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  1. TrstnFCB


    I can appreciate most cooking personally. My least favourite though is probably Japanese, or at least sushi/sashimi (have had other Japanese food that I've liked though). Anything that so much as touches seaweed makes me want to vomit. Also not that big a fan of Italian food, though I'll certainly eat it. Favourites are probably, German, Thai, Greek, Ukrainian/Russian and Indian.
  2. Yeah Rudy has definitely been one of my favourite players so far this season. And as for Kimmich, if he keeps up the way he's been playing over the last couple seasons I'm pretty sure he'll even end up surpassing Lahm in his prime considering his current quality.
  3. TrstnFCB

    Canadian Premier League Gets Green Light

    The same reason why people follow the Ticats and not the Argos perhaps? Hamilton is only slightly smaller than Ottawa and by far the 3rd largest city in Ontario. Traditionally Toronto is pretty much the only urban area in Ontario that consistently has its own sports teams other than Ottawa (NHL and CFL) and Hamilton (CFL), but its not entirely unheard of for a city the size of Hamilton to have its own professional sports team. That said, Toronto is pretty much the most culturally/ethnically diverse city in North America so the success of TFC in building a strong fan base here owes quite a lot to that. Even when you look at TFC ultras they borrow a lot from the Premier League and Bundesliga. That's also the primary reason why I don't think a Canadian league would work. The sport is particularly popular among immigrants/children of immigrants whether from Europe, Latin America or Africa. Toronto is home to such immigrants/children of immigrants in abundance, and cities like Montréal and Vancouver as well, with cities like Calgary and Edmonton to a lesser degree. When you consider that as popular as hockey is here, smaller cities like Québec and Winnipeg (even Ottawa decades ago) struggled to keep their NHL teams afloat financially in the past, I don't think there's a chance at all for a professional soccer league to develop in Canada. Or at least under a professional franchise system. The interest isn't there beyond maybe 3 or 4 urban areas. Even with hockey, while people do certainly follow the team of the closest urban area, there's a lot to be said of supporting local minor league teams. Hamilton is pretty close to Toronto by most standards, but definitely not a suburb. It's its own city and the third largest in the province. Again looking at the CFL you can certainly see that people would indeed support a local team. The MLS is still pretty young and Hamilton's own demographic is still pretty young. People are moving there in droves these days because housing tends to be much cheaper, and a lot of them are younger people and young families. Those are the types of people that seem more likely to me to support a fledgling local team. That said, I think with TFC's recent successes in the league you can certainly see that Canadian soccer (to distinguish from the CFL) can indeed improve and excel despite not having its own league. What's needed is a focus on developing Canadian players, which TFC is helping along with the way its academy has been growing. That said, outside of bigger urban areas I can't see the sport ever becoming popular in the country. As mentioned above, its biggest potential lies in immigrants and children of immigrants. There aren't enough areas with that demographic to ever make the sport particularly popular here nation wide. Not to mention that in general we don't have the population to finance professional sports teams beyond a handful of major urban areas.
  4. TrstnFCB

    Mobile Phones

    Have a Huawei P10 Lite. I'm not a big cell phone user or any of these social media things so can't say much about it. It's good for texting, taking some pictures during hiking/camping and I use a couple of apps (FitNotes for gym and a beer app to remember new beers I liked), but that's about all I do with it.
  5. Night and day the way we're playing so far again after Jupp's return. We need someone with his old school and no nonsense approach to take over at the end of the season. Not all the problems are fixed on the pitch yet obviously, but what a change. Also like Jupp's back to more traditional values approach in how he manages the players in training and off the pitch. Team meals and common sense approach to nutrition, cell phone ban (Alaba must be suffering), rigorous and well-rounded training, respect to fellow teammates and everyone within the Bayern family. Love that he banned the "health bars" that Ancelotti's son-in-law was supposedly feeding the team. The more gets revealed upon Jupp's return the more we get the sense how ridiculous things truly had gotten.
  6. Don't even bother, dude. Korab's been spouting nonsense on TFF and other forums for years. At this point it's clear he's either a dedicated troll or a total basket case. Pretty much none of his posts can be taken seriously and there's no point in attempting any kind of genuine conversation with him. Sometimes he can come out with some real doozies (especially in the BVB thread) that are good for a laugh, but that's about it.
  7. I can't even begin to express how unbelievably happy I am right now. This is fucking amazing!
  8. News has been confirmed...guys...I...I think I'm having a heart attack...the most joyous of heart attacks...
  9. Yeah the minute they showed the replay I was pretty sure the best case scenario would be a pretty nasty meniscus tear. When I saw he couldn't even put any weight at all on it when he was being carried back figured it was probably worse. The times I've torn mine my leg felt like total rubber but could still manage a pathetic slow hobble...Ribéry couldn't even manage that. Feel really bad for him, but he really needs to know when to call it quits. It may be tough for him to admit, but at 34 with constant injuries its time to move on. Every time he recovers its only a matter of time before the next issue arises like clockwork.
  10. https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2017/10/2/16395866/carlo-ancelotti-firing-reasons-arjen-robben-giovanni-mauri-poisoned-atmosphere I knew the training sessions under Ancelotti weren't great, that you could tell just with the way passing has suffered for example. Going between him and Guardiola was between two extremes where training is concerned with Guardiola only training passing and rarely shooting or penalties and Ancelotti barely any passing drills at all. Anyway, hard to decipher fact from fiction, but nothing claimed here sounds out of the realm of possibility and seems to add up. That said not sure Ancelotti and his staff is the only one to blame since there are other issues that exacerbated our mediocre performances (ex. lack of appropriate options on the wings, not to mention behaviour of some players that's inexcusable).
  11. Good article from Bavarian Football Works about the present situation after today's draw: https://www.bavarianfootballworks.com/2017/10/1/16392402/recap-result-five-observations-bayern-munich-hertha-bsc-bundesliga Mostly agree with it. Disagree a bit about the point about Thiago. Not so much about his importance to the team because he surely is important to us, but as far as his role today. "Control" would not be the first word coming to my mind when talking about the second half of the match. We lost any control we had after Duda's response to Lewy's goal. After that we looked totally disorganised across the board with little to no redeeming features after that point. Not sure what to think about the coaching situation. Keep seeing unofficial confirmations on twitter that Tuchel is taking over. I'm of two minds if that's the case. There's no doubting he's a talented coach and could solve many of our problem, but could also be more like throwing water on a grease fire with team mentality and morale being what it is now. Let's see.
  12. TrstnFCB

    Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 7

    Same problems different match. Just very low morale and team work again today. Obviously Sagnol is not the long-term solution (though it would have been nice honestly for him to defy expectations), but we need someone who can calm things down and bring back a more positive mentality to the team. Hertha played really well in the second half and responded well to the pressure while we totally collapsed under it. First half was decent but second a total clusterfuck. Ribéry out probably for a while. Feel for him but he really should announce his retirement, maybe then the board will put an end to this charade and invest in a new winger or two. The last few years we've been reacting to problems as they arise instead of preparing properly for the future. Too many stopgaps and not enough foresight like the board wanted to ride out the glory as long as possible without preparing for the future. They did that with the centre back situation when they were crowding the midfield when Guardiola was here and now the ongoing winger situation of the last few years. The only positive out of today's game was seeing Martinez back as DM. Not that I think we should write off this season obviously, but we need to think more about the future now than just the present season. You'd think by now we'd have learned from the past by, but think the CL win created a few years of delirium for the board.
  13. Schalke 1-2 Leverkusen Gladbach 2-1 Hannover Frankfurt 2-3 Stuttgart Augsburg 0-2 Dortmund Wolfsburg 1-1 Mainz Hamburg 1-1 Bremen Freiburg 0-2 Hoffenheim Hertha BSC 0-3 Bayern Köln 0-3 Leipzig
  14. Was really busy this week so wasn't able to keep up with much news, but had a strong feeling this would happen after we lost to PSG. Personally hope this signals a more back to the roots mentality. Would like to see us get a coach who at least spoke fluent German before coming to the team... I'll go against the grain a little here and say I don't think we need any "world class" rated coach this time around, but a coach who can make us tick and work as a unit the way Jupp did. That doesn't necessarily mean a coach deemed "world class" by non-Bundesliga fans. I think anyone who thinks Boateng is overrated hasn't watched him much. He's been an absolute hero for us more times than I can count. I rate him over Hummels frankly. His only real downside in the past was his temper or needless fouls, but he's gotten a bit better with that over the years. Also the reason he hasn't been starting much lately is because he's just coming back off a lengthy injury, nothing to do with actual quality or performance. Süle is absolutely a great defender though and should be starting over the likes of Martinez any day. Martinez has been the one mistake both Ancelotti and Pep made. His time as defensive midfielder was phenomenal, but as a centre back he's a mess. I totally disagree with anyone arguing that we need to make more "high profile signings." Our club history says otherwise if you compare us to big non-German clubs. It was often smart signings that others overlooked entirely, or bringing young players up from the academy or elsewhere who turned into long-term stars that has made us what we are. I don't much give a shit about "big club status" or taking the approach of the big English and Spanish clubs or the likes of PSG. There is nothing wrong with our players at the moment, what we've been severely lacking lately is motivation, team spirit and appropriate tactics. I also do like our recent signings, particularly Süle, Rudy and Tolisso. The only mistake we made was not bringing in at least one new winger after Costa left. Anyway, we'll see what happens after the international break.
  15. Bayern 5-0 Wolfsburg Leipzig 2-0 Frankfurt Hoffenheim 2-1 Schalke Bremen 3-1 Freiburg Mainz 1-1 Hertha BSC Stuttgart 1-2 Augsburg Dortmund 3-1 Gladbach Hannover 1-0 Köln Leverkusen 0-1 Hamburg