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  1. Diego161080

    Football in Albania and Montenegro

    Thanks for your replies guys. It's very helpful to at least get an indication. I see the article is from 28/8, but it's likely that it will still count. Guess I will need to try my best to sneak into the stadiums in Montenegro and then hope that Albania will start.
  2. Diego161080

    Football in Albania and Montenegro

    This is also what I have found out via several links and here in Denmark we have clubs with up to 10.000 people to enter, but I was hoping there were someone from Montenegro or Albania in here, who might know how it is there.
  3. Diego161080

    Football in Albania and Montenegro

    Thanks Stan... I knew this forum would be the place to look for help :-)
  4. Hi guys I'm going to Albania and Montenegro from 24/9 to 28/9, but do you know if they allow people to the stadiums during COVID-19? I have tried to Google this everywhere, without any luck. I have emailed the Football Association without receiving any reply, so I hope you can help me out here. Thank you Chris