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  1. So far Chelsea & Liverpool have shared all the same score lines, game for game matching each other exactly.
  2. Maximin is a top top player, surprised he signed such a long contract there but what a get outta jail free card for Brucey he is.
  3. We’re sitting pretty at 17th, West Ham below us and they think they’re massive.
  4. Yep, and Pep knows that more than anybody, legacy isn’t complete without it, will always chip at him if he doesn’t deliver for them.
  5. It’s a damn shame he’s with Raiola, will taint his legacy as a certainty and what kind of impact he’s going to have long term, I suppose he could end up binning him like Insigne & Lukaku did, but even then.. once he’s on that kind of money at PSG or Real Madrid it will be hard for a Premier League club to demolish their wage structure for him. Ah well, Mbappe seems a bit more sensible and more concerned with legacy and following a certain path rather than pure greed, which is the only route with Raiola.
  6. Although, Mbappe has been playing central recently, while he’s young his best position is still wide areas not an attacking vocal point like Haaland and Benzema is turning 34 years old. It’s been said before but Premier League clubs simply don’t pay those astronomical figures for wages, that’s for the Spanish clubs and PSG, PL has the overall quality and the individual superstars go elsewhere, 825k pw for Haaland and Raiola salary.. Mad. Raiola’s clients never reach the very top for a reason, even his biggest clients never quiet polished their careers off right, trophy-wise and club-profile legacy wise. And never will, all mercenaries.
  7. Strange one for Chelsea considering Kovacic is having to make do with a sub role when Kante is fit, and why would Saul want the move in that case, suppose it’s a win win situation for them though since it’s just a loan with option.
  8. Shame about the red, entertaining up until that point for us neutrals but oh well. Tuchel the best manager in world football for me atm.
  9. And to think, Roma were desperately trying to take Xhaka
  10. The Times reported that KDB is on 385k pw, they are fairly reputable. In general, all the top Premier League clubs never go crazy high, which is exactly why Haaland won’t touch these shores with Raiola as his agent, only PSG & Real Madrid matching the 825k pw demand.
  11. Funny that. Suppose it’s more of an Athletico thing than Liverpool, Simeone’s style, a yawn came out naturally when they announced it just now.
  12. We’re all fed up of it, most boring tie of the lot feel like its been going on for years but probably hasn’t just feels like it.
  13. CIty’s highest earner is KDB on £400k pw, Bild have reported Haaland is looking for £820k pw and Raiola doesn’t just want a big agent fee, he also wants a salary himself per year … for City to go there would mean shattering their wage structure and destabilising the dressing room. I’m thinking Real Madrid will be desperate to compete with PSG and go for Mbappe & Haaland.
  14. This forum doesn’t have many or any bubble blowers does it?
  15. He burnt a lot of bridges and threw players under the bus so I can’t see it happening tbh. He had a big say in our Premier League transfer business and they were all shockers, has set the club back years. And that’s the reason he’s struggled to find a new job, as he’s an old soul who wants a lot of power in regards to who the club signs.
  16. Some terrible kits this season, that Juve one is an abomination and the Puma kits are the worst I’ve ever seen in the sport.
  17. Chelsea’s net spent really is incredible, best ran club of the oil and traditional lot. £523m in player sales… mouth watering.
  18. He’s a good short distance shot stopper and can pass a bit, Arsenal scouts probably like the fact it’s possible to play from the back with him. Unlike our last keeper Henderson who couldn’t really do that but was phenomenal at everything else unlike Ramsdale who is prone to error, especially when trying to command his area and deal with crosses etc. Sure, he’s still young.. you never know, but honestly still baffles me why you’re doing it. We’ll see.
  19. The consensus is that we won’t miss him.. so you have to wonder what’s going on here, the quality drop from Henderson to Ramsdale was earth shattering to us, no idea why Arsenal are doing this but hey, knock yourselfs out. Said in another thread, regarding the home grown quota but surely you’d just snap up someone from the academy or an old veteran from somewhere.
  20. £30m total including £6m for appearances, still an odd one for Arsenal as Ramsdale has no in-between, he’s either really good or a total disaster, could be on the end of some proper AFTV meltdowns and has been relegated twice. I suppose if he’s needed for the HGQ then fair enough but we won’t miss him, so that in itself speaks volumes, our ‘Premier League’ buys under Wilder were all shite basically.
  21. Yea, we’ll suffer for the first 10 games at least, as I mentioned here before, as bad as tonight was I stick to my guns in thinking the new boss will figure it out. Ramsdale to Arsenal done, as he wasn’t even part of the squad
  22. Real Madrid’s situation isn’t as bad as Barcelona and they have a good relationship with both Raiola and the Dortmund board, Benzema turns 34 in a few months and Haaland’s release clause brings everything down to a wage-war. Mbappe can’t replace Benzema, they need a centre forward. We’ll see.
  23. It’s pretty much Real Madrid nailed on, especially with them having a big clear out wage wise, and the release clause next summer is well within their reach, after the constant drama around Pogba I’m surprised any United fan would want a Raiola player ever again.
  24. Pascal moving at snails pace for the Greenwood goal, and now another one, will be interesting to see how Leeds respond, such an open game more goals to come.
  25. I don’t like this one, Liverpool very tight putting a promotion bonus in and no buy-option. You’d think that would be in their favour given how they rinsed us for Brewster. If he has a good season with us and we want to pay another 20 odd mill you’d think that would be in Liverpool’s favour.
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