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  1. Robbie

    Goal Difference Game

    Oxford Newport Lincoln Groningen Morecambe Bournemouth Barnsley Hartlepool Tottenham Nantes
  2. Robbie

    Goal Difference Game

    Southampton Alaves Anderlecht Brisbane Roar RB Leipzig Man Utd Augsburg Roma Torquay Emmen
  3. Robbie

    Football Index Hope to Relaunch for Next Season

    I may have misunderstood this, but will the customers who lost thousands upon thousands will be issued a refund? Or will it just be a case of the little man gets parred off? Football Index were very quick to stop issuing updates and helping their clients out when the shit hit the fan (literally) but now that its owners are being forced to own up they're trying to adopt a caring persona? No thanks... as many will say to this once they've received what they're entitled to... fuck off...
  4. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Have I been relegated yet?
  5. Robbie

    Goal Difference Game

    Real Madrid; Pescara; Manchester City; Hamburg; Bohemians; Leeds; Nottingham Forest; Manchester United; Lyon; Groningen.
  6. I'm very surprised no one snapped up Buendia after Norwich went down last season. He's only 24 and wasn't bad at all. I don't imagine Norwich were commanding an extortionate fee for him either. Given the success of Godfrey, and his dedication for us already, Aarons seems like a no-brainer. He's the long-term replacement for Coleman all being well. Is he worth thirty million though? Maybe it would be worth bargaining with them and sending off a player like Holgate the other way as a 'gesture of goodwill'.
  7. I've got to say I'm getting some real kicks seeing these supposed 'Super League' clubs getting their arses handed to them. Inter Milan are currently losing to Spezia too. No club is too big.
  8. Robbie

    European Super League

    Rolling points deductions for three years would suit me. Transfer embargoes too. Plus the ban from Europe, I'd push it to five. The fans shouldn't suffer, I respect the loyalty of all in protest of this cash cow. But their teams, the ones they hold dear, have shown their colours. So my sympathies stretch no further.
  9. Robbie

    European Super League

    You've summed it up perfectly. I used to have respect for a lot of these clubs but now they're as good as corporate machines. I've now got mates who, in the space of 48 hours, have became disenfranchised with their team. Die-hard Liverpool fans of the usual sore-loser but sore-winner variety reduced to threatening to denounce the team they've loved and followed for a long time. Even as an Everton fan, I hate the thought of them losing something so dear to any supporter. Atletico Madrid are the ones I'm the most disappointed in. A club built around being a respectable underdog of one of the biggest cities in Europe, reduced to pen pushers. Disgraceful.
  10. Robbie

    European Super League

    I really hope this doesn't all get pushed under the rug. It's great that some clubs are growing some balls and paring it off, but there was no excuse to be a sheep in the first place.
  11. Robbie

    Goal Difference Game

    Norwich Fiorentina Mirandes Monaco Real Sociedad Arsenal Leyton Orient Troyes Man City Udinese
  12. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    I mean I'm happy that Marseille won for me here but they were the only team to lose on my weekend acca for a few hundred...
  13. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    Marseille please.
  14. Robbie

    Goal Difference Game

    Ludogorets; Palmero (Double Points); Villarreal; Coventry; Everton; Inverness; Man City; Forest Green Rovers; Hertha Berlin; Panathinaikos.
  15. Robbie

    Gloryhunter 2020/21

    In Montpellier We Trust... is what I really wanted to say, but with some tough games coming up and wanting to lift myself off the bottom off the table... I'm reluctantly switching to Marseille.