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  1. and here it is ---- https://www.kickoff.com/news/88787/uefa-president-provides-update-paris-sai but another point of interest in that interview is about VAR. No VAR in the UCL knock out stages. why ?? we've seen it to be effective during the world cup, although it delays the game and halts it's momentum, but it was useful to some degree nonetheless.
  2. madrid would be buying the latest fax machines and set them up in their office while the other would be sent to PSG. If Uefa would rule that PSG has indeed breached the FFP Rules this coming friday, then Perez might get a heart attack from all the tension and anxiety if they'll be able to land mighty mouse Mbappe ..... or even oscar winning Neymar.
  3. correct me if i'm wrong. ronaldo is ( was ) such a big figure in madrid and he is getting old and perez is afraid that the younger generation such as neymar, mbappe, hazard et al would be afraid to come to madrid coz they will play second fiddle to Ronaldo just like what happened with Bale that's why Perez had to let him go ?? Building the foundations for the future so to speak ....
  4. earning 500k a week. ronaldo should repay that with an assist or a goal per game.
  5. bozziovai

    Metal and Rock

    when i'm in a rut .... this is my inspiration. it clears up everything.
  6. bozziovai

    Metal and Rock

    yeah. if you try to put yourself on his shoes. you have this music in your head but you can't play it. very sad and heavy situation for him
  7. bozziovai

    Metal and Rock

    facking deceptive song. the guitars are oh so damn boring and also it's tempo .... but FACK THAT DOUBLE KICKS !!!! it's like micheal schumacher on a flying lap.
  8. look at how stupid Perez is --------------- Eden Hazard contract Real Madrid are willing to pay Eden Hazard a staggering weekly wage to join them from Chelsea. Todomercadoweb claim Hazard will pick up a staggering £13.42m (€15m) AFTER tax in Spain. That equates to a gross annual salary of £29.8m (€33.4m), which boils down to £440,000 a week. Hazard has been offered a £350,000-a-week contract at Chelsea, with his current deal expiring in 2020. Perez is willing to pay Hazard which has done nothing for Madrid to a near 500k per week salary, but can't give that to Ronaldo. I'm sorry this ain't about ronaldo but just proof of how crazy Perez is .....
  9. bozziovai

    Metal and Rock

    first time i heard of them ....................... all i can say is ....................... was head banging all thru out the album. i like their dynamics. the lead guitarist style is very reminiscent of Trey Azagthoth. i like the tone of their vocalist, it has a soft whisper to it ..... drummer is also in the pocket the whole time, not trying to be pretentious and the bass player is solid.
  10. i'm a little skeptical about this Sir. Coz the way i see it, Perez has no choice but to go that way ( developing of youngsters ) coz all his targets are locked in to their clubs. If PSG would one day say that Neymar and Mbappe is for sale for sure Perez will break the bank just to land those two.
  11. Perez can't accept that. We have seen it in the past, he doesn't give shit to home grown talents. Guti, Raul and Casillas were the only exception.
  12. after a super dismal display in the world cup i'm hoping Ozil will be rejuvenated with new coach Emery..
  13. i don't think so. Their 3-peat is solely down to Zidane and the players. Perez has nothing to do with it. Perez is a BUYER, while Zidane was a BUILDER. Have you forgotten during the Galactico Era to how many managers Perez has fired just for the sake of it ?? That old geezer thinks that football is like a video game where you can buy the best players and you'll be Gods. Yes, he's assembled the best of the best money can buy during those times, but what did the facker do ?? He fired Vicente Del Bosque, the man who stabilized the team and gave them much glory only to be replaced by the then-inexperience Carlos Queiroz. A lot of managers come and go and we had Capello but after winning la liga he was fired too........ perez is a cunt, as simple as that. He is not using all his effort for the sake of Madrid as a football club but for Madrid as his own business playground.
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