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  1. Liverboy

    VAR in the Premier League

    Over the weekend we have all witnessed the rise of the machine and need to remember that technology is as smart as it is dumb. A computer can determine if a ball has touched a players arm but it cannot tell whether it was deliberate or not. And we have simply and stupidly given power to the machine. But even worst than that was the closing of the Brighton v Man City game. I was surprised that Graham Potter did not march his team off the pitch. The game ended because the final whistle was blown but through VAR the end of the game was overturned because of an event during the game. It may have been in the closing seconds but this is no different to an event happening in the 30th minute. When the referee blows the final whistle the game has ended. This too has now been changed because a machine (VAR) can be used to over rule the ending of a game. Additionally, if the game was to be restarted, it should only have been after discussion with both managers as if a game was being stopped for bad weather and scheduled to be replayed/restarted.