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  1. i'm loving everything that's happening ( bad ) with real madrid at the moment. we're finally seeing the fruit of the arrogance of perez. Ramos was saying that no player nor coach is bigger than the club, that's probably half true and half wrong. but anyhow, die madrid die !!! crash out of the UCL in the last 16 or even don't make it out of the group stages and by the end of the season, please stay at 6th place ......
  2. bozziovai

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    this is what i remember ---------------
  3. bozziovai

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    and here it is ---- http://www.kickoff.com/news/88787/uefa-president-provides-update-paris-sai but another point of interest in that interview is about VAR. No VAR in the UCL knock out stages. why ?? we've seen it to be effective during the world cup, although it delays the game and halts it's momentum, but it was useful to some degree nonetheless.
  4. of course Sir Alex has made some "wrong" signings in his career, but that's how the life of a manager goes. Those players you've mentioned were the hot item in their era and as a coach you would want to sign them, sadly it didn't work out the way it should be.
  5. during the time of Sir Alex, United never cared about any MARQUEE signings. Sir Alex had the very core intact; beckham, giggs, keane, scholes,neville and co ... Sir Alex only bought players that he thinks is needed. Berbatov, Ruud, RVP, Cole, Yorke. and what's good about Sir Alex's style of coaching is he is like a father figure to everyone and he knows how to develop players. Mostly all of United's greats were a product of Sir Alex's tutelage, Rooney, Ronaldo and those "core players" that i've mentioned. now with Jose, everything is in shambles. how i wish some reporter can find Arsene Wenger and ask him to comment about that recent press conference of Jose....
  6. hahahahhaah. this is like saying - he's a madman. if you hire him you'll be shooting yourself on the foot - i'll bet that within 2 or 3 years time we'll be seeing Jose in PSG.
  7. i'm not saying that he'll be successful if he'll take a long break from football but at least he'll come back to reality. coz as of right now, he is living in the past.
  8. he should take a break from football. stop watching his own documentaries. stop reminiscing his past achievements. and come back after two years.
  9. after hearing those words - he needs help. psychiatric help.
  10. and we're only on the THIRD match day !!! the mourinho of today is like a sinkhole, he is dragging the club and the players with him. the United Board should do something about this situation, kick Jose out and get someone else.
  11. i know you'll say that since we're on the topic of trophies, why the heck are the two madrid teams aren't able to win the Copa Del Rey in common fashion ?? Barcelona is like a python in this competition, they have it wrapped up super tight in the last four years. with Real, i have my own innocent analysis, they don't facking care. their sole focus is the UCL. but with atletico, they always lag behind Real and Barca in la liga with some lucky games in the UCL, they should focus more on the CDR to add up more on their cabinet
  12. bozziovai

    Real Madrid CF Discussion

    madrid would be buying the latest fax machines and set them up in their office while the other would be sent to PSG. If Uefa would rule that PSG has indeed breached the FFP Rules this coming friday, then Perez might get a heart attack from all the tension and anxiety if they'll be able to land mighty mouse Mbappe ..... or even oscar winning Neymar.
  13. well, in terms of integrity, Atletico has more of it than Real. but in terms of trophies for the past decade or so we can only mention that one time they won la liga, with their three europas, one copa del rey and that double madrid derby in the champions league finals.
  14. hope this will continue till the end of the season. liverpool should dethrone that twat Pep's team.
  15. wow !!!! first it was Patricio's wife telling players to LET OFF before a game and now this ........... maybe the next one we'll hear players need their dose of carrots for keener vision on the pitch