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  1. Robbie

    First Goal - Season Two

    I'll go with the 6th minute in both games.
  2. Get in! About time we capitalised. I spoke to soon. Unlucky.
  3. I've just had a look at the Swansea game. 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. Getting battered, they can't seem to keep the ball for nothing. Typical I had them on.
  4. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    And won at that! Winning start! I've just been looking and I've found Accrington have Man United U21s in the Football League trophy. If United won, would I still switch teams given the nature of them being a youth team?
  5. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Got to go with my head for this one. I'm staying with Accrington. @Pyfish
  6. Robbie

    First Goal - Season Two

    Never too late to start. I'll go for the 7th minute in PSG v. Leipzig and the 24th minute in Marseille v. Porto.
  7. You can definitely tell we've missed Richarlison. Absolute class.
  8. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Accrington Stanley? Who are they?
  9. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Am I able to join or is it too late? @Pyfish
  10. Robbie

    Sheep - Season 8 - The Tube

    Yes please. I'm in. @Mel81x
  11. Robbie

    It's About Time

    Took me a year to. I didn't want to be with her in the first place! Being too nice is my problem. I just hate saying 'no'.
  12. Robbie

    It's About Time

    I don't actually remember that! Seeing the time on it I realise why - I had a very abusive girlfriend at the time. Was struggling to get away from her and had fallen into quite a bad slumber no matter how chirpy I came across in that time. Glad to be away from that psycho now. Either way those details are lost somewhere too haha. Thanks for your welcome pal!
  13. Robbie

    It's About Time

    It sure is pal, it sure is. At least I'm not doing my PhD yet: that'd make the whole experience a nightmare. You can't do anything without them checking up on you and enforcing procedure. They close the library overnight so I feel like I'm being made homeless on the daily haha. It's not easy at all but I think I'll manage for now.
  14. Robbie

    It's About Time

    Yeah. I was in Coventry at the time and had been on a few dates with his daughter. She brought me over to meet her parents as we'd talked about taking things to the next level. He just kicked off when I cheered after seeing Liverpool were out. He then apologised and offered to take me home. In the car he told me I wasn't welcome in their house again. We stopped talking not too long after. Massive shame.