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  1. James was always pure class, unless with Kovac and Zidane.
  2. Alex Telles from my club might sign with United this offseason. He's a decent left back but don't think you will sign some Alex Sandro type player. Telles is limited in many aspects, he can't win a 1-on-1, he's kinda dumb deciding and that's why he crosses from every spot of the pitch a lot of times just because he has someone in front of him blocking passage. His numbers are really inflated as almost every goal he scored was from penalty and most assists were from set pieces as Porto almost only scores through set pieces. I think it's a good player for 20-25M, any more than that it's kinda too much for a player with clear problems.
  3. Takezo

    The Photography Thread

    Was trying something like Tarkovsky.
  4. Takezo

    Primeira Liga - Portugal

    Taremi looks like a good signing from what he did at Rio Ave, the thing is he will play for a manager not ambitious at all on the pitch, someone that doesn't like football but thinks he does. He might be able to make us better, but I doubt very much he won't stale with us at some point when all we do is kick the ball 50 meters and cross from anywhere if things go south.
  5. Carrillo coming up at Sporting was a promising player that people really expected things, and he did come up at a time where Sporting was being shite every season. So, between him being inconsistent, Sporting sand bagging, he had a late start to his "career". People also thought he would go north to Porto and be like a lot of ex-Sporting players and be amazing with us, but when things looked like they would happen, the people at Sporting that loved to be eaten alive in deals with us got kicked out of the club. His career remained inconsistent with Leo Jardim and Marco Silva, but then he really looked like he was about to explode with Jesus. Thing was in October he started to refuse contract talks because he wanted to go to the neighbor next door, Benfica. Jesus really tried to force the board to allow him to play André, but the president decision was definitive and Carillo was out of the team with disciplinary process for not wanting to renew with Sporting. Then comes next season and Carrilo never looked good again, actually it looks like that year off training alone while battling with Sporting kinda ruined any hope for his career.
  6. Idk if you are aware of what's happening, but we are already paying the 40M buying players from his catalogue, although some are kinda fancy. But this is how he operates, the money probably don't exist or is just some fictional shit for trades that move his money.
  7. But lets be honest too, he played mostly in the final part of matches we weren't creating enough and in a team that plays in a way that's incapable of potentialize him. Those number don't say much tho.
  8. Takezo


    At this rate Porto is going to sell the whole UEFA youth league championship squad to Wolves, that btw is the most promising youth intake we had in 20+ years and one that made our youth teams look pretty good in forming players. Not only they botched when they let João Felix go to Benfica when he was 16/17, now they are fucking the rest.
  9. I'm sorry, I'm going on a rant about this shit right now because Vitinha also signed with Wolves. People that believe this was really 40M don't know how Jorge Mendes works between his laundry clubs; Benfica, now Porto, Valencia, Wolves, Lazio, Braga, Rio Ave, and many more. I know Fabio Silva didn't have much time to play, but this is another transfer just like Bernardo Silva 6 or 7 years ago, iirc. This dude is the 3rd most promising youngster in Portugal of the last decade only behind Bernardo and Felix, and the most promising portuguese striker since what feels like ever! 40 mendilhões is fictional money like monopoly money, but let's ignore it for now. This dude should've made his name at Porto before being sold, but that's not the case, because Porto plays shitty players and also can't comprehend at all what happened with João Felix, they don't understand that the market changed a lot and 40M now in the grand pic is too little if this guy played more. This board is ass fucking the club with this shitty moves trying to make our shitty coach happy. Let me explain, in Portugal you have to sell to survive and Porto is well known for buying cheap, improve players and make them stand out, and then sell for a shit ton of money. But since Sérgio, our poors man Gattuso, is there he wants at all cost all players he uses to stay. Remember when after 6 months we sold Cissokho to Lyon for 15M before everyone understood he was shit? We had that opportunity with Marega (30M to West Ham), Soares (25M to China), Danilo (40M to somewhere) and others right after his first season. What happened in the first season? I'm going to use the examples I mentioned before. We finally won the league; Marega (a guy with no technique, weak finishing, dumb af, and basically lives of speed and power) scored like 20 plus goals after being known for being our worst signing ever 2 years before (go check his game against Dortmund); Danilo in the double pivot was playing like shit but because he is a big powerful fella he has to play. He still had some value in the market tho; Soares was declining his value, but there was some still. Everyone knew Marega would not do that again and teams already started to figure us out by not letting any space behind defense for his speed, and our coach is so bad that he couldn't create any dynamics to create space too. What happened? He scored like half the goals, and this past season he scored 12. Bye bye 20 or 30M. In the same space, Danilo grew shitier, and Soares declined even more that Porto can't find no one that wants to pay 6M for him, and he's ending contract. This is just a small portion of the players tho. They say we don't have money to resign our players, but the truth is we don't have the money we need to resign players that want to leave. Alex Telles should've been sold a year ago already, now because our coach don't want him to leave, because he already bigger than us he wants 6M a year and we can't give that type of money, so he will probably go out for free. The time of selling and then buy another prospect ended. So, if this players declined their value, we don't want to sell them anyway and we want to resign them but we don't have that type money, what we do now? We just ass fuck the club by selling our future for very little when it's all set and done. And if you thought I'm angry because of the Fabio's deal, I'm a lot more fucking angry about the Vitinha deal, a player that when he played he shined brighter than almost any other player in our squad. But this is Porto - "About Vitinha being the future? Fuck that we have Loum, Danilo and Sérgio Oliveira, 3 good masons that shouldn't be signed with us at all". Fuck, I want to kill someone so badly. And the cherry on top is we just sold what a lot of fans see as question mark player (Fabio Silva) to go buy a fucking 20 year old striker from Fluminense that nobody ever saw play in an absolute joke of league. I'm done with this shitshow of a club.
  10. I'm going to be honest. La Liga, the organization, makes me cringe hard everytime a star wants to quit Spain. They stop being neutral and do whatever they can so the process dies. This was the same thing they did to Neymar, trying to get things to court because they wanted to cancell the whole transfer, using the FFP as an argument. They are the league, they ain't Barcelona. It's funny that they are acting like they have more power than FIFA and they are the courts. In this situations FIFA gives all the freedom to players knowing that one day they might have to pay back if court thinks so. So why tf is La Liga acting like they are the voice of reason when they ain't? I hope they get raw dogged in this, I really hope.
  11. Takezo

    Juventus Sack Sarri

    More respect please, didn't your parents teach you manners? If not I'm not your dad to teach you either, so just don't be a brat. You clearly were condescending to Pirlo saying those things, and you don't even know nothing about what he will do as a coach. And I could talk about the rest of your comment on how basic you were by just discredit every coach that's a little ambitious and tactician on dealing with this type of squads, like that's true at all. But guess who's the clown.
  12. Takezo

    Juventus Sack Sarri

    No, you just made a parallel with Zidane when Pirlo didn't even coach. That's really just talking out of your ass.
  13. Takezo

    Juventus Sack Sarri

    First of all, you don't even know anything about Pirlo coaching career. The only thing you can comment is that it's a shot in the dark. And saying Sarri was "joga bonito" is a stretch when talking about his time at Juventus. I was a fan of Sarri for some time, but the truth is he seems disconnected from people, and therefore I don't feel players really would die for him. And with the years passing Sarri just seems to make not so good and astute decisions inside the pitch. Personally, I would give Sarri one year to get his shit together because his campaign at Juve was very leveled by the bottom, I understand that he won the title tho and might get better with time and one year on the bag. The thing is, I can also understand that someone that saw all the games didn't feel at all like trusting the club to him.
  14. I'm not one that likes to talk about refs, but that seems a little better than Brych on the other game. I really forgot how shit the guy is, you could sweep a guy dirty that he wouldn't whistle.