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  1. He was, because football is more than results. Watching your team negatively approach games each week is boring and when you’re a club like ours substance, flair and desire are what we love.
  2. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    I believe that’s the impression given, but in my experience the hate is mutual. No argument that the rivalry from them to us is less important than Chelsea or Arsenal. I agree with @Storts about the atmosphere being better because of real hostility. In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the major draws to following a club. Imagine rivalries like Man United and Liverpool, Rangers and Celtic, Cardiff and Swansea if it didn’t exist? Derby games are the most sought after tickets as well from groundhoppers. I plan to get my Old Firm fix next season, even if I have to pay through the nose.
  3. I agree with that approach, especially when thinking about my own club. The thing is, we pay extortionate amounts of money to watch unambiguous football, so if a young manager try’s and fails to get his philosophy going, the price could be relegation. Now as you rightly mentioned there is a financial impact to dropping divisions and that’s the sad reality that the numbers on the balance sheet mean more than the clubs DNA which is why Paulis, Warnock, MOYES are wheeled out to stable clubs and as we’re seeing now with the self proclaimed winner, it doesn’t always pay off.
  4. West of West Ham

    Liverpool Discussion

    Good on them and I hope it’s a family memory they’ll remember forever
  5. West of West Ham

    Liverpool Discussion

    What’s it like winning the big one lads? It’s not something I’m ever likely to feel with two dodgy midget porn barons and a stuck up twat VC. The closest I’ve experienced to footballing Nirvana was the playoff wins. Celebrating all night, powder on tap, getting on with strangers and waking up with the most almighty hangover with a smile! It would have been topped in 2006 if not for Stevie G, so I need to live vicariously through Liverpool fans for 5 minutes before going back to reality.
  6. Fully deserved. They've been magnificent. Champions of Liverpool. They’re not English apparently, well apart from my wife and in-laws
  7. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    I can attest and sympathise with to poor ownership/management. It follows us each time the club is sold from one blood sucking crook to the next. Spurs seem well run from the outside now, but it appears only to generate more income and not trophies and that’s indicative of the modern game in general, which ties in nicely with your second paragraph. The move to the LS was motivated to enhance the wealth and profile of three crooks, not the put the club on an upward trajectory to compete. There was no rhyme or reason to move when the club had existing permission to rebuild the Chicken Run stand at Upton Park. 45000/50000 would have been perfect for us. I do disagree with your point regarding Chelsea and Abramovic though. The money helped them, no doubt about it, but as much as it pains me to say it, a revolution was taking place at Chelsea the minute Hoddle walked through the door. The 90s were good to Chelsea and the early 2000s weren’t bad either. Plenty of cups and Champions League qualifications pre-Abramovic, but his money enabled them to take the extra steps to winning the biggest prizes. Still a plastic club who’s core support have been forgotten, but I can’t deny their success before the dodgy oil baron bought them.
  8. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    Better than us? Absolutely. Bigger than us? Absolutely. I’d go as far as to say Spurs are London’s second biggest club and for me, controversially, domestic support is what I base that on. That said, there is a general opinion that Spurs are arrogant, that they carry themselves like champions with two league cups to show in the last 25 years. I’m not denigrating those cups, I’d love us to win one, but Spurs supporters think of themselves as an elite with nothing to show for it. I’m sure you’d agree that Spurs are most hated club in London amongst the other supporter groups, which is why you have three intense rivalries. You’re Arsenal and Chelsea’s biggest rivals and our second.
  9. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    I knew this was coming. I’ve a lot of Spurs mates and I’ve been to several games between the two and my first-hand experiences is that the hate is very much mutual. You always get the wallys online playing it down, but in real life it’s a very different story. You mentioned games between Spurs and Chelsea are very rarely dull affairs, likewise with us and you. It especially picks up when Spurs have something to play for and you come to ours and fluff your lines. West Ham are the hurdle you can’t jump when you’re challenging for league titles or Champions League spots after a dodgy lasange! I fucking hate Spurs and enjoy the arrogance of where you think you are when it all comes crashing down around you, but you’re not Millwal, that’s another level of spite.
  10. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    Absolutely and I think the Premier League will benefit for a renewal of the Leeds/Man United rivalry. Leeds in general to be honest, which for me is a shame if we miss you boys by swapping divisions. I think a lot gets lost in modern football and superficial rivalries are created. Leeds and Man United is genuine and the league will benefit, just it would if Portsmouth found their way back, or Forest and Derby... Two trips to look forward to next season!
  11. I hear this a lot from those outside of our club that they don’t see the hype around Rice. I thought he was our standout player yesterday, playing some lovely passes, reading the game well and intercepting play. He’s a worthwhile buy for any club, I just hope everyone else sees him as a hype job and he stays.
  12. West of West Ham

    Club Rivalries

    How do you feel about your rivals? Do you buy into the traditional rivalries, modern rivalries or do you have you irrational hatred for another club? I’m a traditionalist and regard our biggest rivalry with Millwall. Despite not being in the same division often, the intensity of the rivalry is felt in the build up to games, before during and after. I’m lucky enough to have experienced the games home and away against Millwall and there’s nothing like it. It’s the closest thing in English football to the intensity of Rangers and Celtic. Obviously, for those on the outside of West Ham and Millwall they think of the violence, which is part of the history dating back to the 70s, but it’s much more like two warring brothers. We’re two sides of the same coin, very similar supporter cultures, historically inner London working class support comprised from the local areas around the clubs and our outlook on life is similar. Despite the similarities, nothing beats turning them over on the few occasions we meet. They had a grip on the fixtures from the early 90s to 2009 which we finally ended, winning 3-1 during an infamous League Cup tie, which is more famous for the violence than us finally getting one over ‘Wall. The fallback of that fixture is that should we ever be drawn against one another in a cup, they’ll put the balls back and redraw the fixtures. I don’t know if that remains the case, but it was said at the time. As we stare another relegation in the face, our attention from our other London rivals will be switched from N17, N7 and SW6 to SE16. While none of us want to go down, there’s plenty of excitement for renewing rivalries with Millwall. Others I can’t stand are Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and an irrational hatred of a Crystal Palace. The latter aren’t considered rivals, I just find them and the whole Ultra thing cringe. The nickname ‘Nigel’ has never been more apt.
  13. West of West Ham

    Liverpool Discussion

    Clubs like Liverpool should have a conveyor belt of youth to come in and begin to push for chances, not just off the shelf proven players you buy in. Post COVID-19, we could see clubs having to rely heavily on their youth, which to me is a good thing. imagine another Gerrard coming through.
  14. Dreadful, bar a few exceptions. I don’t see a way out for us and I’d say relegation is almost a certainty. Rice goes to Chelsea, Bowen gets a move due to a release clause, the rest are sold off and we’re left with Noble and Cresswell. If/when we drop, the club will remain in decline until we get a board with ambition, strategy and finances to move the club forward. Right now I see us as the next Leeds or Sunderland.
  15. West of West Ham

    Rangers Announce Castore Partnership

    I always keep my eyes on events at Ibrox. While the capitulation in January came of the blue just when I thought the famous were going to race to the title, things have got significantly better under Gerrard. Hopefully the final piece of the puzzle next season, mate.