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  1. I'm not denying that losing the season would be a big blow, but I would draw the line at literal billionaires wanting guys earning $70k to risk their and their families health to have a season.
  2. But how many owners couldn't afford to ride out the season? And how many of them have had their teams increase hugely in value? FC Dallas were worth $100 million in 2013 and over $200 in 2019. I'm sure Clark Hunt would still be satisfied if he had to sell and was only left with the Superbowl Champion Chiefs under his ownership. If you can't afford to pay the bills, perhaps you should sell the house.
  3. Sorry, my point was about Vela pulling out isn't going to be the last one. NBA players are dropping out and don't seem to trust the NBA to get it right. If a league with that much resources and money can't be trusted to get it right, what chance does the MLS have? I'm sure Mr Kraft would be able to stick his hand in his pocket to refund the season ticket holders. Apologies to the owners, but shit happens and they can't start opening stadiums when the country is in crisis to make their money. This wasn't a guarantee to print dollars when they bought it, time to suck it up like the rest of us.
  4. If NBA players don't trust that league to figure it out, I can't think that MLS wouldn't be any better.
  5. It's been a complete farce and should be abandoned. It's been badly thought out and trying to balance all the scenarios at once. These billionaire owners have to just cut it that they'll not make their money this year.
  6. Why are international break so short, but frequent? (At least at the beginning of the European season) What if, instead of a two week window to play two games and travelling time, there was a three week window to complete four games? Scrap the September and November international window and extend the October and March international window. Instead of 3 potential match club days for 2 games, 5 potential match club days were used for 4 games. Freeing up 2 potential match days for club football. It would also cut down the amount of travel time for players playing their club football in different continents. And would probably raise the standard of international games as they are less thrown together a team in a short period. It would probably reinvigorate international football to an extent too. More focus on them for a longer period and less of a 'break' that people associate with international games.
  7. Examples like the ABA or the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) show that it can work in other sports, and as a result of smaller countries banding together to try and compete with larger nations.
  8. Looking at what they've proposed in Ireland, they have proposals to try and ensure the future of the domestic league at the same time.
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeNe_League Their female leagues were combined for three years between 2012-2015.
  10. Could multi country leagues work? For smaller countries, competing with the best leagues is getting too tough and need innovation. Other sports have it, could football? Fans in Ireland have researched and are looking to develop their proposals for an 'All Island' league. https://allislandleague.com
  11. The Futbol calendar will be adjusting for a while with the current situation. Should Brazil take this opportunity to sort out some of their current issues?
  12. Is it just the World Cup qualification you'd object to merging? What are your thoughts on a permanent Copa America with the ten South American teams and six North American teams? Decided with the World Cup qualification system. What about introducing North American teams into the Copa Libertadores? The competition is already saturated with Brazilian teams and would introduce some potentially massive markets to have the competition grow.
  13. Would make sure that only the best teams would qualify for the World Cup. Qualification system would have to dramatically change. Would also make a better Copa America, and avoid having Japan or Qatar in it. It also would also effectively replace the Gold Cup, which has a lacking interest. Would enable the Copa Libertadores to add teams from Mexico, America and elsewhere within North America. Grow a bigger audience, expand your revenues and enable clubs from these regions to compete with some more European clubs. Thoughts?
  14. ... how would you turn around this sleeping giant? Who would you put in charge of the club? Who would you be appointing manager / head coach? Would you appoint a Director of football / General Manager? What type of players would you target? Do you concentrate on short or long term for training facilities? How would you win the fans back / attract more fans? What other things would you invest in? E.g. More support for the women's team, refurbish the stadium.
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