    FA Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Predictions Sheff Utd 2-0 Arsenal Newcastle 1-3 Man City Norwich 0-1 Man Utd Leicester 0-2 Chelsea
  7. CityTheBest

    Club Rivalries

    City have won three Pl titles since United last won one. Thanks for reminding me.
  8. CityTheBest

    Club Rivalries

    That's in the past. Let's look at the present and future. United haven't won the CL since 2008 or the PL since 2013. They are history.
  9. CityTheBest

    Club Rivalries

    2019-20: City 63 pts, United 46 2018-19: City 98, United 66 2017-18: City 100, United 81 2016-17: City 78, United 69 2015-16: City 66, United 66 2014-15: City 79, United 70 2013-14: City 86, United 64
  10. CityTheBest

    Club Rivalries

    City's biggest rivals are United but I think the rivalry has mellowed since we surpassed them and became a bigger club. Liverpool are probably our biggest rivals now, and it is perhaps the biggest rivalry in England. Both clubs hate each others guts.
  11. How's that a problem. Most people do a working week of 5-6 days. I'm sure they can manage 4 days of football for 2 hours. Play the League Cup L32 on Monday, CL Wednesday, League Cup L16 on Friday, PL Sunday. You've already done two rounds within a week and you are already at the QF stage. It really isn't that difficult to get a cup competion in.
  12. That's a bit of a joke really, you can't have a competiton without the team that won it the last three times in a row. Just fit the League Cup in but tweak the schdule. Play 3-4 matches a week if you have to. Or just give the top 8-16 in the PL a bye and don't bother playing the earlier rounds.
  13. CityTheBest

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    That's probably going to change with those drink breaks being brought in. They will stay after the pandemic and last for 5 minutes, giving the TV companies a chance to put an advert break in. FIFA are trying to sell football hard to the US market.
  14. There's always a way as they say. Bribery for example.
  15. Then why appoint him the first place? Why wait until a pandemic? is it even safe for Warnock to manage considering he's over 70? It's just odd all round.