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  1. Bezos and Musk have never done anything community oriented in their lives except take giant shits on people.
  2. Nudge is correct, John's post has very little to do with the subject matter of this thread, which is actually about neo-nazis and holocaust deniers.
  3. Mainly the homosexual pornography I'm forwarded @Dr. Gonzo
  4. Spike

    Off Topic

    I ate a hamburger too quickly and now I feel awful
  5. Kante is old and injured and Kovacic sounds like he is getting sold.
  6. Spike

    Off Topic

    Already on the second bottle of plonk too
  7. Didn’t you live there for a long time or something?
  8. China is easy to handle. ’would you like to work together in a trade partnership?’ ’ok’ ’sorry about the earlier threats, old sport’
  9. Pennsylvania is a state in the rust belt which is a geographic area of the USA which was economically destroyed when manufacturing was outsourced. The 50s was the beginning of the economic devastation for millions of Americans.
  10. Mount is a great player. Strangely underrated, people would have gone mad for him a year ago.
  11. This is exactly what I mean, Bayern has spent half a billion on defenders and they need to spend another 100,000,000 on a midfielder to help the defence!
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