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Status Updates posted by Dan


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    2. Dan


      And now it does. OK then.

    3. Stan


      u ok hun?

    4. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      he was making it say "FUCK THE FA"

      I appreciate the genius of your work @Dan, even if now you look unstable as fuck because it says "FUCK THE F"

  2. I'm feeling mentally prepared to come back into FM18..... so..... any suggestions? Don't throw me a club's name, tell me why I should be them and why managing them isn't going to want me make me gouge my own eyeballs out.

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    2. Stan


      Genuinely have a crack at Crewe. I know I started with them in my save and ended up moving to Ipswich. They're too big for League 2, they don't have much money but have a great youth academy. Got a couple of decent prospects/youngsters though. Potential to gain experience individually as well as take Crewe back up to at least the Championship. If I can do it, you can!

    3. Smiley Culture

      Smiley Culture

      Bradford City.

      No idea what their youth setup is like, I've never heard much about it, but what you don't have, you don't miss. Anyway, I should actually sell the club to you. Simply, by League One standards and the infrastructure (big ground and big attendances) in place, they're far too big of a club to be playing in the third tier. Throw in players like Dominic Poleon, Nicky Law, Romain Vincelot, Charlie Wyke and Matt Killgallon and there's the makings of a decent side there.

    4. The Palace Fan

      The Palace Fan

      Download the editor and create Red Bull MK.

  3. Up to nearly £160 profit overall in the tipster league. New table up.

  4. TF365 is currently £90+ up as a collective against the bookies. Get involved in the tipster league.

    1. Cure


      Is this actual money being pumped into the forum?

    2. Dan


      Nah it's virtual. Read the thread and you'll understand it.

  5. Oh great, so it's not letting me post a link. Get involved in the tipster league!

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