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  1. Always thought there was something between them.. Swear Pogba’s ego knows no bounds
  2. I thought the Gibbs-White, Lingard & Brennan Johnson combo looked great for spells in the game, a lot of technical errors elsewhere though, not a fan of their centre midfield setup. Having said that, no team with Dean Henderson is getting relegated.
  3. Didn’t realise Saint-Maximin was 25, late bloomer, joy to watch, just one of those that make you all romantic about the game; that deal till 2026 really takes the pressure off Newcastle in the next few seasons too.
  4. They’ve got a great run of fixtures up until the 1st of October, so it’s a chance to really solidify themselves up there, couldn’t have asked for a better August/September fixture list. Few mates as Arsenal fans up here in Sheff, all talking about the title though so that’s definitely a thing within the fan base.
  5. Henderson is basically a cheap code for penalties, Kane was the underdog.
  6. He was our player of the season and that hurt.. because it was just a loanee but he was a sensation and the reason we were in the promotion play-offs. Big future ahead, bags of talent, smart signing (albeit transfer fee will make the headlines).
  7. Dean Henderson is a cheat code for any side like Forest, most important signing they could have made.
  8. Tuchel is 6’2 with a long arm, Conte has the energy but might be a bit too protective of his hair, depends how effective Conte is at punching upwards and both opponents skill set, who goes defensive etc
  9. Tuchel has outclassed Conte tactically for the what.. 4th? Time now. Officials have spoilt the game but fair play to Spurs as they stayed in in the fight against a better side. Chelsea should be just fine for a top 4 finish based on this start.
  10. Spurs very fortunate here, Chelsea far superior thus far.
  11. DNA

    2022/23 Kits

    They’ve now released a hatrick of quality kits, shame they’re in Serie B, won’t see much of it, if at all. Looks like they’ve used a similar gold material Manchester United wore for a 3rd kit back in the 2000’s, it was reversible.
  12. Henderson wages honestly worth it, was arguably one of the leagues best keepers when in similar circumstances at Sheff United, he was sensational under the pressure of being newly promoted; he’ll give them a lot of confidence.. It’s sensible business. Lingard though, I can understand as those wages are bonkers but at least Forest are showing some ambition, clearly not interested in being a yo-yo club; shakes it up a bit.
  13. Reports state it all came from him feeling ‘unwell’ in training. As stated, hopefully caught early enough and he can recover, access to the best care too.. worst start imaginable for him at a new club but I’m sure Dortmund will handle it with class unlike other examples with certain clubs.
  14. Bayern’s back line has cost so much, the fee for Hernandez was crazy and now this takes the biscuit. What is it with them and breaking all their spending habits for the full back position..
  15. DNA

    2022/23 Kits

    Horrible placement of the coppa italia badge.
  16. I know the re-design was before this takeover but why did they need to mess with the previous badge to some overly-simplified soulless thing that looks like it was made with those free business logo creator websites.
  17. Since you can be sued for online defamation, Mark Goldbridge (ex cop and all) has shot himself in the foot with that tweet then, even if it has been deleted; not to mention all the twitter detectives. …. If you google his name with the word rape you’ve got news outlets outside of the UK making it a headline including his name, so where does the buck stop…
  18. Such a shame that 91 point season wasn’t enough to win the title, football can be cruel old game, not one for the romantics most of the time, another one for the pile at Juve.. in contrast to an historic feat it would have been for Napoli. Massive signing for Chelsea, De Laurentiis held him down for so long (and fair play) but the time was always going to come and it’s Chelsea who benefit.
  19. Despite serious words from Yaya Toure and the like, it’s just been a bit of an in-joke amongst fans observing Pep’s squads and chalked off as a ‘coincidence’ but it’s just getting a bit odd now, that’s all.
  20. Yes, I’m sure that will silence Yaya Toure & Eto’o and their accounts of his behaviour. Whenever he has taken charge of a club, he usually eases out black players to have a whiter team, now at city he’s gone the extra mile though . I’m sure there will be sections of the white working class City lads who will lap it up but it’s getting a bit odd now to all just be a coincidence with Pep.
  21. I’m talking about his current squad, with all 3 out-going players being black with just the one remaining African player with a beneficial light skin complexion.
  22. Kyle Walker is English and the whitest going mixed race lad from Sheffield , if it wasn’t for being a famous celebrity he would have never touched African soil in his life. Man-city have the least black squad in the Premier League, led by a manager with a reputation for his dislike of African players, it is what it is.
  23. Who?.. Does anyone outside of City know these players, was talking about the first team and subs; players who will actually be part of the squad not random youth players.
  24. With Ake & Sterling now off, it appears Yaya Toure might have been on to something, Pep now has zero dark skin players at City.
  25. It was @Panna King who mentioned De Ligt prefers being on the right hand side, Ake is a left sided player. Noticed Ampadu (who can play as a full back) is part of Chelsea’s pre-season in America, surprised they haven’t done what Conte has done with Spurs players this season and left them at home. If he can’t set the world alight in Sheffield or Venice then he’s not doing much at Chelsea, gotta feel with their academy there is a better player just around the corner anyway.
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