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  1. They finished 11 points ahead of them, always nice to see the 3rd placed team at least make the final.
  2. That release clause is only valid for a few days in July. Meanwhile Napoli will be trying to keep him, they are a tough club to deal with and it will be a long drawn out saga as always with Napoli under De Laurentiis.
  3. Ndiaye.. hoping we get promotion otherwise this is his last season with us, what a player. Our back-line were pretty much faultless as well, Hecky brought his A-game tactics wise and this will give us a much needed confidence boost with Middlesbrough creeping up behind us. Still can’t believe it and with Blackburn next there is a real chance now of a semi-final.
  4. What a legend, he’ll galvanise them lot now, those relegation places going down to the final days.
  5. Since you can be sued for online defamation, Mark Goldbridge (ex cop and all) has shot himself in the foot with that tweet then, even if it has been deleted; not to mention all the twitter detectives. …. If you google his name with the word rape you’ve got news outlets outside of the UK making it a headline including his name, so where does the buck stop…
  6. What if Sigurdsson is cleared of all charges though, which may be the case July 16th, would be interesting if a side took a punt on him and he comes back to haunt.
  7. Would have been nice to see a new name like Solihull make it up and make history rather than the same old clubs, shame really, especially since next season Wrexham are most likely going to splash some cash.
  8. What an absolute shitshow , lucky for United the media landscape in general is as cluttered as can be, so it’s going under the radar a bit in terms of the actual grandiose scale of a failure this all was.
  9. Just realised Pogba is 29 years old now!… wow, was always under the impression he was like 25 at the most. Horrible club level career, absolute flop. Lucky he has that French passport, otherwise the state of affairs would be even worse.
  10. A lot of sensational views in here, in my mind all the top 4/6 clubs have their trophies tainted by money or dirty money or even going back to the foundations of the Premier League itself. The worst armchair fans I’ve met in Sheff have either been Liverpool or United ones in fairness to Chelsea. I do wonder if/when the bubble bursts and we go to a German system of fan owned teams at the top, probably not in our lifetimes.
  11. Yea force of habit with the emoji, obviously it’s bleak stuff we’re dealing with here. And even more so that we live in a society where abusing your daughter is ok because he’s a multi-millionaire who gets you those fancy christmas gifts every year and ‘looks after’ her, so you don’t need to.
  12. The dad’s statement might as well read as “we’re gutted it looks like this boy’s money won’t be part of the family anymore”. Doubt that father would be as forgiving if it was a call centre worker dating his daughter.
  13. He set the tone when him and Foden smuggled girls into England hotels during COVID-19. Like how could you have the attitude these guys have when you’re gifted such a starting point in life.
  14. Not to be that guy, but behind the instagram filters and heavy makeup, his genetics are still pretty prevalent
  15. Historic day. Going to be a fiery next few years in the prem, it seems so oversaturated at the top but I guess it always seems that way before it’s all changed and there’s a new status quo.
  16. The hill just got steeper for Leicester, Arsenal & Tottenham, seems they can’t lobby against this now.
  17. Yep, and Pep knows that more than anybody, legacy isn’t complete without it, will always chip at him if he doesn’t deliver for them.
  18. CIty’s highest earner is KDB on £400k pw, Bild have reported Haaland is looking for £820k pw and Raiola doesn’t just want a big agent fee, he also wants a salary himself per year … for City to go there would mean shattering their wage structure and destabilising the dressing room. I’m thinking Real Madrid will be desperate to compete with PSG and go for Mbappe & Haaland.
  19. He’s a good short distance shot stopper and can pass a bit, Arsenal scouts probably like the fact it’s possible to play from the back with him. Unlike our last keeper Henderson who couldn’t really do that but was phenomenal at everything else unlike Ramsdale who is prone to error, especially when trying to command his area and deal with crosses etc. Sure, he’s still young.. you never know, but honestly still baffles me why you’re doing it. We’ll see.
  20. £30m total including £6m for appearances, still an odd one for Arsenal as Ramsdale has no in-between, he’s either really good or a total disaster, could be on the end of some proper AFTV meltdowns and has been relegated twice. I suppose if he’s needed for the HGQ then fair enough but we won’t miss him, so that in itself speaks volumes, our ‘Premier League’ buys under Wilder were all shite basically.
  21. Much better, as in it’s current state.. the king power looks like a generic default fifa stadium, this will add much needed character.
  22. They are looking to buy Ramsdale for £30m apparently, he’d be alright for us in the Championship but I’d bite their hand off for a fee like that.. Especially given our £18m fee was crazy money in the first place for him when Chelsea are signing Mendy for £22m and Villa signing Martinez for £17m, the English player tax just isn’t worth it.
  23. Looks great.. and much needed I’d say, as the Leicester ground does look quiet dull and generic as it stands.
  24. That’s the second highest fee they’ve ever received in the entire clubs history Only topped by a striker from Real Sociedad in the 90’s.
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