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  1. Michael Varn

    The Back Pass Rule

    My source at FIFA has information that the back pass rule is going to change in time for the Euros next year. I presume that UEFA will comply. Thid has been under consideration since the unfortunate incident with Hugo Lloris in the world cup final in 2018. Yes, if things like this happen in games like that, the rules change. Remember, the back pass rule went into effect in EURO 92 as a result of the time wasteing in the final at Italia 90. There will be stipulations however. The goalkeeper will only be able to pick up a back pass in the 6 yard box, where there is pressure and when it would be unfair for the keeper to rely only on ball control skills with his feet. The same rules will apply in the rest of the penalty area though. Si keep an eye out for this at FIFA,com where they will make the official anouncement.
  2. Michael Varn

    Netherlands National Team Discussion

    I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I played all of my youth select and high school soccer throughout the 1980's for Charlestown S.C. and Bishop England high school. As for the teams I and most others here in the states follow is of course team USA. Brazil and Germany are fan favorites here also because they are always the favorites to win the World Cup/Euros/Copa America. Now soccer fandum here in the states is not Black and White, because we have alot of youngsters here who idolize players like Ronaldo and Messi for exemple, but when their national teams play team USA, it's hard to pick a side to root for. This is because top club level soccer is much bigger on TV here than it used to be. But club level soccer does not have my undivided attention like major international tournaments do. But, I do watch the knoclout stages of the Champions league though. But in général, the most popular teams from the four major pro leagues, EPL, Bundesleague, La Liga, and Seri A are interseting to watch from time to time.
  3. Michael Varn

    Netherlands National Team Discussion

    Here is another mystery that has never been explained to me. The Dutch national team has only qualified for 10 world cups, but there have been 21 of them. This mystery of course pertains to their inconsistency throughout the World Cup era. They are and always will be a world power in football. They have had some of the best teams and players the beautifull game has ever had. But, they did not qualify for 11 of these tournaments. When they are hot, they are hot! They have been to three World Cup Finals, and are one of the most feared teams to contend with in the knockout stages, because they have been in the semi finals a few times as well. But when they are not hot, they fail to qualify. It seems they should have more than one EURO title as well. Now, from my point of view here in the United States, I do not know much about this teams history or training methods, because here in the states only three teams matter: the USA of course. And Brazil and Germany are usually the favorites to win the tournament every single time! Now I could not find a thread about this team specifically, so I posted this in this général catégory. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to continue this discussion.
  4. Michael Varn

    World Starting XI - 2020

    Great thread! But how about the starting 11 of all time. There are just a few players on this list that would be unanimous and undebateable: Pele, Maradona, Beckenbauer, and Cruyff.
  5. It has to do with these guessing games that goalkeepers have been playing for a long time when it comes to défending PK's. Now I have to assume that the world goalkeeping intelligencia have compiled statistics over the décades that support the idéa that if a goalkeeper simply guesses where the ball is going to be, the odds of makeing a save, or winning an entire PK shootout is more likely than not. However, from my point of view, something is just not right. Now I played youth sélect and High school soccer as a goalkeeper in the 1980's, but I do not remember any coach telling me to simply GUESS WHERE the ball is going to be, flop, and just hope that that IS WHERE the ball is going to be! When I faced PK's, I simply played the ball like any other shot. And I stopped a few of them, and some of those were heading near me. These saves were not that difficult. But here is what is difficult for me to wrap my head around. Alot of PK's that I saw when I played, and on TV up to the present time, were shots that entered the MIDDLE THIRD OF THE GOAL. HIGH OR LOW. And there is a goalkeeper laying on the ground looking like an _ _ _ clown, watching a very soft shot enter the net. For a référence for this, I would like to draw your attention to the 2006 World Cup Final. It was the PK from the run of play. Zidane vs Buffon. My grandmother could have made that save! So why couldn't Buffon? This is not just 'Monday morning quarterbacking' here. He was lucky, this could have costed his team and his country the World Cup. The World Cup final is NOT a garden variety soccer game. And this is not the time or the place to look silly. Now let me be clear, Buffon was the world number one for several years, and yes, things on the highest level of sports are easier said than done. No disrespect is intended. All courtesies are extended! But, all other goalkeepers in similar and relative situations simply needed to take an extra half second to get a read on where that ball is going! Because alot of those balls are going to enter the middle third of the goal. That is where the goalkeeper is standing. And guess what, if they remain standing for that extra hall second they will make a save of relatively low difficulty. The primary target zones for a PK shooter are the "four 90's". The four corners. If a PK enters one of these four targets at the requisite speed, a goalkeeper does not have a chance, and sometimes when he actually guesses right. But there is good news for goalkeepers. It does not matter how talented or experienced the shooter is, they will not hit that target zone consistently. Why? Because they are under the same pressure that the goalkeeper is under. Who knows, if the goalkeeper can remember this in the heat of the moment, the GK might actually have the advantage. So the moral of the story is, that the goalkeeper intelligencia might be wrong here. Perhaps if keepers play the ball instead of guessing, they may stop the most PK's, and win more PK shootouts!